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I’ve never REALLY enjoyed Christmas. There I said it. Think of me what you will. But I’m an only child. I don’t have a big family that gets together often at special times of the year and since my grandparents passed away, our Christmas traditions have had to change and always felt a bit different to me.

So since the age of around 13 after my Nan passed away, Christmas was never a big deal to me. I remember I spent the whole Christmas Day one year just chatting to one of my old friends on MSN, who also had nothing to do. It felt like a normal day. And I always envied my other friends at the time who were together with all their siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins and having a jolly good time whilst I was basically on my own.

I realise that sounds REALLY sad but that’s just the way it’s always been for me. Then as I got older, I’ve spent Christmas with my ex-boyfriend’s family. And now as my current partner lives with me and my parents, he’s always with us on Christmas too (as his family are religious and don’t celebrate themselves).

So things have brightened up somewhat.

But since I started blogging, my opinion on Christmas has definitely changed. Everyone’s excitement over Christmas releases, beauty advent calendars, gift guides and the magic of Christmas is INFECTIOUS. And the last few years in particular I’ve found myself actually… looking forward to it a bit? I know. Crazy right.

So although Christmas this year will certainly come with it’s sad moments, as we lost my Granddad in August so it’ll be the first Christmas without him, I’m still really quite looking forward to everything else. Certainly since my Granddad passed away, I’ve sort of, re-learnt the value of making the most of everything and enjoying life.

Something that I’d definitely lost within the last year or so.

And Christmas should be no exception. And the great thing about Christmas is you can take what you want and leave what you don’t with the celebrations. If you’re not religious, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t like mince pies, who cares. If you can’t STAND Christmas songs (like me), stick some headphones in.

So I’m putting it out there… I’m LOOKING FORWARD to Christmas this year. There’s no going back now. And here are all the different things I’m looking forward to at Christmas:

Buying gifts for people

I love buying gifts for people – 100x more than receiving them myself. Any excuse to treat my loved ones and I am all in. I definitely go a little overboard sometimes with gifts and I know it’s not about the “stuff” but it’s about the love and thought that goes into the gifts you’re getting them. But I just love taking the time and effort to find everyone the perfect gifts.

Gift guides and Christmas blog content

I love it when bloggers are into Christmas season because like I said, the excitement is infectious. I know people have mixed opinions on gift guides but I personally love them. I love creating them and I love reading them and I’ve definitely had some good recommendations from them in the past. Bring on all the Christmas blog content!

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Fairy lights and decorations

Fairy lights and Christmas decorations are just the most magical thing. I love that time of year when the world lights up with fairy lights on the outside of houses and everywhere is twinkling. My Mum and I put the Christmas tree and decorations up together every year, so it’s a nice tradition to decorate the house too.

Christmas jumpers and cozy clothes

I was done with Summer clothes by July. All I wanted to wear was jumpers, tights, boots and scarves. I love all the cozy clothes you can wear during Winter, including Christmas jumpers, which are a crucial part of Christmas, don’t you think? I was kindly sent these 3 Christmas jumpers from the IWOOT Christmas Jumper collection which I was allowed to pick myself (as if that wasn’t obvious!)

I feel like all my choices are VERY ME. Spyro has been my favourite game ever since I was a kid and I’ve completed each one 100% more times than I care to admit. So of course the Spyro jumper had to be one of my choices. And it’s no surprise I went with two of their Disney options too. I’m very happy with my picks!

All these jumpers are SUPER comfy and the inside is so soft and cozy. I picked a ‘large’ as the website says if you want a baggier fit, it’s best to size up. And I’m REALLY glad I did because these fit me perfectly. If anything, I probably could have gone with the size up. So if you’re considering these, keep in mind what sort of fit you prefer!

They have so many different designs to choose from; some really cute and sweet and some which made me howl with laughter (like their “Have a Strong a Stable Christmas” featuring a dancing Teresa May). But they really do have designs to suit all. Including plenty for Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans!

Fancy 30% off any Christmas jumper from IWOOT? Head over to their collection here and use code XMASJENNY for a discount!

Cheese boards

I’m easily pleased aren’t I? But Christmas is THE TIME of year when it’s cheese boards galore in my house. And I am here for it. No matter how full you are from all the rubbish you’ve been eating over the Christmas period, I find there’s always room for a cheese board after dinner!

Having a break

I rarely give myself a break from work throughout the year. Perhaps a couple of days here and there when I’m away but that’s it. But at Christmas, I usually get all my content scheduled way in advance and then give myself a proper good 2 week break at the end of the year. In blogging, that’s usually a pretty quiet time of year anyway, so it’s the perfect chance to kick your shoes off and chill out.

What are you looking forward to at Christmas this year? Are you a Scrooge or do you love Christmas? What’s your favourite jumper of the 3 I picked? Let me know!

