If you’ve been in the blogging world for any amount of time, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across someone talking about or taking part in blogmas or blogtober, a month-long blogging challenge that requires you to post every day for a month (obviously). I’m not quite sure of the technicalities of each one (like if it’s critical that all blogmas posts have to be Christmas related) but you get my gist. Thousands of bloggers take part in these challenges every year and I tip my metaphorical hat to anyone that even attempts it.

I no longer take part in blogging challenges like these because personally, I don’t find any benefit from doing them. I blogged every day in June a couple of years ago and swore I’d never do anything like it again, only to find myself swept up in the blogtober hype a few months later and doing that one too.

But after that little foray into the world of blogging challenges, I don’t think I’d ever do one again and I wish I had taken more time to consider it before I jumped into it both times because I learnt a lot from doing them. They’re big challenges. They take a bloody lot of hard work, effort and dedication there’s no two ways about it.

So if you’re thinking about embarking on a blogging challenge this year and you haven’t done one before, here are some things that might be worth considering before you do.

Do you have enough ideas for the whole month?

Coming up with 30 or 31 ideas in a short space of time is really hard and definitely something to consider before you start. If you tend to only post on your blog twice a week and only really come up with enough ideas for that amount of content (which is fine), then 30 different posts is going to be tough.

I’m not saying you’re not creative and have the ideas there but when the pressure is on to come up with those ideas, that can be when we struggle to think of them the most (like when you’re trying so hard to think of an actors name and as soon as you stop thinking about it, that’s when you remember).

Quality over quantity

Will all your posts be of their highest quality, even though you’ll be posting every single day and won’t have as much time to dedicate to each one? If I’ve learnt anything over the last year, it’s that quality over quantity is key.

Are you doing it to increase your stats?

Which leads nicely to this point, quantity doesn’t always equate to higher stats. Is your aim for doing a month long blogging challenge to increase your page views or your followers? If it is, maybe consider researching other techniques to increase your views and your following before doing such a big challenge. I talk about increasing your following in my eBook!

Is it going to affect you mentally and drain you? Is it worth it?

Blogging can be stressful at the best of times so it’s worth considering whether the extra stress of making sure you get a post up every day is worth the potential strain it may have on you mentally. Of course this isn’t the case for everyone and some people post every day anyway, challenge or no challenge and it has no impact on them mentally at all. But I remember it did for me, so I can only assume it will for others too.

Are you doing it because your blogger friends are doing it?

Are you doing it because you really want to do it? Or are you only doing it because your blogging friends are and you want that camaraderie with them over it? Will your quality suffer if you feel like you’re only doing it ‘for the sake of it’?

Will you be disappointed and frustrated with yourself if you don’t complete it?

And finally, this is something that will be very individual to each person but I know for a fact that if i hadn’t have completed blogtober when I did it, I would have beaten myself up terribly because of it. Fortunately that’s not the case now but back then, I was incredibly hard on myself. When we set out to do something, not completing it can sometimes have a really bad, negative impact on our state of mind. If that’s you, maybe have a think before diving into it.

Have you ever taken part in blogmas, blogtober or any other blogging challenge? How did you find it? Did you complete it? Did you run into any problems? Let me know!


  1. This cropped up at exactly the right time when I starting to think about different things I could do with the blog. Just found my old comment as well and it reminded me of why I’ve never wanted to do one of these. Think I needed that as a reminder as well not to try and go too crazy!

    1. Interesting thoughts! I’ve heard people who have had a lot of extra traffic and others who haven’t but it’s interesting that it was only temporary for you. Definitely something else to consider!

      1. Yeah – it was nice for a boost, definitely made it seem worth it at the time and I found some excellent blogs, but not much of the traffic really stayed around after October ended.

  2. I haven’t done a blogging challenge before b/c I know I wouldn’t have the time to write 30 or so posts & it would be too stressful as well.
    I do admire anyone who does a blogging challenge b/c I know it’s not something I could do

  3. I don’t think I could ever take part in a blogging challenge ever. I honestly think I would despise blogging so much after it.

    Rebecca Elaine x

  4. This is such a good post – it’s definitely a side of things that no one mentions when they plan these big sessions. I’d rather plan about 10 weeks with 3 posts a week than use up all my ideas – and probably put myself under loads of pressure with reviews – just for the sake of getting them up quickly. Totally think I’d burn out. I’ve only ever half-considered them before but having read this, I’m certain it’s not something for me. Great post!

  5. I think this post offers such good advice for those considering blogging challenges. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and I’ve never taken part in a blogging challenge because I know I couldn’t hack it. I think I’d struggle with coming up with enough ideas, and even if I didn’t, my perfectionistic personality would come out and stop me in my tracks within a couple of days. I truly admire those who are able to manage it, and I think some bloggers are able to do it fantastically, in such a way that their quality doesn’t suffer under the quantity at which they’re posting, but I know personally I’d never be able to do it. I think the pressure to take part is sometimes a lot, especially if you’re involved in the blogging community online, so I love that this post sends the message that it’s okay it you sit them out.

