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It’s gift guide day again and we have gifts perfect for Father’s Day today. I know Father’s Day isn’t until mid-June but I never want to leave it too late to publish gift guides as I know a lot of people (like me) like to shop early for occasions! So this is perfect for all you early birds and I have a fantastic selection of gifts today.

Father's Day gift guide

I don’t know about you but I find men – particularly my Dad – hard to buy for. My Dad never wants anything. Never needs anything. And it’s a PAIN. And I can imagine a lot of you have Dad’s (or Father figures) who are similarly annoying in the gift buying department. But whether you’re looking for a couple of little bits for Father’s Day or something to really spoil a loved one, I have you covered!

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021:

For the high end accessory loving Dad: Seizmont Limited Editon Jonas Dante Watch£249

This stunning watch from TrendHim is the ultimate Father’s Day gift. For anyone looking to really splurge and treat their Dad, Husband, Granddad or other male Father figure this year, then you really can’t go wrong with a watch. And a bloody beautiful watch at that.

I’m a huge fan of watches in general and the TrendHim watches are stunning and they have a fantastic range of colours, metals, designs, prices and brands. There really is something to suit everyone. So whatever your Dad’s preference, you’ll find something to boot.

The Seizmont Limited Edition Jonas Dante Watch is clearly one of the higher end watches in the collection. At £249, it’s not a cheap purchase but with the price tag, also comes the designer name, the quality and the guarantee. This is one of those items to save for a special occasion and for a very special person.

I absolutely adore the skeleton dial design, so you can see the watch working. This particular watch comes in a wide range of designs and styles of black, blue, gold and silver however the Jonas Dante is limited to 500 pieces, all with a unique issue number.

The whole Danish designed Seizmont Dante collection is stunning. With prices ranging from in the £100’s upwards, there’s even a little leg room within this collection alone to find something that suits your Father!

For the practical Dad: Personalised Bamboo Wireless Phone Charging Pad 5W£12.95

Bringing it down a notch now to something a little less glitz and glam and more practical but always VERY useful. If your Dad is a tech-buff and always on his phone, the personalised bamboo wireless phone chargers from Always Personal could be a great idea!

Not only are they super practical and something we need all the damn time but you can also give it that personalised touch; which is always great for Father’s Day.

The lovely bamboo design also means that these charging pads don’t look out of place among home decor. And they look good on the bedside table, kitchen counter or on your office desk.

For the scent loving Dad (or the woman who loves a man scent!): Sussex Wax Melt Co. Perfume Trio For Him £5.00

Now I will admit, I’m a little torn to where I should promote these. Father’s Day gift guide? Mother’s Day gift guide? Both? These wax melts from Sussex Wax Melt Co. are a beautiful trio of hand poured soy wax melts, in the scents of some of the most popular Men’s aftershave.

Say whaaaat?

I know right. And I was delighted when I saw two of the scents included; One Million by Paco Rabanne and Sauvage by Dior. Two scents that my boyfriend currently has that I absolutely SWOON after. I think this is a bloody brilliant idea.

I mean, these wax melts could be perfect for the whole house and family because they smell great. If your Dad is a home-ware, scent lover who also loves his aftershave, then this could be a fun idea!

For the Vegan and snack loving Dad: Pulsitos Roasted Fava Beans Snacks£5.99 for a box of 5

Bit of a specific gift idea here but I think these would be great for if you were creating a hamper of some kind and including lots of different little bits in it!

Pulsitos snacks are Vegan, gluten-free and full of protein. Their packaging is also plastic free, recyclable and completely compostable too. Meaning, it’s 100% taste for the people, 0% waste for the planet.

These come in 3 different flavours; Sweet Chilli, Lightly Salted and Mediterranean Herbs. All of which can either be sprinkled over salad or in various dishes or can be munched on on their own. High in fibre and protein and the perfect addition to a hamper.

Oh and the sweet chilli ones definitely have a kick after a while! I was sent the sweet chilli flavour but I accidentally ate them before I took a photo – whoops!