* Items in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My condolences about your grandpa. I am glad you are excited about Christmas. I read the same Christmas books each year. There will be baking with the kids, my and family, and family get-togethers. And, of course, getting hte perfect Christmas tree and decorating it and the house.

  2. I always enjoy the Christmas period, I don’t really get in to the Christmas spirit this early though haha. Love the Spryo jumper!

  3. I love the Spyro jumper!! I think as I’ve got older what I love about Christmas has definitely changed to the little things – I love buying presents for people and breaking out the fluffy jumpers. Decorating the Christmas tree is also a highlight too 😊 x

  4. Definitely just another day for me too. I hate Christmas. There, I said it. I think it’s generally more stressful than one day ever should be. I hate shopping, because I’m generally terrible at choosing gifts. I’m not even that keen on Christmas food. In complete opposite to you, I love getting ALL the work done over Christmas. Because other people are off and there are no emails coming in and things slow down, I think it’s a great time to get content done. Just me? Probably…x


  5. I love that Spyro Christmas jumper! I never buy Christmas jumpers but really want to get one this year. Christmas day isn’t a big thing for my family either, we don’t even have a traditional Christmas dinner, we have a Chinese, last year it was just me, my parents and my nan I think all I did was chill out and watch tv – but my brother is sticking around this year so I’m looking forward to it 🙂

    Chloe xx

  6. I like Christmas but I don’t like the whole fuss that it has so be perfect and we have to all be happy and together. I prefer to celebrate it very low key, little dinner, gifts, some wine and hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

    1. I don’t like that either – I think there’s a huge expectation on that, especially with the internet and lots of staged “perfect” photos. Christmas is what you make it! Who cares what it looks like x

  7. I am so here for you & these pics!!! Loving how much you’re getting out of your comfort zone. I totally love the Christmas shopping & the decorating parts of the season! Love these jumpers too, like I said on insta, the Mickey & Minnie ones are my fav xxx

  8. I must admit I do love Christmas but that’s entirely due to having Flora. She gets so excited, it’s so much fun (except when we’re woken up at 5.00am with her stocking 🤣) And I know she’d love the Spyro jumper, not for the game, just for the dragon, so I might have to head over to IWOOT. Lovely post, Jenny, and you look gorgeous! Xx

    Lisa |

  9. ahh! jenny! first off, again i want to say how incredible i think it is that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to your blog photos. you look absolutely gorgeous in each outfit. i love how you styled them. second, the princess jumper is my favorite. if it had ariel on it, i’d buy it in a heartbeat! i’m excited for everything about christmas, i’m practically mrs. clause. already thinking of how i want to decorate this year! xx

    mich /

  10. Such cute sweaters! I love games / Spyro as well, I played it all the time growing up and this jumper is a nice way of adding a little personal nostalgic touch to a christmas jumper. I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to celebrating this year! I don’t celebrate christmas personally but it’s always nice to get into the festive spirit and see everyone in a cheery mood (:

  11. I didn’t grow up with Disney unless you count the Lion King so my comment is a little bias….The Spyro themed outfit is the best! ♥️ Very unique. I really enjoyed the game, Spyro: A hero’s tail for PS2. Sadly, my file got deleted a couple of times and I never actually got to finish the game. The furthest I made it to was the volcano world (or was it the arctic world?) I can’t remember which one came first.

    I have Spyro for PS4 as well (the 3 in 1 series?). However, it was hard to follow the story-line and I had a hard time falling in love with the game I once enjoyed so much for PS2. Mainly because the side quests are frustrating and worlds are different. I didn’t give up with the other Soyro series which probably explains my frustration.

    1. Ah yes the PS4 games are re-mastered versions of the original games on PS1. Those are the ones I love. I wasn’t a fan of the re-mastered ones though because it didn’t feel authentic. It was almost TOO animated. Each game follows a different story and villain.

  12. I’m an only child too, and my family sounds really similar to yours, in that it’s small and we don’t really do much for Christmas! It’s quite liberating to learn I’m not the only who sometimes sees it as just another day 😅

  13. I love Christmas! And I’m glad things have brightened up for you. All of the jumpers were cute, especially with the Disney princesses. My favorite part of the season is buying gifts. I tend to go a little bit overboard.

  14. You certainly give out the Christmas feeling! Buying gifts is one of my favorite things to do; it brings me so much joy to share.

    I love the Disney Princess sweater! As for cheeseboards, during my time in Australia this year, I reveled in them, and even brought back some beautiful wood boards so I recreate the collection of meats and cheeses and crackers I had there over here in the States. 🙂

  15. Christmas is my favourite time of year! My mum always made Christmas feel magical when we were younger, and yes we are still one of those families who put our decorations up by the 1st December 🤣
    I can’t wait to get on with my Christmas crafting this year…I love giving handmade gifts out.

    I like all three of your Christmas jumpers, I like that they are not too festive but festive enough! I think I would go for the disney princess one out of the three.