  6. Something tells me you don’t like blogging challenges 😛 though, quite frankly, the idea of having to come up with so many ideas in such a short amount of time does stress me out to even think about 😛

  7. I only do blogmas, I’ve done it twice, but I don’t necessarily listen to the only blog about Christmas rule. It is harder to blog each day, but I have enjoyed them. I couldn’t do more than that one per year though

  8. I’ve attempted it before and I found that I became resentful of the challenge for taking the fun out of blogging. It became more of a chore for me than I wanted writing to be. While the camaraderie is a complete benefit, I became one cranky blogger! Great post!

  9. I admire any blogger that does any of those challenges. I know full well that I would never be able to commit to that. It’s far too much pressure for me to put on myself when I don’t need it.I really don’t know how people do it!

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  10. I did Blogtober in my first year of blogging back in 2016 and while I managed to complete it I wouldn’t do it again. It did help my page views considerably and I actually did gain quite a lot of followers, but the content definitely isn’t my best work. I’m not saying I hate it, but there were multiple occasions where I was up till nearly midnight writing because I was just trying to jam in a post. It did teach me a lot about blogging and I am grateful for that, but never again!
    Beth x

  11. Back when I was staring, my idealistic and naive self thought I could handle it. I blogged everyday for two weeks straight and that’s when I crashed.

    I was so drained to produce so much content that I failed to take in to consideration how my audience would receive it.

    Looking backing it was definitely not brightest hour.

    Views come and go but a true following needs a lot of work and most importantly good content.

    Thank you for this blog post. It is a great reminder of what has been. 😊

  12. Great post. I definitely don’t have enough ideas to do posts for ever day, I would definitely get burnt out too. Interesting to hear it doesn’t increase stats as that would be the only reason I consider doing it!

  13. Great post! to be honest for me, there was never any appeal to do these sorts of challenges, and this post literally just solidified that for me hahah. I agree with all the things you’ve said above, and I already know, without actually doing It, that doing something like blogmas would hinder rather than help me and my blog. It just seems way too stressful

  14. Course it takes a lot of time and you 100% get tired in the end, but sometimes people do challenges just for fun. Others do it because they want to check themselves. Doable? Let’s try! That’s how they think.
    They say: “Try once and you will now how it goes”

  15. Great tips, I honestly don’t think I could ever do any of these blog challenges of blogging every day. I got worn out blogging 3 posts a week for 2 months, and the thought of posting every day for one month sounds like it would totally drain me. If I ever did it, I would have to pre-write all of the posts at least 4 months in advanced or something. I’d rather write quality posts over quantity though.

    Chloe xx

  16. During December I do “blogstice” – which is a looser take on blogmas and more witchy/pagan focused since it’s about the Winter Solstice. It’s much easier for me to create and curate content for a holiday and lifestyle that are important to me and it’s really fun to write up bits of info or share traditions that other people are less familiar with.

    And I don’t really “commit” to posting every day for that whole challenge – I just arrange my usual content to have a themed-bent and that works out pretty well. 🙂

  17. I’ve also questioned whether these challenges add value to your blog for the amount of work they entail. You’ve raised some really valid points. Thanks for sharing

  18. I really contemplated doing blogmas in 2018 but realised I just didn’t have that many ideas plus my blog was still so new, I was already stressed trying to figure everything out. I agree, you really need to think about these things before you start them as you never know how much will be asked of you. I’m fine with being tagged to do a post, but posting everyday for a month is too much pressure for me 🙈 great post! x

  19. This is such an important post for so many bloggers! I did Blogmas this year because it was my first year blogging and I really wanted to do it, not because everyone else was but for myself. I thought it would boost my page views but let’s face it, everyone is too busy in December to be reading hundreds of blog posts each day so it didn’t do much in that respect and while I enjoyed it I won’t be doing it again! It took up far too much time, I was lucky that I had a week off in October where I wrote a lot of my content but this year I probably won’t have that luxury and I’d rather write a few quality posts over a huge amount of rushed ones!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  20. Challenges sound great…in theory, but in all honesty, I have and probably never will take part in them. They are too much stress and not enough fun to keep up with them. It also ruins my fun blogging vibe by making it feel more like a chore than a fun side hobby. Great advice for those interested in challenges!

  21. Thank you so much for writing this and being so honest.

    When I started my blog I had no idea how big the blogging community was and just how much pressure there was to carry out challenges, build stats and plan content.

    I wanted my blog to feel natural though and so, I decided not to do any challenges and I’m so glad you’re not doing any either to be honest. It feels too forced and just not me. I don’t want to put pressure on myself when really the reward is minimal. It’s just not how I work or want my blog to feel.

