If you get an email asking if you’d like to review cupcakes, you’re going to say yes. So when Caketoppers * emailed me and asked if I’d like to try and review some of their cupcakes, I said yes. Obviously. I love food and I’m certainly not going to turn down an opportunity to test some – especially cakes! Caketoppers specialise is edible photo cake toppers, on cakes and cupcakes for a whole range of occasions, choosing from chocolate sponge, classic sponge of a mixture of both! I was sent one of each to try and here’s what I thought!

Firstly, they arrived really well packaged with plenty of protection from potentially being knocked around during delivery. The cakes were in perfect condition, along with the photo printed on top, which I was allowed to chose and Caketoppers then printed for me! I chose a photo of Carl and I from one of our holidays on the Norfolk Broads, for no other reason than I like the photos and I think it turned out really well. Having being printed on fondant icing, it was surprisingly a lot clearer than I expected it to be, which is great!

We cut both cakes in half so we could both try the chocolate sponge (in the gold case) and the traditional sponge (in the silver case). They were both absolutely delicious, the sponge itself was really soft, sweet and light on both of the cakes. It definitely wasn’t dense and heavy which is usually how all cakes I make myself turn out! And the icing photo tasted like birthday cake icing, which is my absolute favourite!

These cakes would make lovely gifts for any occasion, party favours or wedding favours and they offer both cupcakes and full-sized cakes too, which can be personalised. I think the personalisation they offer if the best thing about Caketoppers, especially the photo icing which would be really special for an occasion. Their boxes of cupcakes start from £14.30 and you can also have your own message printed on the top as well.

Thank you to Caketoppers for sending me these yummy treats to eat! I’d highly recommend them as a service if you’re in the market for personalised treats for a special occasion!

Would you go for the traditional sponge or the chocolate sponge? Have you ever used a photo printing service before on a cake?

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. They’re the cutest cupcakes, and of course it’s a no-brainer to say yes to reviewing them, who would turn it down?! Might have to look at some for a party or something.

    Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

  2. Oh my goodness this is a great idea for my husband’s birthday! Might just put a picture of me on the top, I’m sure he’d appreciate it haha! They sound delicious too, it’s mainly a gift for me really…
    Beth x

  3. I love these, they would be perfect for special occasions and the price seems great for what you are getting!

    Tabitha xx | whattabithaloves.co.uk

  4. How darling are those cupcakes!! I’ll be honest I always get super apprehensive ordering cakes with custom pictures on them, because of that fear that they will look awful in real life. However the pictures held up beautifully and didn’t look pixelated at all! Awesome review, Jenny.

  5. I’ve got such a sweet tooth that I definitely wouldn’t say no to having cakes to review either! I love that you get to choose your own photo to put on these they’d be so good for birthdays/weddings etc. I’ll definitely look into these next time I need cakes for an occasion!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  6. HOLY CRAP, these are so cool! I had no clue this was even something people actually do. I’m in love with the whole concept. And I might need to have a few for D’s next birthday, haha.

    lots of love, Jasmin
    // littlethingswithjassy.com

  7. These are adorable! Perfect for any special occasion. Penny’s birthday is coming up soon and these would be an adorable added touch to her day. I think I’d definitely go for chocolate!

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  8. This post comes at a great time, I was wondering about getting some photo cakes for Flora to celebrate the end of Year 3 (time is flying…). These look and sound ideal, not too big, and I like the choice of flavours. Fab review and love your choice of photo 🙂 x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  9. This is such a sweet idea! I can imagine they would be perfect for birthdays and weddings. They look excellent quality too. I love the sound of chocolate sponge cake, yum! Reviewing cupcakes is living the dream 😍 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  10. How amazing do these look? But most importantly I’m so glad they taste as delicious too. This is such a great idea for a gift, and I love that you can add your own photos too.. I just love personalised gifts! Will definitely have to check this company out 🙂

    Kate | http://www.kateloves.co.uk

  11. Ooh I saw these on your insta and was wondering if they were coming ina blog post soon! I love this brand and it’s such a cool gift idea!

  12. I’ve never printed photos onto cupcakes before, but I did consider it when I was away for my brother’s birthday this year and wanted to surprise him with a little something to remind him I was thinking about him on his special day. The only thing that put me off is the concern that they’d arrived battered from posting them so far, and I didn’t want to be paying as much as I was for something that wouldn’t arrive looking perfect. This blog post has definitely changed my mind, though, and given me somewhere to look for personalised cupcakes if a situation like the one I was in arises again! The fact that they sound like they taste amazing is a bonus, too, of course!

  13. Oh I love Caketoppers. I have used them to make toppers for each of my book covers at my own book launch and then I ordered a large cake with the cover of a clients book on it for his. Which reminds me, he has another book about to be launched. 😀

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