    Aimsy xoxo

  16. Adorable jumpers 😀
    I admit that I’m a total christmas lover. I have christmas stuff everywhere, do daily christmas activities with the kids, and even got a planner called secret christmas that I use to keep all my christmas stuff in 😛
    So it makes me happy that you’re beginning to see the joy of christmas 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. The Minnie and Mickey Jumper, and the Disney Princess one, are adorable! I’m sorry you didn’t have the best Christmas’s growing up, but I’m glad they got better. This is also my first Christmas without my granda so it’s going to be bittersweet

  18. Jenny this sweaters are too cute! My favorite is the Mickey and Minnie one, it’s like a classic look♥️👏🏾 I’m so happy you’re looking forward to Christmas this year. I think the thing I’m looking forward most to is buying my sister a Christmas gift. She has supported me so much throughout the year, I can’t wait to treat her!

    Natonya |

  19. Oh my goodness – Spyro!! That was my all=time favorite game as a kid. My mom and I would race around catching those alien blue/green guys to get those eggs. Holy throw back…

    These are super cute though and I love the Disney theme ones as well (obviously)!

  20. I think I like the MInnie and Mickey jumper best.

    I used to love Christmas but not anymore. It’s just sad now and disruptive to my routine.

    However yes to all the cheeses. I fricking love when Tesco start getting in the whole bries for £5 ready for christmas and I can demolish one of those lovelies in a sitting on my own 😉

    Cheese is the best part of christmas hands down.

    1. You can still have a routine at Christmas 🙂 I think last year I still got up at my normal time, did Yoga like normal, had my normal breakfast. I don’t go too crazy, I like having a bit of normality in Christmas Day still. Cheese is definitely the best part of Christmas though. Cheese is just the best hands down.

      1. I like shops and coffee XD
        I had an incident a couple of years ago when I unexpectedly came on my period on christmas day, immediately staying with my sister and not going back home….and I only had one pad in my bag, my two sister in laws were both pregnant, and my sister has personal reusable pads and not with her because she wasn’t due on….
        It took some improvisation but I made it to the next morning when I found a newsagent open XD

  21. Oh gosh these were so freaking cute! Honestly, my favorite has to be the Disney princesses jumper. They also look very warm too. 🙂

    Personally I LOVE Christmas but my sister on the other hand hasn’t really liked it in the last several years, but since she’s had my nephew Nolan, her festive side has perked up so I am very happy about that! 🙂

  22. I feel like I had a lull in Christmas excitement as a teen, but now I bloomin love it. I think my favourite thing is buying gifts for others, although I can never say no to a beauty advent calendar apparently.
    Also those jumpers are excellent! I love the mix of cute Disney, puns, and pop culture. I’m very tempted by the Die Hard one haha.
    Cora |

      1. I usually get the cheap ones from MAD beauty, the lip balms are lovely and I actually use everything in them haha. This year’s disney one is Tinkerbelle and I have my eye on it already.

  23. I am seriously christmas obsessed. I can’t tell you how much content I have scheduled, more than any other time of year!

    I love the jumpers, the disney princesses in particular.

    This will be my first christmas in the blogging community and after reading this, I am now ridiculously excited for it!

  24. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas despite having a big family get together when I was young. Everyone in the family always came to us. All I ever heard from my mum was that she hated it because it was more work for her than any other day of the year! Though that was absolutely true, I do think she did enjoy it too. She comes to us now and thoroughly enjoys it. I don’t get to participate as I’m stuck in my room on my own Christmas Day. I miss out on the fun of sitting down with the family for Christmas dinner, playing board games afterwards etc. I eat alone in my room. It is what is though, so you know, just have to make the best of it. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. It’s definitely a lot of work for my mum too, I totally understand her frustration. Although a little less so this year as my granddad is gone so now it’s just the 4 of us. But I’m hoping we’ll make the best of it anyway. I’m sorry to hear that’s how your Christmas goes for you xxx

  25. What a cute spyro jumper, I love it. And haha, it’s quite funny I’m in totally same front when it comes to Christmas. For me it seems way too materialistic and sort of fake. I don’t know whether the magic of Christmas is gone because I am older who knows. I guess Christmas is what you make from it. I mean nothing can beat seeing the faces of people you love when they open your presents 🙂
    Laura /

  26. I love the Spyro jumper! I have a Fallout 4 one myself – it’s funny because everyone compliments me on it, and then they notice the nukes knitted into the pattern, ha! I’m so with you on cosy wear though – pretty much as soon as it turned to September I suddenly had this longing to just wear insulated leggings, baggy jumpers, and fluffy socks.

  27. Love the Spyro and Disney sweaters! I look forward to all the different cheeses too, and decorating! I love decorating around my husband and my apartment. We have a huge tree for a tiny apartment. I also love sipping hot chocolate spiked with peppermint vodka!

    Hannah the Mad Dog

  28. I love Christmas! I love everything about it, to me it quite literally is the most wonderful time of the year.

    That Spyro jumper is brilliant… It may accidentally end up being purchased

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