Reading is such an incredible way to increase our awareness.  From autobiographical to self help and even inspiring fiction, we can dip our toe into the world as someone else experiences it.  Some books stay with us for a lifetime, moving from bookshelf to bookshelf as we find new homes.  Others are a fleeting moment which kept us happy for a short while.  However there are some which are worth a second look, maybe even a third.  Let’s take a glimpse at a couple of books worthy of a second moment.


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The Sixteenth Round by Rubin Hurricane Carter

Rubin ‘Hurricane’  Carter was a boxer.  He was black and lived in a time where the colour of your skin was as far as most people cared to look.  In and out of prison for minor crimes he committed, the first of which was to protect his friend, Rubin eventually made a career out of the one thing he had been exposed to.  Fighting.  His life seemed to take a turn for the better and he met his wife.  Sadly.  He was arrested after a night out.  His was identified as one of the shooters in a nasty robbery which went wrong.  The description of the criminal? A black man in a nice car.  He wrote The Sixteenth Round whilst trying to prove his innocence.  So what makes this book worth a second read.  15 years ago there was a film made about his life.  Based on the true story of a boy who came across The Sixteenth Round at a book sale.  It was the first book he had ever read.  After feeling a connection to Rubin, he decided to write to him.  Eventually he convinced the family he lived with to help him fight for The Hurricane to be freed.  Of course he was freed eventually when the family uncovered the lies and corruption of the police force.  It is a perfect example of how books can save you and if you watch the film too, it will give you such a feeling of empathy you will never want to part from it.

The Game by Neil Strauss

It may seem strange that a books on sales would get a mention here. However if you are looking for a guide to show you how to make the best of your self confidence and sell yourself to anyone, in business or daily life, then this book is your bible. Neil admits he is not a good looking yet The Game tells his story of self promotion really well. Never shy of incredible female attention in LA he goes into the depths of the NLP and sales tactics he used to sell himself. You will find some relevant information to boosting your confidence and believing in your ability to be the best.  It’s well worth investing in the book to get to grips with your confidence.

There are so many incredibly stories out there that you can use to lift your spirits, warm your soul or to give you hope when life seems to be a little blank. Just head to your bookshelf and pick up your old faithful, losing yourself from the world.  

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