We all love something for free, don’t we? And if you say you don’t I will automatically assume that you are lying to make yourself look above and beyond the rest of us. I certainly do and I enter a hell of a lot of giveaways because why the hell not? December was an incredibly lucky month for me and I won 5 giveaways in the space of less than a week! I was so happy with what I got, I wanted to do a little haul to show y’all and include some tips for running your own giveaways, too!







Tips for running your own giveaway

  • Be clear on what you’re giving away and preferably buy the prize before you run the giveaway!
  • Make sure it’s clear to entrants exactly what is being given away
  • Ensure you note if anything is pre-used (books, for example. I sometimes run giveaways for books I’ve already read and don’t want anymore. These books are always in great condition but I’ll always state that they have been read and used before).
  • Have a clear start and finish date of the giveaway
  • Always state if it’s UK only or International!
  • If you use Rafflecopter, have some varied options to enter. E.g: Following you on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, leaving a blog post comment or following your blog.

What is the best giveaway you’ve ever won?


  1. I don’t seem to have much luck with giveaways! I did win one the Christmas before last for some shower gels and body lotions – that was pretty neat! I do love hosting giveaways – so thanks for the tips!

  2. I won a kindle paperwhite with lots of other goodies included, the parcel had to be redelivered to work and my colleagues were flabbergasted. They should keep up to date with book reviews and bloggers! I’ve run quite a few and forgot to mention it was UK only and the winner was oversees but it didn’t cost much more than UK and the recipient was thrilled.

  3. I am currently running a giveaway, but it is a surprise Vienna-inspired package, sooo … I am not being clear on what I am giving away at all. I did however mention that it’s little trinkets and nothing huge.
    I love that Fantastic Beasts package you got! I have a Percy and Queenie pop myself, but Tina looks sooo cute in her outfit.

      1. I adore Queenie’s hair! She’s awesome 🙂 but unfortunately she’s wearing heels and they are uneven, so it’s difficult to make her stand anywhere without support hahaha

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