    Nonetheless IF I ever change my mind I’ll certainly keep your advice in mind and ask myself these questions.

    Kate | cakeandcoast.com x

    1. They’re certainly not for everyone! I mean some people just love doing them for fun and that’s great but I think some people have a lot of expectations about what to expect and what they’re going to gain from them!

  22. i took part in my version of blogmas this year where i posted 3 times a week. I knew I couldn’t commit to everyday, with it being the holidays, working retail and having my brother undergo chemotherapy i didn’t want to add even more stress. i really enjoyed posting more but even still it was a lot of work. i don’t think ill take part in blog challenges, i think they can easily turn your blog into a place of stress when most of us started this as a way to bring more joy and creativity into our lives. xx

    mich / simplymich.com

  23. Those are all very important to consider. I feel that especially the mental aspect is overlooked a lot. I tend to use quality over quantity when it comes to blogging challenges – such as taking part in blogmas but only post twice a week but with good posts that are on theme. Who really knows what the rules are?

  24. These are great points to consider Jenny! I’ve never done a blogging challenge myself, Blogtober and Blogmas both sound stressful and blogging twice a week is enough for me, ha ha. I do admire those who can complete them and come up with fresh ideas everyday, it is a tough challenge. I definitely agree with you, quality over quantity is key <3 xxx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  25. I would love to take part of one but I know that a) I don’t have enough time. I barely can post once a week b) my mental health would go down the drain which I already struggle with which is why I rarely post every week c) even though I have enough ideas my quality will get worse and worse with every passing day. One post takes me a couple of days to do because I want everything to be perfect and even then I know I am not the best blogger ever. d) I will be so mad at myself if I don’t achieve it. Still, I admire anyone who is brave enough to do it and especially those that are successful.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly why I wrote it. Defnitely, I’m still working on mine so this is probably not a good idea.

  26. I have never done a blogging challenge and I don’t think I will. My way of writing would not allow me to do one. I usually spend two days on one article. I like to write half or even most of the article then take a break and think it over before finishing it. This way I can see the whole picture of the article and not get narrow minded.

    Matt – REinvestWise.com

    1. When I have attempted them before I always schedule my posts way in advance so that could work for you. But still, if it’s not something you’re interested in doing, no point in forcing it!

      1. That’s a good point. I would have to start scheduling them about a month ahead though. It’s doable but I have 3 different websites I run, about 6 social media accounts (for 2 different businesses) and I run 2 businesses. I know I wouldn’t spend enough time on each article, like the point you made Quality over Quantity.

  27. I’ve daily blogged a couple of times now and it’s HARD. The main one that springs to mind is recipe a day May, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life but it was 100% worth it. I daily blogged in February last year because I was worried about views with it being a shorter month. Definitely won’t be doing that again. I will be doing recipe a day May again though. That feels different because it was my own little creation, I was so proud that I actually managed to complete it!! x


  28. Great post and interesting to hear your thoughts. I tried doing Blogmas, maybe 2 times I think, but both times I never ended up posting every day for the month and I was quite disappointed in myself. The last 2 Christmas’s I decided not to do it. Instead, I just did a few Christmas themed posts. When I tried doing Blogmas, the quality of my posts just wasn’t there. And some of the posts just ended up being so short. I must admit, I think I was only really doing them because everyone else was doing them and I wanted to feel included! It was after that I decided not to participate in any blog challenges unless it’s one that I would be very passionate about doing and could produce enough content for and it’s related to what I write about on my blog.
    Clem xx

    1. Very interesting to hear your thoughts on this and your experience in the perfect example of why I wrote this post! There’s so much pressure when you do Blogmas – like creating original content that hasn’t been done on thousands of other blogs and also keeping up with everyone else. It’s a lot to take on, for sure!

  29. I have done Blogmas twice now, and I’m planning to do it again this year, but it’s a lot of work and I think it really helps if you’re clear about how you want to do it before you start. I always write my list of post ideas first to make sure that I have something to say – and hopefully something that’s interesting – not just a generic post that has already been written a hundred times on other sites.

    I wrote a post about the things that I learned last time. If anyone’s interested, it’s here: https://unseen-beauty.com/2019/01/08/blogger-tips-10-things-i-learned-from-doing-blogmas/

  30. I don’t take part in blogging challenges like this. It’s so much pressure and I find my content ends up being fluffy and has no substance! December is normally my lowest month for stats which I have put down to there just being so much content around due to Blogmas & Vlogmas. But fair play to anyone who can achieve it x

    1. Same here! My stats were awful in December although partly because I stopped really promoting anything by 3/4 of the way through. But there’s just so much content being put out, people can’t keep up. And so many people go on breaks over Christmas too.

  31. I did Blogmas this year till December 24th. It was a spur of the moment decision and it was tough. It was a challenge to myself. I was glad to do it but it was hard to keep up. I don’t think I’d do it again.

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