ad collaborative post // Well, the future is officially here. I wasn’t terribly impressed with smartphones, social media and self-driving cars. But levitating décor? That’s some serious Jetson’s swag!

New levitating decorations have made it easy to upgrade your home or office with a little eye-catching gear from the future.

I thought it was going to be all chrome and lasers when I first heard about it. But actually, it’s kind of adorable. Some of the most popular decorations are little potted bonsai plants and levitating vintage lights.

It’s more shabby-chic than Star Wars. And I love it.

The levitating accessories from Floately perch in an electromagnetic field, spinning slightly in a state of perpetual zen. They make the perfect coffee companions, and they keep me company while I work.

Each has its own benefits too. The Volta light bulb emits a warm glow that boosts focus. And the Airsai plant pot exposes your green baby to more light, allowing it to grow bigger and bloom brighter.

You can see them both levitating right now at And, during Floately’s spring sale, you can take up to 70% off these and other levitating decorations!

Here are a few more reasons why levitating décor really is the future:

It’s relaxing

I never imagined how captivating it would be to stare at a levitating potted plant, but it really is. It’s a bit like watching something floating in zero gravity. It’s totally at peace, and it moves with perfect symmetry.

There’s just something about it that calms the soul.

One of my favourite things to do is give my floating decorations a little push, letting them spin hypnotically for hours and hours.

All romanticism aside, it’s actually a nice little way to meditate in the morning or evening. I’ve found that having a cup of tea with my floating plant is much healthier than spending an extra 15 minutes on my phone.

Floately’s lightbulb, Volta, is actually designed to help reduce stress and boost focus. The engineers used colour temperature theory to calibrate the bulb’s warm colour. The soothing light, something near the intensity of a sunset, makes us feel calm and focused.

Or, if you’re in bed, it zonks you out.

It’s a growing design trend

Levitation isn’t a gimmick, even if it seems like it. It’s just new. Back in the day, they even said the internet was just a fad.

Levitating décor and architecture is huge in the world of design. It’s only just now becoming accessible for the first time.

Renowned designers around the globe have been toying with real levitation and levitating illusions for a while now, including renowned architect Lira Luis.

There are plenty of reasons why levitation offers so much to interior design.

It might become a new branch of the ever-popular minimalist design trend. Levitating decor makes surfaces appear cleaner and neater.

And, those going for a contemporary look are always looking for the latest thing. Nothing says “modern” like technology that no one has seen before.

Then, there’s the new interior design trend of “smart” design, which is all based around integration and technology. Levitation would fit well in these spaces too.

It makes your space stand out

Whether at home or at work, nobody is going to forget the guy or girl with levitating décor. Early adopters will love being the first in the neighborhood to deck out their windowsills with levitating pots.

Others will enjoy a little more conversation and gossip (all positive, I’m sure!).

At work, your desk will go from “just another brick in the wall” to the one that stops the company president in her tracks as she rushes to the manager’s office.

Looks like that levitating desk accessory will be elevating someone to upper-management in no time… (pun very much intended).

It’s long-lasting

On a practical note, levitating décor lasts a long time. Like, forever. Floately’s gadgets levitate by running power through electromagnets to create an electromagnetic suspension field.

Magnets don’t stop working, so these decorations will levitate for life, as long as they can connect to a power outlet.

Airsai is a simple pot for a plant, so you can use it again and again for years to come. Volta is a lightbulb, so it will burn out eventually. Luckily, the LED bulb has a lifespan of about 20 years, so you won’t need another one for a long time.

Who knows? Maybe your levitating décor will become a family heirloom, passed on for generations to come.

Add a Little Levitation to Your Life

Does your current décor need a little pick-me-up? The adorable levitating decorations by Floately will do the trick. Adding a little levitation to your life won’t just update your interior design. It can also boost your mood and put a little smile on your face every day.

It sure does to me!

Floately makes decorations in a number of styles and colours, so you can choose the one that fits your home’s vibe.

Airsai, the plant pot, comes in your choice of two chic pots that levitate over a stained bamboo base.

The levitating light, Volta, comes in just one bulb style at the moment, but there will be more bulbs to choose from soon. It hovers over a mahogany base.

Don’t miss your chance to add some levitating décor to your home or office now for up to 70% off. Watch the real levitation in action and order your levitating décor at


  1. That definitely is some stylish and unique piece of decoration! I have seen these magnetic gadgets being used in TV shows that include cake decorations, but never for home.

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