Valentine’s Day can mean different things to everyone – and there’s certainly no right or wrong way to go about the day (apart from crapping on other people’s happiness – don’t do that). If you don’t celebrate it, that’s cool. If you do, that’s cool too. I fall somewhere in-between those two poles. I’ve never gone “all out” on Valentine’s Day but if I’m with someone, I like to acknowledge it in some small way. Maybe making dinner that evening or letting them chose the movie? Because sometimes, small gestures can mean a lot too. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean lavish gifts or fancy meals for everyone.

And when it comes to gift giving – for Valentine’s Day and literally any other occasion throughout the entire year – I’m a firm believer in the more personal the better. I love a product which has a personalised touch to it, to give and receive, I feel these types of gifts have much more meaning. So I always, without fail, will try my hardest to find a gift that I can personalise and make really special.

Another thing we have to remember about Valentine’s Day is that we don’t need to spend loads on gifts either; for some people, that’s just not achievable or realistic. So I’m really excited to share a product with you today which would 1) make a fab Personalised Valentine’s gifts and 2) doesn’t break the bank. So very big thank you to Gifts Online 4 u for working with me on this post and sending this gorgeous gift over, which went down very well with both myself (who loves home decor) and my boyfriend (who loves chocolate)

I received one of their Engraved Gifts the Personalised Photo Cube from Gifts Online 4 U and it was super easy to pick a design and include the personalised information on the order form. There’s a few different designs you can chose from and although the main look of the box remains the same, you can chose how you want the engraving to look. Either just your initials or your full first names – that part is down to you. I chose out first names, which I think came out beautifully in the engraving.

You can instantly smell the oak that these boxes are made from when you open it – which is a gorgeous earthy smell and to me, shows how much care goes into these boxes. Mine was really well made and steady and quite heavy too – which I liked. As you can see, the boxes give you the option to add 4 small photos into each of the windows. Keeping it real, as always on Jenny in Neverland, I had a bit of a nightmare with the printer ink and haven’t been able to print any decent quality photos of my boyfriend and I put to put in the box yet however, I did print this one small one just so you can see how they’d look #KeepinItReal.

Another lovely touch is that the box comes full to the brim of chocolate. Always a huge bonus! There were dozens and dozens of these cute little heart shaped choccies which tasted a lot better than I was anticipating! They were very yummy and 100% were gone within days of receiving.

I absolutely adore this product from Gifts Online 4 U and it would certainly encourage me to shop there again in the future when there’s an occasion coming up. The box was beautifully made, the engraving looks lovely and the added choccies were the icing on the cake. I’m very impressed and so happy to be sharing this with you – which will hopefully give you some help if you’re stuck on what to treat your partner to on Valentine’s Day this year!

* This product was sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. That box looks so cute! It’s certainly a very sentimental gift and great for someone’s birthday too!

    Amy |

  2. I know tons of people love fancy luxury gifts and while it’s nice to have someone spend money on you it’s even more awesome when a lot of thought is put into it and you can see the personal touch. It’s like you have a really unique gift and it shows how well the person knows you. So I completely agree with personalization and on your take that it doesn’t have to be mea expensive. Love doesn’t have to cost anything. This business will definitely do well for V day, their work is amazing! Lovely post Jenny! 🙂 <3

    xx Lena |

  3. This is really cool. If it’s not too expensive I may have to keep it in mind for an anniversary gift. I’m done with my V-Day shopping as of this past weekend thankfully. I just hope the stuff I got him fits (I got him some gloves and socks.) The socks are because his are literally worn down and he needs some new ones. Anyway back to the topic at hand, It looks great and it sounds like you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing it for us.

      1. You wouldn’t happen to know the amount in dollars would you? I’m in America, if not that’s OK. Also can I still get this since I’m in America and not England?

  4. What a lovely box, the engraved design is gorgeous – and all those chocolates too! I think personalised gifts show real thoughtfulness, and I love the fact you can also display your own photo(s) in as well. Lucky you and Carl, I hope he appreciates it (I’m sure he will!) x

    Lisa |

  5. What a lovely gift idea! I’m like you, I don’t think you need to be overly extravagant on Valentine’s Day – a thoughtful little personalised gift always means more and this looks perfect. I love that you can add your own photos, and the engraving is gorgeous!
    Beth x

  6. This is a super cute post! I agree with you as I don’t go all out on Valentines Day as I’m not with someone but do sometimes celebrate it with my girl friends! This little gift is super adorable and that box would be a great item to re use after aswell! Ayse x

  7. This little box is so cute! Loving how personal it is with pictures and name! something super tailored! Such a great idea! xx corinne

  8. Aww this is such a sweet gift idea Jenny 💖. I definitely agree, personalised gifts are always better. Those chocs look similar to the ones which came with the Prestige flowers I got the other day. If so, they are delicious and didn’t last long in my house he he. Love the photo too – thats perfect for adding an extra personalised touch ☺️. Great post and thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  9. This is absolutely great, I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s day but something sweet and personal like this is amazing. I love how it’s actually something you can just have in the house and not something daft and too Valentine’s specific that you don’t know what to do with when it’s over x


  10. That’s so beautiful! I love how it can be personalised and (unlike most photo cubes) can hold things too! Definitely worth getting one

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  11. What a wonderful gift idea! I’m completely with you on the power of personalisation, nothing makes a gift more special than having your name or photo on a product and this lovely cube combines both! The engraving is such high quality and the little design surrounding your names is so simple but perfect! And who can complain that it comes stuffed with chocs too?! I definitely need to check out Gifts Online 4 U!

    Abbey x

  12. This is such a cute gift idea and looks excellent quality for the £25 ! Always a bonus to be filled with chocolate too, always a winner in my opinion!
    I love giving personalised gifts to my family and friends as I think it shows that some thought has gone into what you have chosen.

    Melanie |

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