AD | There are plenty of ways to get some exercise, but only a few of them are exciting and engaging. Most of us pick up one fitness challenge and then forget all about it within a week. We never really make it till the end of the 30-day challenges to see our bodies transform. Even the children today are becoming lazy with their tablets and computers to supply them with endless entertainment. It is the perfect setup for a sedentary lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases are becoming a family problem.

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We have seen scores of parents, who believe that their kids are too young to be working out. Let’s face it: no one is too young to get some exercise. Physical activity, sports, and freehand exercises build a good habit. A child, who engages in fitness building activities since early childhood, is more likely to remain physically fit than others for the better part of his or her life. The definition of workout is changing, and it does not refer to lifting weights and running laps anymore. Adopting an active lifestyle can improve your child’s health and build his or her future.

Here are a few ways you can motivate your entire family to work out:

  1. Go for post-dinner walks

Walks are always great for relaxation. They feel excellent when you engage your whole family every day after dinner. You can cruise the neighborhood or walk till the bodega and back. Family walk-time is especially exciting thanks to the conversations you can hold while walking at a pace everyone enjoys. Make a game out of it like spotting things of particular colors or shapes while you are strolling.

  1. Switch on the stereo and jiggy

Disco might be passé, but you can always host disco nights on weekends. If your family loves to groove and boogie, download a dance-music playlist on your iPad and crank the volume up. Make disco nights a post-dinner ritual every weekend to boost the physical fitness, mental health, and family bonding without much hassle.

  1. Include workouts every chance you get

Take the stairs instead of the elevator at the mall. Encourage your toddler to walk with you instead of riding the cart while shopping. You can always choose a distant parking spot while dropping your son or daughter off to school. It will encourage them to walk a little further each day with you. You can listen to their plans for the day, and you will find an excuse to have an extra macchiato after lunch.

  1. Set up a family gym

You can now rent all sorts of fitness equipment for your home at the Gym Equipment Supplier. Setting up a gym in your basement or unused room is as easy as going online and picking the accessories you need. Apart from small treadmills and light weights, you will find smart treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, and power rowers that boost fat burning. You can create fun routines for the entire family that involves some competition and rewards. It is a grand way to promote the idea of fitness in children and adolescents.

  1. Don’t laze during the TV commercials

Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks. We keep complaining about how long these TV advertisements are and how they are hogging the show times. Now it is time to make the best out of the TVCs. Turn them into fitness breaks for your family. It can turn into a small race around the couch (if you have space) or running to the bedroom to grab a comfy pillow or a simple set of push-ups. Reward the best performer with their favorite show or channel. It works marvelously well with children, who love spending all their time watching TV.

  1. Walk or run for charity

A lot of families walk or run together for charity. Since these are long runs, they demand extensive practice. You should start preparing with at least a couple of months in hand. It will give your family enough time and reason to spend time working towards physical fitness together. Sharing a common goal brings a family close and aiming to finish a marathon is reason enough to hit the tracks together each morning or night. However, you should not force children to run great distances. It is alright if your child wants to sit and watch or time your run for the event.

  1. Work outside together

We do not advice this for scorching hot summers or dreadful winters, but you should encourage your children to work in the garden or the yard. As a family, try to pick new projects all of you can participate in. It can be making a rock garden or setting up new string lights. Make sure it is safe for everyone involved. Hand the children child-sized tools they can use safely and do not skimp on safety gears. Very soon, you will not only have a happy, communicating family but active children, who love spending time outdoors.

  1. Take your family pet for a walk

Dogs (as well as some cats) love walking outside. Training your dog is a great reason to spend time outside. Walking or running with your dog is an excellent excuse for you and your family to spend some time together. Train your dog to walk or run at your pace. A new study by the North American Association on the Study of Obesity shows that dog owners have significantly more fun than others in losing weight from regular runs. They were also more successful in keeping the weight off for longer periods than other participants. Even children love going for walks when they have a dog to lead.

  1. Turn household chores into games

No more board games for the bored household! Turn stacking dishes and folding laundry into fun games with rewards in the end. It can boost a person’s health as well as encourage him or her to think out of the box. Inventing fun games out of household chores can be difficult for new parents, but with a little help from the children’s endless creativity and imagination, it should be a slam-dunk.

These are the nine most creative ways of embracing fitness as a family. What great ideas do you have to boost your family’s fitness and health?

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  1. Washing the car is a great workout and something all the family can help with (and it’s useful and saves money!)

  2. I think back to being a child and how much time my brother and I spent playing in the woods or out on the street or on our bikes and it really makes me sad that so many children nowadays aren’t doing nearly as much of that! Something my partner and I have always agreed on is that we’ll be doing a lot of outdoorsy things with our children. I love the idea of a gym at home, I’d definitely work out so much more if we had one!
    Alice Xx

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