It’s that time of year again and although I may not be the biggest Christmas enthusiast in the world, there’s one thing I do love and that’s buying gifts for loved ones. Parting with your well earned money can be difficult but I just love searching for the perfect gift for someone – something a bit different and something a bit more personal than your average ‘smellies and sock’s. I came across Impossible to Buy For – a gift site with a whole range of gifts for him or her and a whole range of price options too. I’ve put together a gift guide for the ladies of unique gifts from Impossible to Buy For!

One-Line-a-Day-A-Five-Year-Memory-Book-05 Year Memory Diary – £9.59

Oh I absolutely love this book! The idea of the 5 Year Memory Diary is for you to document events, big or small, that have happened on that particular day and it allows you to look back over the last 5 years with ease and not only reminisce but see how far you’ve come in 5 short years! I think it would make a really nice gift, especially for friends who do a lot of stuff together anyway

Perfect for: Book lovers or writers!

SUCK-UK-Cork-Globe-Map-of-the-World-0-0Cork Globe – £74.99

Although this is a bit pricier than the other items and is probably something you’d buy for someone special or maybe as a joint gift for you and your partner, I absolutely adore this globe and it would make a gorgeous decorative item for your home as well. I think this is perfect for travel lovers for you to either pin point where you’ve been or where you’d love to go in the future.

Perfect for: Travel lovers, aspiring travellers

Set-of-3-Bird-Design-Keepsake-Stacking-Tins-0Keepsake Stacking Tins – £14.83

I just love these gorgeous little tins! I think we probably all have little bits and bobs that we don’t want to throw away but at the same time don’t really know what to do with. Cinema tickets for special dates and tickets for music concerts or photo booth photos. These boxes are perfect for keeping all the “little things” that you really don’t want to part with and they’re super cute as well so they would look adorable in your room on a bookshelf or a windowsill.

Perfect for: Friends, animal lovers

Mug-Cakes-40-speedy-cakes-to-make-in-a-microwave-0Mug Cakes Recipes Book – £6.29

I have tried making a mug cake before and I’ll admit, it went horribly wrong! But truth be told, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Everyone seems to be experimenting with mug cakes right now and it’s not surprising considering how quick and easy they are to make (when you know what you’re doing). I love the look of this cute recipe book with 40 different recipes for you to try in your mug cake! Perfect treat to have after your Christmas dinner!

Perfect for: Baking lovers, mums, grandmothers

Are you a Christmas gift buyer enthusiast? What do you love about it and what’s the best gift you’ve ever bought someone else? I’d love to hear your comments!


  1. Fabulous gift ideas! I really like the idea of the journal (because I’m totally obsessed with stationary and notebooks) and I also like the mug cake recipes! I made a Nutella mug cake once and it was absolutely delicious! 😊

  2. These are some great gift ideas 🙂 I keep seeing that five year memory diary in Waterstones, and I kind of want to buy that for myself!

  3. The cork globe is beautiful. I love it! My fiance, Matt, actually have the line a day diary and he loves it.
    I document everything we do in photos, and he enjoys writing snippets of our day instead. 🙂

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