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Review: My Perfect Planner

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m super organised (well, try to be). I feel much better when I know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and when everything is in order. I work better under organised conditions and being an active blogger and small business owner, it’s really important to me that I stay organised.

perfect planner 1

Last week, I realised that my current notebook and method for keeping myself and my business organised wasn’t working anymore. It was too messy, there wasn’t enough room to write everything down in a neat fashion and it didn’t make things easier for me. My mum picked me up a planner when we went to Tesco at the weekend – I said if she can find just any old cheap one that’ll do me until the end of the year, it would be fine. But what she came back with was the planner of my dreams. Cheap, yes. ‘Any old thing’, definitely not.

perfect planner 2

Firstly, I absolutely love the cover and the style of the whole thing. Whilst the inside is relatively plain; which is what I would want to give you the maximum amount of room to write in without there being any distractions, the outside is gorgeous; the exact colour and style I love. It’s pretty but simplistic and I love that.

perfect planner 3

Now, the reason for me wanting a planner was simply so I have enough room to write down everything I need to write, on the days I need to write it without cramming anything in. I can very easily do that with this because each day has a whole page dedicated to it but as I was flicking through, I found that there was so much more. From notable dates, travel information and useful websites. A tube map, currency conversion charts and personal information there is almost anything you’ll need.


Now like I said, my mum purchased this for me from Tesco but upon first glance, if I didn’t know it was from Tesco, I would have assumed it was from somewhere more like Cath Kidston or a company that specialises in planners or office supplies. I would have also assumed it was quite pricy – considering how much is included and how thick it is (slightly smaller than Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!) £15? Maybe even £20. But this was five freaking quid. I literally couldn’t have asked for anything better value and of such good quality. Although I can’t find this specific planner on the Tesco website, if you’re after something of good value that’ll last you, it’s worth having a browse yourself or popping into your local shop!

*Tesco have not sponsored me in any way for this post. I’m simply thrilled with the product and wanted to rave! 

Do you have a planner similar to this that helps you keep organised? What are some of your tips for keeping organised; blog, business or life in general? Let me know!


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. I love keeping a planner! A lot of people I know like to write things down on a memo or in the calender of their phone, but I like to properly write it down with pen and paper.. There is something really satisfying about it, don’t you think? xx

  2. 5 quid?! 5 quid?! Wow what a billy bargain. I’m useless with getting around on the tube so that map at the back would be so super helpful!

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  4. IT’s gorgeous! I have made so many attempts at using planners but so far no luck. But I keep buying them because I am a stationery/notebook junkie and I would definitely have bought the one you got if I had seen it at Tesco’s (well that is, if there was a Tesco’s in Mauritius 😀 ) Really lovely – enjoy!

    1. Hahah there are so many pretty ones about – I do have a lot of notebooks I don’t even use as well! (: xx

  5. This is so pretty! I definitely prefer the paper planners to using my phone – there’s just something nice about having a diary with me. I definitely need to invest in a new one soon! – Tasha

    1. Me too! I can’t really carry this one around with me as it’s so big so I do note a lot down on my phone but usually transfer it over when I get home (: xx

      1. Definitely – I need to get a new one myself!

  6. Wow, I would have never guessed it was from Tesco either and that it was that cheap. It’s pretty and fancy! I love planners and I love to write down everything I need to do. My problem is that I never actually do them. I’m an expert procrastinator, lol. That’s why I don’t even bother buying notebooks or diary anymore.

    1. I need to write things down too otherwise I stress out so much! I also HAVE to do them otherwise I stress out even more hahah! (: xx

  7. I have a diary (Great British Bake-off) for all my book reviews and a smaller diary with personal appointments etc. Tempted this new year to go for a Filofax as a one for all diary. Love this journal Jenny.

    1. That’s handy! And thank you very much (: xx

  8. Would love to see how you use the planner, I’m really nosey like that! I started bullet journaling a while back but stopped doing it. Need to get back into though! X

    1. Oh that might be an interesting post, I’ll have a think about it! I like seeing things like that too as it usually gives you inspiration! (: xx

  9. Woah that IS cheap! I wouldn’t have expected that since it’s so pretty and the quality looks really good! I think I already said this on Twitter, but the planner really fits your blog’s theme 🙂

    1. I know right! I was really shocked! And thank you! (: xx

  10. It’s interesting in the digital age that a very analog solution of paper and pen is still used by many to keep track of life and its activities.

    1. I agree, I love that so many people agree too and have their own planners/notebooks and systems of how to keep organised xx

  11. I can totally agree with you! I love being organized and sufficiently planned for my blog. I treat it very seriously. For the upcoming year I purchased a planner from Kate Spade and am absolutely in love with it. It has each month in calendar form, and then each week has a page with enough space for writing in. I don’t know what I’d do without my handy planner anymore! 😀

    1. Oh me too, that’s great you treat it seriously because it’s an important part of people (: I don’t know how I’d manage without a planner either! xx

  12. Such a pretty planner! And the tube map is a great addition 🙂 Tesco really do have some great stuff! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. They really do, and SO cheap! There’s some really useful elements in this one (: xx

  13. I’m obsessed with planning and organization and its very therapeutic for me. I was always interested in the Erin Condren planner (which you can find online and its BEAUTIFUL) but they were extremely pricy. So I decided to design my own. I basically have a page that has a “week in review” and then two pages with each day of the week and vertical boxes that say “morning”, “day”, and “night”, with some lines to spare. I print off enough that will last me a month or two on good quality, thick paper and put it in a cute turquoise binder! It’s amazing, and the best thing is I can customize it myself!
    xoxo 💋

    1. I find it extremely therapeutic as well,; I love tidying up and cleaning my room as well. Wow, that’s amazing! I’d love to see it, would you do a blog post about it? (: xx

      1. I’ll definitely do a post about it! I’ll put it on my blogging to-do list! 😊 xoxo

  14. Looks good, may be useful for my daughter as she is going into her GCSE year this September, eek, she is so nervous! Poor wee soul, that expression applies to her and me too, soon I won’t have any more kids at school, that will be seriously strange. Time is just flying by too fast………….

    1. Oh that’d be perfect for a school planner! There’s very similar elements to the planners I was given in school actually! (: xx

  15. I wish I was as organized as you! I need this in my life

    1. Hahaha it’s both a blessing and a curse! 😉 xx

  16. I am yet to find my perfect planner! I have a diary, a journal, my phone, a reminders list in iPad and notes! I’m so organised I’m disorganised!!

    1. Wow! Hahaha, I can totally relate to being so organised you feel disorganised! (: xx

  17. I keep trying to find ways to organize my life but they always fall flat! :/ I think I’m the problem, though…if I could get a good planner and discipline myself a little to follow it, things would be different!

    1. Oh thank goodness I’m not alone!! I have tried planners, but just keep forgetting to bring them with me or use them 🙁

    2. I think getting a planner that works for you does help LOADS. Like my last one for example made me more stressed sometimes haha. You’ll find a system that works for you! (: xx

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