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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Again. Can someone tell me HOW it’s Christmas season again already? It’s been an absolute joke how quickly this year has gone, I feel like I haven’t had a second to catch my breath. But here we are, once again. And I absolutely love gift guide season, so I’m mega excited to share this year’s Christmas gift guides with you!

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing brands that got in touch this year to be featured in a gift guide. In fact, I got so many that I have had to split my gift guides up into 2 parts, otherwise they would have just been far too long. So here’s part 1 for you to enjoy and head over to part 2 of my 2021 Christmas Gift Guides here when you’re done if you need even MORE gift inspiration!

Let’s take a look at the first set of amazing brands and products to feature in my Christmas Gift Guide for 2021:

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Echor Sleep Journal

Echor End of Day Wellness Journal: £19.99

For the writer: Kicking things off for this Christmas Gift Guide is the wonderful brand Echor, who are all about wellness and sleep. 50 points from me already. Their products help people meet their true potential by facilitating a better night’s sleep and true wellbeing. From weighted blankets to pillow sprays and more. Really, I’d love to promote everything on their site.

But I thought a great addition to this gift guide would be their End of Day Wellness Journal. I’ve been DYING to use this but for the sake of getting a photo for this post, I haven’t yet but I’ll absolutely be diving into this beautiful journal, which prompts and guides you to let go of the day and get ready for rest. This beautiful book would be an excellent wellness gift.

The Cocktail Society

The Cocktail Society Pornstar Martini Cocktail Kit: £39.00

For the cocktail lover: Most of us like a cheeky cocktail at Christmas don’t we? Let’s be honest. 2021 has officially been the year I’ve started drinking alcohol again; not irresponsibly but just occasionally and socially because I like it and I find it enjoyable again (which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with!) so I was super excited to receive and try out this kit from The Cocktail Society.

The Cocktail Society sell cocktail kits and cocktail subscriptions and everything the cocktail lover in your life could possibly want. These fab kits come with enough ingredients to make 4 kits – including the shaker and a recipe card, so they’re absolutely perfect for a fun, boozy, Christmas night in!

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

ASDA Photo Personalized Blanket: from £28.00

For the one who wants to get cozy: I’ve worked with ASDA Photo a few times in the past on various gift guide features and I’m a bit fan of the range and quality of their personalized photo products. Not to mention that they’re really affordable too and open to a lot of customization. I have two things to show you from them this time but first, is this gorgeous personalized blanket.

Now yes, I did get this blanket for my dog and yes, I know he’ll have no idea there’s a photo of us on it but I thought this was beautiful. I love this particular photo as well and it came out absolutely perfectly on this blanket. This would be a WONDERFUL gift idea; for pet lovers or just someone that loves to get cozy with a blanket or two!

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

ASDA Photo Personalized Calendar: from £8.50

For the planner: The second thing I chose from ASDA Photo was the personalized calendar. They have a big selection of calendar options to choose from, from desk calendars to wall calendars and all different sizes. They’re all customizable so you can put all your own photos in the calendar.

Every single year since we’ve had our dog, I’ve got my Mum a Rory calendar for Christmas. That’s 10 Christmasses in a row, we’ve had a Rory calendar on our kitchen wall so I couldn’t pass up the chance to create one on ASDA Photo for this year. The process of creating the calendars is super easy too and they print really well.

The Beatles: Get Back: £40

For The Beatles lover: This beautifully curated book is an absolute MUST this Christmas for any fan of The Beatles. It’s absolutely stunning and wonderfully put together with photos and interviews. It would make a great coffee book table too, in any musical household and a real treasure of a gift for anyone who has a special place for The Beatles in their heart.

The Beatles: Get Back, is the first official standalone book to be released by The Beatles since international bestseller The Beatles Anthology. Beautifully designed and produced, the 240-page hardcover tells the story of The Beatles’ creation of their 1970 album, Let It Be, in their own words. Presenting transcribed conversations, drawn from over 120 recorded hours of the band’s studio sessions with hundreds of previously unpublished images.

