AD | I don’t know about anyone else but picking up a new hobby as an adult is so much harder than when you were a kid. When you’re younger, you have access to all the free after school activities (being a bit of a Hermione Granger, I did a lot of them) as well as an array of out of school activities that your parents will reluctantly pay for you to do as well. During my time at school, I worked my way through flute lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, dancing, drama, tennis, badminton, trampolining and lacrosse. If I had a time turner, I’d probably have taken more on.

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Regrettably, I never stuck to any of them. My drum lessons were my favourite and the thing I stuck with the longest. I loved drumming, I loved my teacher and I even passed a few exams in drumming. But like most things, it fizzled out. I grew up. And my drum kit was left to gather dust in the loft.

When someone asks what my hobbies are, I really struggle to think of an answer now. I wouldn’t consider blogging a hobby anymore – because it’s my full-time job at the moment. Reading? Gaming? I suppose they could fall under the hobby umbrella. I watch a lot of Netflix and TV series. But I’d consider that more of a past-time.

Where hobbies are concerned, I’m a bit limited really. I love keeping busy, I love learning new things and working towards something. So I’m not sure why I don’t have more hobbies than I do. I want to be one of those super interesting people that can say they go wind surfing of a morning, then onto an art class, cooking class, a spot of tennis then a wine tasting in the evening. I mean, does anyone say that?

So anyway, onto the actual point (remember one of those?) of this post. Here are some hobbies I’d love to pick up if time, money, talent and convenience were no object.

Go karting, rock climbing, wind surfing and other more “extreme” sports

I bet this surprised you? If I wasn’t so anxious all the time and such a baby about hurting myself, these sort of sports would definitely be on my agenda to pick up as a hobby. I’ve always liked sports, moving myself and doing something physical but my anxiety stopped that.

I’ve been on a few activities holidays with my school where we did rock climbing (which I LOVED and was surprisingly good at it!) and wind surfing (again, LOVED it) and I always thoroughly enjoyed myself. Proper Go Karting I’ve never tried but I’d definitely like to!

Ancestry / Finding out about my family tree

One of my old friends from school’s Mum was really into this and I remember almost every time I went to her house, her Mum would be sitting there on the computer on some family tree website. She got really far and managed to trace her family back hundreds of years and I’ve always thought it sounded fascinating.

I can imagine that’s a really relaxing but also satisfying way to spend your time. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love the idea of finding out more about where I came from and my heritage. Who knows what you’d find? CRI Genetics offer DNA testing for anyone interested in the same!


This could very well be a case of becoming obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing but I actually did used to have dancing lessons for a number of years – I was even in a show where I danced to Fame and Car Wash *cringe* and dancing is something I’d love to pick up but fear I’m too old now. At 26.

Watching other people dance instantly makes me wanna get up and move. I think dancing can be incredibly beautiful and emotive but also fun and a great form of exercise. I’d love to give a Samba and a Tango a go!


I realise I’m going from one extreme to the next here but I’ve never been someone to only be interested in one type of “thing”. Scrap-booking is something I’ve wanted to pick up for a while now but I worry that I haven’t got the patience for it. I’m terribly impatient.

But my reasoning is because I don’t like clutter and I’m not very sentimental when it comes to objects so I thought keeping all my memories, photos, keepsakes, receipts etc in a scrapbook which I can completely make my own would be really beneficial. Because it’s tidy and everything is in one spot! Hello Bexa has some beautiful examples of her scrapbooks on her blog!

What hobbies have you always wanted to pick up but never have? In an ideal world, what would you like to try? Let me know!

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  1. Love this! I just started a new blog dedicated to trying out all kinds of new hobbies and documenting the process. This post gives me some ideas of things I could try next! Check it out!!

  2. Story telling the hobby I’ve stuck with longest. Like everything else, some are better than others. I guess journal keeping is another. Only a few rules are applied – must not require a lot of room, written in in cursive, and in pencil. Both of these hobbies have been long term, more than forty years. Both provide a personal window into my past.

  3. I really enjoyed your post, it brought back all the childhood memories! I used to take tennis too and swimming, and a lot of extra languages and literature classes, because I loved them so much (shocking, having a blog and all 😁) I also painted and drew for a while, and I’ve recently translated that into adult colouring books (fashion, abstract art etc.) Btw, Ancestry sounds like an absolutely fascinating occupation!

