Hi everyone! I haven’t had a new recipe post up in ages and truth be told, my boyfriend and I have tried a few new recipes but I wasn’t a huge fan of any them (sad face) so I didn’t want to share with you a recipe I didn’t like myself. A while ago, I wrote a post about Thai fish cakes that we’ve made numerous times since because they’re so damn good. We made them again the other day but tried our hand at a new starter. We didn’t really know how it’d turn out but you don’t know until you try, right?


Luckily, the tuna and coriander stuffed peppers we experimented with turned out absolutely perfect. They were mouth-wateringly good so I snapped some pics and decided to share the recipe with y’all. The amounts below will feed 3 or 4 people, so depending on how many people you’re cooking for, they may need to be altered slightly.

What you’ll need:

2 peppers (preferably red but it works just as well with yellow)
2 spring onions (optional – but we love being stinky)
A handful of chopped fresh coriander
1 tin of tuna in sunflower oil
Tinned tomatoes


What to do:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Chop 2 peppers in half, removing the inside (pips, stalk etc.), place on a sheet of tin foil on a baking tray and put in oven for roughly 25-30 minutes or until they begin to feel soft.
  3. Chop your spring onions and coriander up as finely as possible.
  4. When the ingredients are chopped and you’re waiting for the peppers to cook, grab a bowl and mix together the tin of tuna, spring onions and coriander. Then mix in 2 medium sized tomatoes from the tin and blend them in until smooth. You can add a little extra juice from the tinned tomatoes to the mix as well if desired.
  5. Take the peppers out the oven and share the tuna mix evenly between them, patting it down so it doesn’t overflow.
  6. Put back in the oven for a further 15-20 minutes.
  7. Take them out and enjoy!

peppers 22

These are so blindingly easy to make and they’re absolutely delicious. A perfect starter or to accompany a meal. This recipe can be made exactly the same way with sardines, anchovies or mackerel as well, so you have a choice of whatever fish is your favourite!

 So that’s it! The super easy recipe for tuna stuffed peppers. What’s your favourite dish for starters? Have you ever made stuffed peppers before with a different filling? Let me know!


  1. Hi Jenny Here’s one of our favourite recipes. Feel free to try and use.  Here you go! Aubergines & Chickpeas For 6 people, as a side dish 2 Aubergines2 lg OnionsTin chopped tomatoes1 tin of chick peasGarlic, 4 clovesGinger, 1″ pieceOilPlain Yoghurt (Greek is best)Tamarind extractCuminChilli powder (quarter teaspoon) omit if desired. Slice your aubergines, dip in a bowl and oil each side, then fry or grill until browned both sides. Take out and drain on kitchen paper.Chop the onions, and fry with the garlic and ginger. When brown, add 2 teaspoons ground cumin. Add tomatoes and chick peas and cook for 20 mins. Add salt as required.Stir occasionally, add a little water if required.Place the aubergines in a baking dish (i.e. something you would use for lasagne)Cover with the tomato & chickpea sauce.Place a dollop of yoghurt to divide into portions; i.e. 6 dollops on a medium lasagne dish.Put half a teaspoon of tamarind extract on top of each dollop.Dust with a little cumin powder. If you have some whole cumin seeds, dry roast/fry, grind then dust each serving with a pinch. You can now hold everything until you need it. Finish in the oven; 180 deg. For 30 mins.

    Enjoy!! John

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