I got in contact with a marketing executive for the company, Feedem – an online retailer of pet products including food, toys and accessories for all kinds of pets from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and fish. I was really interested in the opportunity to review some of their products as I have a dog myself and I just love dogs. In fact, I love dogs more than I love most people. So there’s that.


I chose two things from the website to review, the first, which I’ll be reviewing in this post, was a jumper for my dog (link). I figured, coming up to Christmas and now the weather is getting considerably colder – especially in the evening – my dog may need something to keep him a bit toasty when he goes for his evening walks.


Before I put it on my dog, I really liked the jumper – it even came on a little hanger which I thought was so cute. The fabric isn’t too thick that it’d be too hot but thick enough to keep him snug and the fur collar is so damn bloody soft I’m actually a little jealous.


Rory went into his changing room and tried the jumper on and I must say, he was most pleased. He didn’t seemed phased at all by having it on so the material must be extremely comfortable and non-irritating for him to wear, which is great. It fit really well – a bit snug in parts but that’s entirely his fault. I’ve told him to lay off the treats…


I think he looks absolutely adorable in his new jumper but also really smart; I like the subtle colours and how it’s not ‘in-your-face’ and costumey, like some dog clothes can be. It serves it’s purpose, which is what we wanted.

I was extremely happy with this product and Feedem – the delivery was very speedy and the range of stuff they sell is amazing. Even for the most unlikely of pets such as reptiles, they have so much variety in order to keep your pets healthy and happy. Their price ranges vary dramatically so they really do cater for all budgets. Do you have a pet? What do you do and purchase for them to enhance their lives?

*This is a sponsored post as I received these products free in exchange for an honest review. However, I picked the products out myself and it has no way influenced my opinion of them.


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