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#AD I’m definitely not the most well traveled person; I would be absolutely useless backpacking, I don’t want to go to Australia because I’m scared of the animals and Thailand looks beautiful but I hate getting too hot. But travel means different things to everyone and I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wanting to travel extensively and perhaps only going to a select few places or staying closer to home, like a staycation. But although I’m not the most ambitious person when it comes to my travel prospects, there are still some places I’d love to go and things I’d love to do! Do you agree with any of these?

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Go on a cruise

I love water and the sea so to go on a family cruise holiday would be an absolute dream for me! There are so many types of wonderful sounding cruises to choose from, from a Disney cruise to a cruise around the fjords in Norway (which my boyfriend has annoyingly been on!) or a exotic trip around the greek islands – including Santorini which I’d love to go to -, whichever one you choose I can imagine it would be an amazing experience and that you’d feel a million miles away from your every day normal.

See the Aurora Borealis

I’m not sure there’s a person on the planet who doesn’t want to see the Aurora Borealis at some point in their life?! (Well, there probably is) I’ve always thought they looked beautiful from photos and I can imagine seeing them in real life is a completely magical experience.

See the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Shinjuku Gyo-en and experience Japan

I’d love to visit Japan one day and although I’d fully immerse myself in the culture and trying the food (I love fish and sushi so it’d be a dream to eat it in Japan!) I’d also love to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, which doesn’t happen for very long each year so you’re lucky to catch them. But what an utterly beautiful sight that would be!

Visit Santa in Lapland

I’m a lover of the cold and I’m also fascinated with Scandinavia so Finland is definitely at the top of my list of places I’d like to travel to but more specifically… I think I’d like to head straight to Santa Claus Village, meet Santa, play in the snow, go on a sleigh ride and just have the most magical Christmas ever!

Go to the Austrian Grand Prix

Definitely not for everyone this one but not only is Austria another place I’d love to visit because I mean, have you seen photos of it?! It looks like an actual fairy-tale but if you know me, you’ll know I love myself a bit of Motorsport and I’m yet to go to a Formula 1 Grand Prix (although I did go to my first DTM race last year, which I mentioned here) and Austria would be my first choice because the track is in such a beautiful location!

I’d love to hear about the travel experiences you’d like to have or ones that you’ve been lucky enough to already experience! Let me know!

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  3. These are some great ideas. I’ve never been on a cruise but enjoyed trips back and forth to the Isle of Wight when I was younger. I like being on the water. Seeing the Aurora Borealis is high on my travel wish list! As for Grand Prix races, it would have to be Monaco or the Singapore night race for me.

    1. I used to go to the Isle of Wight when I was younger too! Loved it! Monaco would be amazing. Although I wouldn’t go to Singapore because it’s too hot and I hate heat 😂

  4. Seeing the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes has always been one of my biggest dreams!! I actually wrote the North Pole on my bucket list. Imagine staying in an igloo and stargazing at night, seeing the Aurora Borealis or the Milky Way Galaxy! Oh, and yep I definitely recommend you to see the sakura in full bloom. They’re super pretty <3 I didn't see it in Japan though, it was in Korea. Definitely a stunning view; the sakura!

    Tyas //

    1. Literally an igloo under the stars is my DREAM!

  5. I’d love to see more of Greece as I loved Crete when I went last week x

    1. Ooh lucky you!

  6. I hope one day you get to have all these experiences. I’ll be living through you via your blog posts ha.

    1. Thanks! Me too! 🤞🏻

  7. You’re right, I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want to see the northern lights. My nan had a heart attack about 10 years ago now and she’s been too nervous to travel since (she’s been 100% fine since, it’s a slightly irrational fear) but we’ve been trying to figure out the best dates to take her to one of the places in the UK where you can see them. I HATE water so a cruise is my idea of he’ll 😂. The thing at the top of my travel bucket list is see the Russian ballet, one day….x


    1. You hate WATER?! How? What like, coming from a tap or just big expanses of water? 😂 I think you can see them up North sometimes but I’m clueless as to when or where!

      1. There’s a place just outside of Newcastle but the dates are limited so it’s tricky to book. Not tap water but it doesn’t have to be that large or deep. Basically, I hate pools of any size, the sea, lakes, anything along those lines. Household water is fine 😂😂 I have no idea where it came from and I can swim so it’s not that 🤷‍♀️

  8. Clem Loves says:

    Yes!!! So many great places that would be amazing to go and visit. I’ve never been on a cruise before. The Aurora Borealis would be so amazing to go and see.
    Clem xx

    1. Same here, it’s such a huge dream to do a cruise!

  9. All great goals! My travel wish list gets longer every day but seeing the Aurora Borealis is definitely up there for me too, it must be amazing! And I’m there with you about the grand prix 🙂 The Austrian one looks great! I’m treating myself and going to Silverstone this year, I’m soooo excited!!!! Really enjoying your posts, I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

    1. Oooh how exciting! Hope you have a blast 😌

  10. I would love to just travel more – I’m not particularly fussed where I go, haha! I haven’t been abroad for a few years and would love to explore some different places this year. This sounds like you’ve got some great locations in mind – I really hope you get to visit them all!

    1. I haven’t been abroad for ages either, there’s so many places I wanna go!

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