Good Energies B-Cure Laser Classic: £540

For someone that needs pain relief: Good Energies Ltd’s B-Cure Laser device is the perfect one-of-a-kind product for pain relief support. The innovative low-level laser therapy device is the ideal gift to help loved ones alleviate their aches and pains. More than 250,000 devices have been sold globally, offering users pain relief for the back, neck and shoulders, as well as relieving symptoms of TMJ.

The low-level laser beam is applied over a 4cm2 surface and should be used twice a day for as little as six minutes. 76% of B-Cure Laser users no longer suffer intolerable pain. The device has been endorsed by ex-Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner, Paralympic table tennis star Will Bayley, chef Matt Tebbutt and ex-footballer John Barnes.

Offering a one-stop shop for daily pain relief, the B-Cure Laser Classic is priced at £540 but can be purchased for just £32 per month over 18 months, with the B-Cure Laser Pro, coming in at £850, or £49 per month. The B-Cure Laser comes with a 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

White Sage Skincare

White Sage Skincare Ultimate Aromatherapy Gift Set: £31.00

For the self care lover: You know I’m a huge self care lover and advocate so I absolutely adore this next brand and the product I’ve been lucky to feature in this Christmas gift guide 2021. White Sage Skincare are a beautiful brand selling Vegan, natural and organic products for babies, mother’s, those with sensitive skin and just generally, those that love beautiful and natural skincare. AKA me.

I mean, you could quite easily raid the shop for yourself but if you’re looking for gift ideas, the Ultimate Aromatherapy Gift Set would be my main recommendation (however they also do a lovely Mother and baby gift set, which would be a great gift for a new Mum!) The set I received contains everything from body cream, lip balm, essential oils, teas and more. All natural – of course!

Chocolate Bombes

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Hot Chocolate Bombes: £9.99

For the chocolate eater: Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate is it? God, the amount of chocolate I eat over the festive period is LITERAL joke. Will that stop me delving into these Hot Chocolate Bombes from Gourmet Chocolate Pizza? Absolutely not. Bring it on.

I love adding some chocolate goodies into everyone’s gifts, just as a nice finishing touch and The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza company can be a great option for that. There are ALL the chocolate goodies you could possibly want, from chocolate pizzas, hot chocolate sticks and of course these amazing hot chocolate bombes, which also come in different flavours!

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Regatta Stocking Fillers

For the Winter lover: And finally for part one of my Christmas gift guide 2021, is these cute pieces from Regatta which I absolutely love and can’t wait to start wearing when the weather gets super cold. For anyone you know who loves Winter or spends a lot of time outdoors but perhaps you don’t want to buy them clothes, pieces like this are great options.

The hat and the gloves are both super soft and comfortable. I love this vanilla colour that I was sent but they also have the hat available in black and the gloves available in black or grey. They’re so affordable too, why not treat yourself to a pair as well? Regatta have a wide range of affordable stocking fillers on their site!

It feels great to be working on Christmas gift guides again! I’m MEGA excited for Christmas and I hope you are too! Which gift ideas here stand out to you? Anything you think you buy be picking up for a loved one?

Need some more gift ideas? Check out some more of my gift guides here:


  1. I agree it’s hard to believe how quick this year has gone!
    These all look like amazing gifts & the personalized blanket is so cute! Also the aromatherapy gift set sounds lovely!

  2. Ooooooh, I am loving the look and sound of that hat and gloves set from Regatta, they are perfect gifts! And I’m super tempted by the Pornstar Martini kit as I’ve never actually had one of those, despite hearing so much about them. Fab ideas for Christmas gifts, thank you, Jenny! xx

  3. It’s absolutely mad how quick this year has gone isn’t it? Loving this gift guide, I love everything what you’ve featured. My best friend has recently lost her dog so I’m defiantly going to be buying her that personalised blanket! Thank you so much for sharing such great present ideas lovely Xo

    Elle –

  4. Wow so many bits that I love the look of in this post! The hot chocolate bombs would make a great stocking filler! I love anything personalised, so ASDA will be my first port of call!

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