  4. I love scrapbooking!! I made one for my best friends birthday a couple years ago and I’ve been meaning to make another for my boyfriend for our anniversary but that was in November and it’s now February… I used to dance and would love to take it up again. I really want to get into Yoga this year!

    Charlotte | x

  5. I’ve tried rock-climbing and it’s a lot of fun (though really tiring)! Oh you should definitely try doing your family tree! I started doing that last year and it’s crazy the things you find out about your ancestors. I actually have a post coming up next week if you want to keep an eye out. xD

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. For a long time, writing was my hobby. I first started out with a couple of things at school and actually that developed into listening to Eminem back in the day and I would secretly write raps at home. Of course with growing up, things change and my rapping became poetry and generic writing. Now, it’s more about motivation and personal experiences. Something that I haven’t taken up is darts. I like things to do with numbers and words. I also really enjoy being active. The darts would fit the numbers bill. In terms of words, I guess maybe doing some stand up comedy would be a good fun thing to try! The active one, maybe going hiking or something. I would love to road trip one day and enjoy the outdoors. I’m a bit concerned about overheating cos I want to do that in the summer. I need to be in better condition though.

    Totally see the point you’re making though. It just seems like everyday things cluster up the mind when you’re an adult. That didn’t happen when I was a kid!

    Great read though🙂

  7. My parents never made me stick with anything as a kid and I kinda hate them a bit for it 😂 (not really, but y’know…) I’m the same! I really struggle with hobbies. I don’t really count cooking anymore because that kinda feels like a blog thing too. I run, but I don’t really consider that a hobby either. I would love to learn a language and make that a hobby. This post has made me seriously debate what a hobby actually is 😂 x


  8. I would love to be able to find the time to take up playing the piano again, as well as learn proper photography. College courses are so expensive though!
    Tracing my ancestry was so cool and really interesting, especially when I found a website dedicated to one branch of my family – all the work was already done for me 😂 I couldn’t get very far on the Polish side though. I also love to cross-stitch 😊

    1. College courses definitely are expensive – especially if you’re only looking to do something as a hobby and not take it too seriously. That’s amazing you’ve looked through your family history!

  9. Like you, I never really found a hobby I could stick to when I was a kid and I also find it difficult to dream up something when asked. But, I have spent 10 years (not continuously) researching my family tree. It’s funny because I never considered it as a hobby before, but you’re right, it really is! I would like to be one of those super cool sporty people who climb mountains or something though!!! xxx


  10. This is a great post! I can relate 100%, especially as a former Hermione myself. I did everything, and now struggle to name hobbies for myself today. Thank you for all the lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. great post jenny, like you I don’t really have many hobbies that I can think of. I played the flute for 9 years and loved it but when I went to college i just sort of stopped playing. I tried to get into crocheting, and again really enjoyed that but for some reason haven’t picked it up in a while. I would love to get back into crocheting, I love the idea of making something meaningful for one of my loved one. x

    mich /

  12. I really want to start dancing again, I’m eager to join a class, but I’m so worried I’ll be way behind everyone or unable to keep up etc! It was a huge passion of mine throughout my younger years and I’d love to pick it up again. I just worry I’m too old now (lol).

    Also, yes, how interesting would it be to research your ancestry and distant family tree! I’d be eager to take this up as a hobby too and share it with my immediate family! Maybe something we could do together!

    Charlene McElhinney

  13. Aww, thank you so much for mentioning me in your post Jenny, that is really kind of you 🙂 Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed my scrapbook pages, it’s a very relaxing hobby, you should defo give it a go sometime. That is so cool you used to play the drums! I had an electronic drum kit a few years ago, it was fun to mess around on but it made me realize how hard it was. Go you for passing drumming exams! Dancing sounds like an awesome hobby and a great way to exercise, I’m tempted to try a Zumba class but worry I have zero coordination, ha ha! Fab post! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  14. I’ve had a few hobbies over the years but none have really stuck – unless I count blogging.

    In the past, I have done jewellery making, card making, drawing, tennis, badminton, horse riding to name but a few.

    I honestly can’t think of anything that I wished I could take up as a hobby, hmm actually – photography!

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  15. I would LOVE to take up photography. I’ve always liked taking photos but the phones etc I’ve been using certainly don’t allow for the quality of photos I’d like to take. I’m saving up for a DSLR camera (hopefully in time for my holiday to France in the spring) so I could spend some free time indulging in a new hobby. That’s the dream!

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