Firstly, I’d just like to sincerely apologise for how boring this August wrap-up could potentially be. August has been a pretty good month but believe it or not, I haven’t received anything in the post nor have I actually bought anything that you might want to see! But, I did finally get to see my best friend again, make some progress on my WIP amongst other things so although there’s not much to show you, I can still waffle a bit about what I’ve been up to and what’s to come over the next month!


Let’s get the important stuff out the way first; this month I was finally reunited with my best friend Lynsey James! She came to stay with me for the second time and we had a great time. We made cakes and cocktails, had takeaways and a gorgeous BBQ, spent all da relaxing in the garden and had a ride to the seaside one evening.

Books: I know what you’re thinking, “She didn’t buy any books this month?” That’s right. Not a single one. Not for the lack of not wanting to, just because I’ve been so busy, reading has been on a bit of a backburner. I think I’m only on my second book of the month, which is ‘When God Was a Rabbit’ by Sarah Winman which, fortunately, I am loving so far. The book previous to that was ‘The Shining Girls‘, which unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy. My next book will be ‘Rainy Day Sisters’ by Kate Hewitt which I’m reviewing for the tour and The Girl On the Train!

Blog and blog posts: Although I may not be reading much, I’m still putting my heart and soul into blogging and had a variety of posts up this month which you can catch below if you missed any!

I’m not planned ahead an awful lot into next month yet but I have a special birthday post up on my birthday (duh) with a cheeky giveaway for you lot! Also, almost 1,000 of you crazy people are following Jenny in Neverland now! I literally cannot believe it but I am so so thankful for your support and I’m so glad you like my posts. When I reach 1,000 I’ll be doing another giveaway so look out for that in the future!

Tours: I’m still a busy bee with lots of blog tours planned for the upcoming months! This month we saw Anabelle Bryant’s novel, ‘Undone By His Kiss’ on tour, followed by Lynsey’s first book, ‘Just The Way You Are’. Up next month we have ‘The Riviera’ by Karen Aldous, ‘Rainy Day Sisters’ by Kate Hewitt and ‘The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett’ by Raven McAllan. If you want to get involved in the tours I organise and get first dibs on reviewing books, head over to my Neverland Blog Tours site and sign up to be a tour host!

What else?: Not much really. I’ve found myself obsessed with Great British Bake Off after priding myself on the fact that I’m British and never watched it once in my life. Oh how the mighty have fallen. So yeah, Paul (aka. Greg Davies) to win.

Anyone who doesn't think he looks like Greg Davies is lying
Anyone who doesn’t think he looks like Greg Davies is lying

I’ve also made lots of progress on my WIP and am over 51k. So I have between 23 and 30k to go before I’m done and I literally cannot believe I’m saying those words. I’m so excited and have lots of ideas for the final third of the book that I’m dying to get down on paper. The end is in sight! I’ve also had another idea for another book (who would have thought I’d ever be saying that?) which I’m eager to get going on!

September shout-outs

Anabelle Bryant, one of the loveliest authors I’ve met is one of this months shout-outs with her book, ‘Undone By His Kiss’.

Firstly, I’d like to give a shout out to cheekyboo emporium, one of the best and most professional small businesses I’ve come across!

Kirsty Ralph is a fab blogger who covers music, TV, films, blogger interviews, food and general lifestyle. Go check her blog out!

Shout out to author Karen Aldous and her book, ‘The Riviera’ that I’m lucky enough to be touring with next month!

If you’re a fan of beauty posts, travel and a blog of general loveliness, check out andiology! Such a perfect and pretty blog!

Shout out to my lovely friend and blogger Simona who’s blog is full of bookish posts, reviews, travel, music and has the cutest theme and layout!

If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read for only 99 bloody p, check out Sophie Hart’s ‘A Girls Guide to Getting Hitched‘. Oh and in case you hadn’t heard, her previous book, ‘The Naughty Girls Book Club’ is being made into a film!

How’s your August been? What have you been up to? Let me know!


  1. Sounds like a good enough wrap up to me!!!!Im in a new house currently waiting on Internet installation(has been two weeks now) and so, with no tv (we can do Netflix and player, we both stupidly said, we’ll save tons!) our nights are spent huddled over the iPhone fighting over who gets to go online!!! Have notes and notes for posts and am starting to get antsy!!!!Great post as usual, thanks:)

  2. Great post – I’m absolutely loving your blog, and Bake-Off! My favourite is Mat – he reminds me of the a cross between the gootballer Matt Le Tissier and the actor Matthew Goode…

  3. My August has been very quiet, involving lots of baking and other fun things with the kids. We’ve even managed to get to the beach on the rare sunny days. Unfortunately writing, blogging and other things have fallen by the wayside but spending time with the kids has been wonderful!

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