July PR, giveaway prizes & review copies haul 

Throughout July, I was very lucky to receive some amazing things in the post. As a blogger, as I’m sure a lot of you will understand, post time can be your favourite time of day and the postman can become your best friend. I get along really well with my postman now as he’s always bringing me parcels! Anyway, I worked with some great brands and received some amazing books in the post this past month so I wanted to share them with you here along with some other goodies! I’m also thinking of maybe doing one of these ‘stuff hauls’ every month! What do you think?

Giveaway prizes

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2.5k blog followers celebration party! (& giveaways!)

I’m all for celebrating milestones. In blogging, in business, in life, damn it if you’ve done something you’re proud of, reached a goal or milestone then you should sure as hell celebrate that – however big or small. I’ve done that since I started blogging and 4 years down the line, I don’t plan on stopping. So… today I would like to celebrate hitting 2,500 unique blog followers. Eeeeek! That may seem like a miniscule number to some, a huge number to others; we’re all on different paths and different points in our blogging “careers” but I definitely believe that we should celebrate our own and other people’s achievements. And for me, hitting 2.5k blog followers is an achievement. Especially after so mny blogging breaks and periods of not knowing whether I even wanted to continue blogging.

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Giveaway Haul & Tips For Running Your Own

We all love something for free, don’t we? And if you say you don’t I will automatically assume that you are lying to make yourself look above and beyond the rest of us. I certainly do and I enter a hell of a lot of giveaways because why the hell not? December was an incredibly lucky month for me and I won 5 giveaways in the space of less than a week! I was so happy with what I got, I wanted to do a little haul to show y’all and include some tips for running your own giveaways, too!

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Gina Dickerson’s Dream Movie Cast for Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening (& Giveaway!)

Today I’m thrilled to be taking part in a weekend book blitz for Gina Dickerson’s book, ‘Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening’. I’ve read this book and it’s fab – I’d definitely recommend it for fantasy lovers. When I read a book – any book – I always try a picture who would play the characters in a movie. It helps me feel more in touch with the characters, knowing exactly what they look like so I’m hosting a guest post today from Gina and she’s picking her dream cast for her Mortiswood Series!

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Giveaways!

 I love running giveaways and I try to do it as often as possible for all types of occasions, from blogging milestones, to blog anniversaries to my own birthday. I figure this shouldn’t be any different but I tried to get as many giveaways together which will hopefully make the winner happy. All “self-care” type prizes, such as books, candles, chocolate, make-up – something that if you’re going through a tough day, will hopefully cheer you up even in a small way.

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Jenny in Neverland’s 3rd Blogoversary! (& giveaways!)

I’m about to say all the same stuff that everyone says in all of their blogoversary posts but I don’t care because 3 whole years I’ve been blogging for (near enough) and where oh where has that time gone?

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1000 Blog Followers; Thank You & Giveaways!

On what crazy ass planet am I sitting here writing this post? In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, my little blog has reached one thousand unique WordPress followers. A thousand of you crazy people are following me and my *sometimes ridiculous* ramblings; why you’d want to, I’ll never know but you are and I could never ever thank you enough.

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