My hair has been through a lot in my mere 25 years. I’m have naturally auburn hair but it’s seen the affects of severe bleaching, going bald from wearing too many hair extensions (yes, really) and going from almost to my bum to 2 inches long and every length and style in between. My hair has stayed it’s natural colour for a good few years now and I’m not planning on changing that any time soon and it’s back to a length I like but I’m still aware of the importance of taking care of your hair and always keen to try new hair products.

This year I’ve also wanted to try and use more vegan and/or cruelty free beauty products. I’m not a vegan myself but I figure that every little can help in regards to ‘doing our bit’ and all vegan products I’ve tried in the past I’ve really liked. So when Design.ME contacted me and asked if I wanted to try 1) their hair products which are 2) vegan and cruelty free I thought win-win, two birds with one stone! A hair care line from North America which has just launched in the UK, Design.Me hair are cruelty-free, sulphate free, vegan, paraben and gluten free. And just looking at their stunning website, you can see they look like a fun, innovative brand who put a lot of care into their image, message and products. I’m all for trying a brand like that!

First of all, I want to mention how much I adore the packaging of these products. All the different products come in a different pastel shade – I love a pastel shade (as you can probably tell from my blog colours) so these really floated my boat on the packaging front. Good packaging can obviously make a huge difference to products and sales, especially when they’re sitting there on a shelf amongst thousands of other products. You want yours to stand out and I’m certain that these would, if you were walking down the hair care isle. As well as the shades, I love the fonts and the relatively simple design. But it’s effective. And that’s what you want. 10/10 for packaging and design, woo!


Fab.Me is a leave in treatment that you spritz on damp hair after it’s been washed. It basically does, well, everything. It controls frizz, de-tangles, strengthens, heat protects, hydrates and so much more. It’s the mother of hair treatment, according to Design.Me! It was quite a thick formula – no light spritz like some hair mists – so it took quite a while to dry my hair fully with this one. Although it probably wouldn’t have if it was being done at a salon, by a professional with a more powerful hair dryer. But alas, it wasn’t. The smell was gorgeous but not too heavily fragrant and it certainly lingered on your hair long after you’d finished drying. It kinda smells like summer. And holidays.

I think this is the sort of product which would benefit being used a couple of times a week, to maybe see an actual change because after one use, it was hard to tell. But I could tell that I liked it, a lot and it’s something I would continue using on my hair. I’d experiment with how much to put on and styling it afterwards as well, to see the end results!


The Powerdry.Me product stood out to me instantly and let me tell you why. It takes…. so…. freaking… long… to dry my hair. My hair is incredibly thick. And long. The two key ingredients you need if you want to waste hours of your life drying your hair. It makes you hot, your arms ache – ugh. It’s awful. So when this was advertised to me and said it can reduce hair drying time to up to 50% my eyes lit up, like Tom Hardy had just walked in the room. Obviously, I haven’t previously timed myself drying my hair so I can’t give you any statistics but the Powerdry.Me smells gorgeous – definitely salon worthy gorgeous and the science behind the formula is fascinating. I’ve genuinely never heard of a product like it.

I can say that I can’t recall ever really spending too long drying my hair when using this product. Maybe sometime soon I’ll do a timing test and get back to you. But my hair looked great after using this, it was incredibly soft and I didn’t need to style it at all. With the included heat protection, this is definitely something I’ll be using regularly.

Would I recommend Design.Me? Heck bloody yes I would! For anyone who’s into hair care, these are a must. I’d love to hear if you’ve ever tried this brand before or what your favourite hair care brands are in the comments below!

* These products were sent to me in exchange for a review.


  1. I love your natural hair colour, it’s gorgeous! 💖 These product look really fun and sound great too! The bright colours and design would grab my attention in a shop for sure! Brilliant review Jenny! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  2. This sounds like such a fab company (tehe see what I did there 😂😩) but honestly these sounds like great products. I really love the packaging, the colors are bright but pastel and I checked the site because of this review and it’s so cute! Great pics also, thanks for sharing Jen! 💕💁🏽

    xx Lena |

  3. Both of these products sound amazing! I have the most knotty hair ever so I’m always looking for stuff to help detangle that doesn’t have a load of awful ingredients in. Ps I love your natural hair colour. When I was about 9 I used to beg my mum to let me dye it a colour like that. Obviously the answer was no. Still not sure if I’m over it x 😂


    1. Awh! Thank you haha that’s such a compliment. I was never fussed about my hair colour when I was younger but I’d always notice my Mum’s friends would say “hasn’t Jenny got lovely hair” but I never thought twice about it! xxx

  4. I had never heard of that brand before reading this post. I like the bright colors of the packaging! Happy to read that you love the products! xx corinne

  5. These products sound so good! I’ve had a weird kind of relationship with my hair. I have had it practically all lengths and had highlights. I might be tempted to try these products for sure and actually take a bit more care of my hair.


  6. It looks like you’ve been through a lot regarding your hair! I’ve never dyed or bleached my hair and I don’t tend to use a lot of products for my hair other than a dry shampoo and these products sound great also a bonus that thier cruelty free! Ayse x

  7. I just can’t imagine you with extensions, your hair is so long and gorgeous anyway! I like the sound of both of Fab.Me. My hair suffers from frizz in winter (central heating) and I can’t blow dry it for the same reason so the PowerDry.Me wouldn’t be any good. I shall look out for Fab.Me though, thank you! Xx

    Lisa |

  8. I adore your hair!! I didn’t know you’d put it through so much like we all have! Luckily I’ve always kept the length in mine so haven’t needed extensions. However, because of that, my hair is thinner and not in the best shape. I am defo gonna give this brand a go with your review!!

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