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Europe Honeymoon Destination Guide 2019 *

#AD It’s a new year and that means at least one person you know got engaged over Christmas or has a wedding planned for 2019. If that’s you, massive congratulations! If not but you’d still like to dream about your ideal wedding and (more importantly in my opinion) your ideal honeymoon, then welcome. You’ve come to the right place. I’m not married myself but I know that if/when I do, the honeymoon will be the thing I look forward to the most. I’d rather have a small, cheaper wedding and save my money for a luxurious holiday where my partner and I can experience new countries, cultures and make loads of memories instead.

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Europe is a great choice for a honeymoon destination. If you’re in the UK (like me), then nowhere is really too far. There’s likely going to be an airport not too far from you and you’re pretty much guaranteed some decent weather, if you pick the dates right.


Spending your honeymoon eating the best pasta and pizza in the world? I don’t mind if I do. When it comes to honeymoons in Europe, Italy can be one of the most beautiful and romantic choices (if you don’t mind gaining 10 pounds from all the amazing food). Italy has such a rich culture and not to mention stunning scenery, swoon-worthy beaches and exciting cities with plenty to see and do.

Italy Top Pick: Hotel Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento

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Probably not the first destination you’d think of when it comes to booking a honeymoon, but Austria has some of the most stunning landscapes and scenery you could ever possibly hope for when it comes to a romantic getaway where nothing else in the world matters. Austria is perfect for couples who love the outdoors, architecture or even a spot of skiing on the Alps, if you’re feeling brave!

Austria Top Pick: Grand Hotel Zell am See

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If you want a truly magical honeymoon, Iceland might be the perfect option. Honeymoon doesn’t always have to equal a hot country so changing it up and having a different sort of experience might be just perfect! Explore the fascinating city of Reykjavik, go on a boat trip, spend time in the infamous blue lagoon and spot the Aurora Borealis if you’re really lucky. Iceland could definitely be the most magical honeymoon choice.

Iceland Top Pick: Hotel Ranga, South Iceland

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Multi destination honeymoons

If you’re really going all out with your honeymoon and don’t want to stop at just one place, then a multi destination honeymoon might be an excellent choice for you to extend your holiday and really make the most of the time together. This can also give you a chance to do different types of activities, depending on what you both like. A multi destination honeymoon can take you all over the world – not just confined to Europe.

If you’re married, I’d love to hear where you went on your honeymoon! If not, where would your dream honeymoon be?

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  1. These are some lovely honeymoon destinations. That photo of Austria is stunning. 💗 If I get married I’d probably choose Italy as a European destination or New York if I went further afield.

    1. It is isn’t is! Santorini would definitely be a high up choice of mine!

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