I am my mother’s daughter in that I love candles. Big, small, scented, un-scented, Yankee, own-brand – you name it, I love going into a shop and sticking my face in a bunch of gorgeous candles. Like, when they’re un-lit, of course. We have more candles in our house than we know what to do with but when Candles With Love contacted me asking if I’d like to review some of their candles, I wasn’t going to say no, was I? I like to think I have enough experience in candle sniffing to be a reliable judge of what makes a decent candle or not.


All candles made by Emma at Candles With Love are 100% handmade and naturally made with soy wax. She makes candles for a whole range of different occasions and people, including birthdays, weddings and general home décor and bridesmaids, father’s, mother’s, daughter’s and teacher’s. Do check them out on their website for the full range or on Twitter, if you want more info before we continue!

I received 2 jars in the post, both were the same size and colour but we have different scents. They are a decent size and although I haven’t lit them yet, they look like you would get a decent amount of burning hours in them. The jars themselves were very neat and cute, both of them have a little ribbon around the bottom with, ‘A Special Gift for You’ and, ‘With Love’, printed on them and a little charm around the neck of the jar which looks really pretty. My favourite one was the one pictured above.




One jar was scented with Vanilla and my gosh, if you didn’t know it was a candle you would think you were sniffing a cake. It’s exceptionally strong and scented but would be perfect for Spring or if there’s baking going on in the house to accentuate those already gorgeous smells. The other jar was Cherry Berry and although it wasn’t quite as strong as the vanilla one it still packs a punch. I’ve not smelt a candle quite like this cherry one before; I wasn’t sure at first but it has definitely grown on me.


Emma also included some cute little blue, star-shaped wax melts which you put in a burner, which luckily I have at home. Personally, these were my favourite scent out of all of them and I would happily purchase a large candle in this scent. I think it was called Ocean Breeze but I could be wrong but whatever the heck it was called, it smells beautiful. Really fresh and clean.

For gifts for a whole range of people and occasions, I think Candles With Love would be a fantastic option. They’re really reasonably priced and obviously very well made and if the products I received smell this good, I would love to smell the rest of them!

These products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are unbiased and completely my own.


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