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How I stay motivated

I get a lot of comments about how organised I am with my blog, wondering how I’ve scheduled content 2 months in advance and how I juggle so much at the same time. I get these comments because I regularly mention these things on Twitter; I’m proud of what I do and I like to share those moments with my Twitter followers and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love my blog (not every day – mind you!), I love writing and producing content, replying to comments, reading other people’s blogs, brainstorming blog post ideas and powering through my to do list each day. I have no problem doing these things over and over again because I’m motivated to do them. And to be frank, I’m more motivated now than I’ve probably ever been before. 

I know motivation comes in ebbs and flows. I’m under no illusion than in a months time, I’ll still be as motivated as I am now. I might be less or more – there’s literally no way to tell but things like motivation are never linear and we have to accept that before we continue with this post. Right now, I am super motivated. It feels great. I never want it to end – although it probably will – and I wanted to share some of the ways I stay so motivated which will hopefully help anyone in a bit of a funk. As always, these are all things relevant to me and may not apply to / work for everyone.

I think about the future

and the past. I think about how far I’ve come with my little blog and how I had no idea what doors writing words on the internet could open for you. I always want to improve and grow and working hard is the only way to do that. That is a huge source of motivation for me.

I’m organised

I make things easier for myself by being super duper Bree Van De Kamp type organised with everything I do. My organisational skills and abilities are my favourite thing about myself and I pride myself on it every single day. Being organised so you know what is what can help with motivation because it gives you less to worry about.

I treat myself 

Despite really struggling to switch off sometimes, I almost always ensure that I’m rewarding myself for my hard work. Almost like someone who’s worked hard in an office all week will go home on Friday, order a massive takeaway and drink a bottle of wine. I don’t drink but I do treat myself to a “thing” every day.

I know how good it feels 

Crossing that last thing off your to-do list, hitting “schedule” on that blog post or pressing “send” on that brand collaboration email – I know how good this all feels so that motivates me to do it again and again and again. Seeing the benefits of hard work is always a motivator to do it again.

I enjoy it

A really really really important thing than I cannot express enough. With blogging or an online business or anything of that nature, you have to enjoy it. You have to. There’s no other way around it. Yes, there are certain things I hate doing (like scheduling tweets) but all in all, I f***ing love blogging. I want to continue doing it and doing it more. So I will.

I’m self employed

Another big motivator which obviously won’t apply to everyone but being self-employed, I kinda have no choice but to be motivated. If I don’t work hard and hustle, I’m not going to get any money that month. I want to improve my earnings of course and the only way to do that is the show brands, PR’s and authors that I’m worthy of that collab. If you’re not self-employed, you can always use the same mindset to improve your motivation.

How are you feeling with blogging at the moment? Are you super motivated or are you lacking a bit? Which of these tips will you take with you into your own blogging life? Let me know! 



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  4. Scheduling content to post in advance is the best idea. Thanks for the tips. Cheers!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

  5. I had to give this a read as I always notice your tweets about your achievements on twitter! For me I find it extremely motivating to myself, I love seeing other people doing well and achieving! It gives me a bit of a kick to get myself together. I am in process of writing content so I can get myself back on a blogging schedule. I feel if I am already ahead of my own schedule I won’t feel so much pressure to write or have to write things in a rush and that’s never good. After all we blog because we enjoy it, it shouldn’t become a chore!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    1. Awh I’m so glad this helped motivate you! Scheduling ahead really does take a whole lot of pressure off x

  6. I’m definitely lacking with my blog as I don’t have time, but I really am trying to make more of an effort.

    Amy |

    1. Quality over quantity definitely 🙂 xx

  7. Loved this! I am a new blogger looking to gain some friends and followers in the same category as mine and I must say, I loved your posts! I followed you so I can continue being inspired! Follow back please 🙂

  8. I beleive that inspiraing is the only way to reinvent ourselves if we reward ourselves for the good deeds that we have did for ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing us your inspirations tips 🙂

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  10. I also use the future as my main motivator. It’s good having something to look forward to! I also like to treat myself on occasion, however I am trying to put a stop to this as there are only so many pairs of shoes that fit in my wardrobe 😀

    1. Haha! We definitely need a limit on treats xxx

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