neglected areas of the home

5 Neglected Areas of Your Home You Shouldn’t Ignore When De-cluttering

AD | I loved de-cluttering and cleaning before it was made popular by Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch. Seriously though, I’ve never been one to leave my room a mess or keep unnecessary “stuff” just for the sake of it. I’ve always felt better in a clean and tidy space. If my space is clean, …

Improve Your Well-being at Home

Improve Your Well-being at Home ft Megahome Water Distiller

I talk about well-being a lot on my blog. Mostly about personal things we can do on a daily basis in order to improve our general well-being. Such as expressing gratitude, Yoga or journalling. Which are all super valid forms of self care which I’d highly recommend. Although our inner voice is the most important, …