Ad collaborative post // Have you ever had a bad skin day? You know, when you wake up and look in the mirror only to scream in horror as Freddy Kreuger stares back. That nightmare person covered in pimples, splotches and redness ALWAYS comes to haunt you on days when you have a meeting or a date, don’t they?

Bad skin days might seem inevitable, but you might be making them worse by drying off with a dirty towel. I know what you’re thinking: “My towel isn’t that dirty.”

But it is. It really is.

What I have to tell you about towels is a little bit gross. BUT, it’s essential to the health of your skin (and it could put a final end to those bad skin days).

Changing your towel to an antimicrobial Soji Towel could mean fewer breakouts and healthier skin for life!

Are Towels Really That Dirty?


A study done a few years ago revealed that towels are the dirtiest things in your entire house.

Not just your linen closet. Not even your bathroom. YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE.

Three days after a wash, your towel contains hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat. They’re dirtier than doorknobs, floors and your dog’s chew toy.

Towels make the perfect germ-farms because they’re often damp, they spend their days in dark bathrooms and they contain lots of dead skin and body oils (aka germ food).

Bacteria spend all day spreading on your towel. And then, after you wash your face clean, you rub that same towel all over it, letting those bacteria run free on your pristine skin.

Your skin never had a chance.

Doctor’s have found that towels transmit bacteria and fungus to your face daily. This causes breakouts, rashes, splotches, inflammation and dry skin. This is even worse for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions because germs can do even more damage.

If you have more bad skin days than good ones, it might be because your towel is putting bacteria on your sensitive skin every day.

Luckily, there’s a way to stop towel germs for good.

Switch to Antimicrobial Towels

The way to save your skin (and your overall health) from these towel germs and fungus is EASY.

Switching to an antimicrobial towel will stop towel germs in their tracks. These towels are literally immune to germs, so you’ll be drying your face with a sterile towel every day, no matter how long it’s been since a wash.

I chose Soji Towels because they’re naturally antimicrobial and they’re also super plush and comfy. I love them!

Soji are woven with real silver, an antimicrobial element. Soji kill 99.99% of germs on contact, including bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, mites, allergens and more. NONE of the bacteria that infect your pores can survive on Soji. And because silver is naturally antimicrobial (and woven into every fibre), it will never wash out or fade away. Soji are antimicrobial for life.

Switching to Soji makes a night-and-day difference for your skin. It’s crazy. Just a few days of using this towel and my skin started to look clearer. After the first month, I noticed that I hadn’t had ONE bad skin day. 30 days of clear skin? That was a record.

I knew then that my old towel was betraying me after every shower.

Soji Towels are also Ridiculously Soft

Antimicrobial towels come in a few different materials, and most are scratchy and course. Only Soji are made with ultra-fine bamboo. Bamboo is much softer than cotton, giving Soji a silky smooth feel.

Soji also have double the thread count of normal towels AND they’re larger. Wrapping up in Soji is like draping yourself in a thick, plush robe.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Soji are made using a Japanese weaving technique. This traditional open-air weave involves looping threads together and interlocking the loops. It makes Soji super strong (they’re resistant to fraying, pilling, and tearing) while encouraging airflow. The airflow is what gives Soji their plush, fluffy feel—almost like a hug from a pile of puppies!

Antimicrobial Towels are Super Versatile

You can use antimicrobial towels like Soji anywhere, and they protect you from germs wherever you go.

Take them to the park, the beach, the pool, on holiday—-they’ll stay germ-free forever, and you’ll never have to use a bacteria-infested towel again.

You can even use them as a blanket (at least with comfy towels like Soji). Wrapping up in an antimicrobial towel is like wearing an invisible cloak to germs, making them great travel companions on planes and trains.

Seriously, Get an Antimicrobial Towel!

Seriously. Getting an antimicrobial towel is an easy win for your skin and your overall health.

Towel technology has been basically the same since the dawn of humanity. It’s time we upgraded to a cleaner towel!

The long-term effects of using a dirty towel can make your skin age faster, or it can leave you with scarring. The sooner you switch to an antimicrobial towel, the sooner you can begin to heal your skin and say goodbye to those bad skin days.

I highly recommend Soji Towels. They’re super clean and luxurious. And, you can take 50% off a set of bath and hand towels if you order during their spring sale. Bamboo towels made with real silver are not typically a bargain product, so this is a fantastic deal. Visit now to learn more and order your set!


  1. Oh wow!! I honestly have never considered how dirty bath towels are but it does make complete sense. I will be washing mine a lot more often and will need to look into antimicrobial towels now too.

  2. Washing my towels was actually on my to do list for this weekend and now I’m doing it ASAP. It’s such a weird thing that I’ve not really thought about this before, but it makes so much sense! So awesome that there is a product that helps combat the germs! I had not heard of them before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve known this about my towel, but I try to ignore it when I’m lazy and decide to skip laundry day and dry myself off with that dirty towel one more time… The antimicrobial towels are a great idea.

  4. My family regularly washing the towels every 2-3 weeks but I know we need to wash it so often. Will keep your tips mind! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Oh my goodness, I honestly didn’t think that they were so dirty/germy! This is going to sound terrible but I don’t wash my towel that often 🤦‍♀️ Will definitely wash more now!! x

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