I’m not a huge traveler in the sense that you probably won’t ever find me backpacking around Thailand or moving to Australia for a year. Firstly, those places are far too hot for my delicate ginger complexion but mostly, it’s just not my sort of thing. I love a holiday – as most of us do – but lengthy travel isn’t for me. However, lately, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of places I would absolutely love to visit. In an ideal world, if I were to win a hefty amount on the lottery, I’d certainly be booking some holidays and short breaks to the places in this list. But in the meantime, I can just dream. Here’s my 2018 travel bucket list (or where I’d go if I won the lottery!)


Finland is probably the top of my list. My boyfriend and I have a bit of an affinity with Finland, it seems like such a laid-back place and the people are so chill (like, figuratively, not literally). Also, I love the cold. So it’d be my ideal place for a holiday. I’d like to visit Scandinavia and have a different type of holiday and Finland would be my perfect place for this!


I’m not one for huge cities but I think Beijing would be a lovely holiday. I’d certainly go in the cooler months (we’ve covered this, I don’t like heat!) I think I’d enjoy the hustle and bustle and there always being something to do and something to look at. Plus, Chinese food! Click here to find out more information about trips to Beijing on Destination2.


I only recently realised how much I wanted to go to Copenhagen after watching an episode of Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes, when he goes and tries local and tradional Danish food, cakes and pastries. Not only does the food there look amazing, the city itself is beautiful. And I love the Hygge idea so I think I’d love it there.

Disneyland Paris

Already been 3 times. Does that mean it can’t feature on my list? Absolutely not. I think every single year, in an ideal world, I would want to go to Disneyland. So every year until I finally do go again, it’ll be on my list! I need my fix of fun rides, meeting my favourite characters and looking in awe at the castle.


I have no particular place in Germany I’d like to go but just Germany as a whole really appeals to me. I really love the German language – it’s one I’d love to learn and have attempted a few times on my Duolingo app but to no luck! Nuremberg looks like an absolutely gorgeous, Gothic type city with beautiful buildings so maybe there for my visit!


Not one you probably thought you’d see feature on my list but I absolutely adore the look and sound of Israel – especially Jerusalem. I’m not religious, really, but I find religious fascinating. I studied it extensively in school (I did extra Religious Studies lessons and took it for A Level) and I love the idea of 3 main religions all living harmoniously in in the same area. The buildings are beautiful and I’ve heard the people are lovely too. This would be such an amazing trip.

There we go! There’s my 2018 travel bucket list. I’m not confident I’ll be able to tick any of these off my list but there’s always next year! Where would you like to go this year? Got any trips booked? Let me know!

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  1. Great list! I’m an Aussie who loves travelling so don’t disregard us! We might be far away but we’re totally worth it, I promise! I live in Adelaide, South Australia and we have some of the best beaches in the world, but shhh.. don’t tell anyone, the tourists don’t come here! Head on over and check out some of my blog posts about my beautiful country (and many others!).

  2. Finland and Israel are both on my bucket list too, so if you go please pass along any recommendations! If New York City has ever been on the list, I recently put together a post about how to make the most of your time there (I just moved back to the Midwest after living in the Big Apple for 6 years). Feel free to check it out.

  3. Great list! I’ve been to Germany from this list. But would love to visit Finland. When we were planning our trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, we had explored the option of going to Finland. Have you managed to see any other place from this? You can check my blog here to read about it, i hope it encourages you to add the magical country of Iceland to your bucket list –> https://wabisabiluxury.com/2018/04/15/winter-in-iceland/

  4. Ok, our lists are huge, but We are wanting to visit in the next 5 years: Cartagena, Columbia; Japan; Russia (at the top); Sweden (my heritage); Machua Picchu, Peru; Cruise in the middle East (including Abu Dhabi). Ok WAIT… I guess I need to win the lottery too! I love dreaming

  5. That’s a lot of places for one year! Beijing is lovely but the traffic there is just insane!!! There are absolutely no traffic laws but the history there is 👌🏼

  6. They’re some really cool places, you should definitely do at least one of these this year, a quick weekend in Copenhagen maybe, slightly less £’s than some of the further afield options.

  7. Wow you’re going to have a great time travelling round all those places! In Beijing, make sure you see Beihai park, its beautiful!
    As for being ginger, i am too – just wear lots of suncream :’)

  8. For a not big traveller this is pretty impressive list. I hope your dreams will come true and you’ll visit those places 😊

  9. thats a really cool idea for a blog, i have never thought about bucket lists of places. Out of interest how have you been sponsored? like have you any advice for me

    1. A brand contacted me about writing this post and including their link in it, that’s the sponsored part. But all the text and the opinions are mine. I have a post about it, if you type sponsored posts in the search bar x

  10. What a fantastic list! I agree with you in that I’m an avid traveller, but being in the road non-stop is my idea of hell. There’s nothing quite like your own bed and a hug from the parental as or a mate when you need it. And I’ll just add – I’m an Australian with a very fair complexion and six months of the year I want to become a mole woman.

  11. That’s really cool ! My goal for 2018 was to kick off with some adventure. So I hiked the Great Wall of China 🙂 Besides that I visited Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shaoxing.. You can visit my blog to check out my posts on the same. The Great Wall post is coming up soon 🙂

  12. I love your list! I have never travel Israel, it sounds like very fun to discover a new world 🙂

  13. For scandinavia I would recommand Norway as well! I liked the landscape there way more than in Finland – the mountains, fjords and the ocean close by. But I guess you are more of a city person? That might be a bit hard to find there 😀

  14. Love your list – good luck in making even one happen 🥂

    I’d like to get to Tuscany for research as my book is set there! I want to feel and smell the vineyards so the words on the pages come across authentic!

    However if I don’t make it, I’ve a weekend in Milan to look back on and a road trip (completed yesterday) back to the UK from Portugal 👌🏼 So I’ve not done badly have I?

  15. Great list! Copenhagen is also near the top of my city break list! For Germany I’d definitely recommend Cologne. Especially on New Years Eve, you’ll never experience anything like it! Israel sounds so interesting. I have a Russian friends who absolutely loves Tel Aviv, it looks beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more about your 2018 travels x

  16. I’m currently doing the big thing and travelling for a year 🙈 but totally agree with you about Israel, I’ve only recently discovered it as a destination to visit! And Finland too. Copenhagen is really amazing, would definitely recommend 😊

  17. I agree about Israel – I just watched a Netflix documentary about Israel’s food culture and it finally put that part of the world on my radar! Olive oil yummm haha