For the sport loving Dad: Toff London Pool Roman Numerals Watch £54.99

Another watch but one of very different style and taste. Toff London have a fantastic range of different collections, with everything from rabbits, plants, horses, cars and more. But today I want to focus on their sport collection and the gorgeous Pool Roman Numerals Watch.

My boyfriend, my Dad and I love playing pool and snooker together. When it’s open, we attend our local snooker club and have a few hours playing every week. So I knew I had to opt for this watch for my Dad and I know he’s going to love it.

If your Dad is more of a darts or roulette person, there are watches of those sports too. But each watch has various options for straps, colours and metals and at a lower price point (but one that doesn’t scrimp on quality) these could also be an amazing option for watch loving Dad’s!

Men’s Antique Jewellery

Sticking with the jewellery for a moment, this next option is utterly beautiful. A real special gift and treat for someone you love if you want to go all out with their gifts. Men’s antique jewellery from AC Silver ranges in prices and there is a huge selection of beautiful antique pieces to choose from.

For the sock-loving Dad: Chattyfeet Character Socks£8.50 each

Because it’s not any occasion without buying your Dad new socks, is it? I’ve featured Chattyfeet on my blog many times before and I always absolutely love their socks and the characters on them. I still wear my Meghan Ankle socks regularly!

I would like to introduce you to Footgang Mozart and Leg Corbusier today. Two of their new arrivals of characters and sock designs.

But they have a ton of fun characters for your Dad to enjoy, so you’re bound to find someone on Chattyfeet who will resonate with him and his interests! These socks aren’t only fun but they’re super soft and comfortable too.

For the nature loving Dad: Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder by Wildlife World£12.00

This beautiful bird feeder from Peach Perfect would make an absolutely lovely gift for any wildlife or nature loving Dad. For any Dad who perhaps spends a lot of time in the garden or enjoys bird watching, this one is for you!

This feeder is hi-fired ceramic for frost resistance so you know it will be available for the birds to use all year round. And it’s small size makes it perfect for robins, sparrows and other small birds!

This would look so cute hanging from a tree in the garden!

I hope this guide gave you some ideas for what you can get your Dad or Father figure this Father’s Day! Which of these are your favourite?

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  1. Ooh I love that robin – my dad adores the garden and we always joke the robin is his friend because it always turns up when he’s digging. There’s some great ideas here – I also love the idea of doing wax melts for guys – why does it have to be a feminine thing? Great list!

  2. I like to buy early so this is a great help. You’ve included so many great ideas. I bought my mum the Robin bird feeder for Christmas and its such great quality.

  3. I love the bird feeder so much. It’s something I know my mother and father would enjoy as they’ve really gotten into their gardening lately!

    1. I completely forgot about fathers day🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you for the reminder! I’ll definitely ne picking a few bits up!

  4. Thanks for sharing all these ideas! I love the bird feeder for my Dad – his birthday is only a few weeks before Father’s Day and I find him my biggest challenge to buy for.

  5. These are really great ideas! I always struggle with what to get my stepdad on Father’s Day, why are men so hard to buy for! I love the watch, that’s definitely a special gift, the wax melts sound great as well! X

  6. Some great ideas here! I absolutely love skeleton dials in watches, it’s always so fascinating to look at. Loving the bird feeder too, what a cute gift idea 🙂

  7. Couldn’t I agree more on the fact that dad’s are the worse to buy something for! My dad never wanted anything and ended up getting presents we though he would like, news alert he didn’t lol I really love the two watches, that I am sure would be something my dad would wear! x

  8. My father in law would looove loads of these items. He’s obsessed with his garden so the robin would really make him chuckle. Also the coaster for his phone. He’s the hardest man in the world to buy for so thanks for the great ideas!

  9. I have to say I’m looking at that Trendhim watch too – Alan is a huge watch fan, he has a large collection and as an ex-RAF pilot, his preference is for the aviator style – he even has a genuine Luftwaffe watch! Lovely suggestions here, Jenny – I like the look of the robin bird feeder as well, that would be a great pocket money friendly gift from Flora 🙂 xx

    Lisa |

  10. I agree! Dad’s are so hard to buy for!!! I’m eyeing up the watch for my husband though 😂 as my dad isn’t much of a watch man. But I love those melts too! Thanks for the ideas!

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