On average, people spend about a third of their day in the bedroom. In addition to sleeping, it’s where we get dressed in the morning and get some relaxing in at night after a long day. The bedroom is easily the most personal room in the house to the individual who sleeps in it, and the design should reflect the owner’s personality. Below are some guidelines on how to make your bedroom a safe haven that is yours and yours alone:

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Promote Relaxation

The primary function of a bedroom is for sleeping in. Invest in a good mattress and bed frame, as well as quality sheets and pillows. An easy way to make a bed look more comfortable and inviting is by loading it up with pillows in many different sizes. You may also want to look into duvets and comforters that will help keep you warm and toasty at night. Hang bedroom drapes or curtains that keep light out, as this may help you sleep better. They also provide warmth and insulation in the colder months. You may also want to keep an oil diffuser or scented candles around. Pick a scent that makes you feel good and happy: for example, ocean scents can be soothing, while lavender has been known to promote deeper sleep.

Showcase Glimpses of Your Life

One of the easiest ways to personalize a bedroom is by using photos: they provide insight into the owner’s life and the kind of person that they are. Framed photographs are a wonderful addition to any nightstand or blank wall. You can also showcase any trophies or medals that you may have won in the past in a beautiful display case. Children’s bedrooms come alive with posters of their favorite cartoon characters or sports teams. Any art displayed inside the bedroom becomes more meaningful if it carries a special connection to the owner. If you happen to be a fair hand at it, you can make your own art and adorn your walls and surfaces with them.

Make Use of Color

Paint your bedroom walls in a color that is pleasing to your eyes personally—you’ll be spending the most time in it after all. You can break the monotony of neutrals with a single accent wall in a bold color if you’re into that sort of thing, too. The idea is to surround yourself in hues that help you feel inspired and relaxed. However, you may want to avoid loud colors that feel stressful and can keep you awake—you’ll still want to be able to sleep in there. Be consistent in your decorating. A simple way to achieve serene visual flow is by keeping a majority of the items in the room within the same color family.

Pick a Theme

A theme that reflects your interests can make decorating a bedroom a simple task, whether it revolves around a single piece of art, a color, a certain motif or feeling. This makes shopping around for furniture and decorations a faster and more efficient task overall, since you won’t be making any impulse decisions and purchases outside of your chosen theme to decorate your bedroom. Whether you’d like it to look like a cozy log cabin room or a breezy seaside retreat, keep the image in mind before heading out to the shops.

With these four tips in mind, you’ll now have an easier time personalizing your own bedroom. After all, it’s your own little piece of heaven—a sanctuary from the outside world.

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  1. Great tips …. you’re right, it needs to be ones absolute haven. A place of peace and happiness. We’ve made ours as best we can, but it’s a military house so not perfect … having said that, by the time we have some of our bits and bobs in it and our lovely pictures, it looks like home. Great post!

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