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Well, here we are again. As one gift guide ends, another begins, it seems! And I think we all need a bit of extra love in our lives right now, with the absolute STATE the world – in particular the UK – is in. Heck, 2021 is going to be the first year my boyfriend and I actually celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Regardless of your opinion of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a sweet occasion to treat someone you love. Whether that’s a romantic partner, a friend or heck, even yourself. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little treat or two. I have a ton of amazing brands and products to introduce to you in this Valentine’s Day gift guide so let’s jump in!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021:

For the aromatherapy lover: By Nala Aromatherapy Gift Set – £39.99

By Nala Aromatherapy Gift Set

This stunning aromatherapy gift set, which can be purchased from Wearth London is one of my favorite products in this post. This beautifully curated box contains 1 x 30cl Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle, 2 x Miniature Candles (60g) and 2 x Dried Botanical Pouches with organic lavender flower buds & essential oils. It really is the ultimate gift set for anyone who loves their candles and scents. Absolutely perfect for a romantic, relaxing Valentine’s night in!

For the self care fanatic: UpCircle Soothing Body Cream With Date Seeds£24.99

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

You’ve probably heard of UpCircle before as they are an absolutely incredible brand who seem to be popping up everywhere in the blogging community right now. And rightly so! Their gorgeous products are an absolute dream to use and make the perfect additions to any self care night. If you have a partner who loves a bit of self love and TLC, this beautiful body cream will go down a right treat. I absolutely love the packaging too.

For the empowered woman: Lora DiCarlo BACI£150.00

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I am beyond excited to share this product with you because it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Lora DiCarlo are all about woman empowerment; with products created FOR women, BY women. Their chief engineer is a woman, as is the lead Wellness Consultant, while Cara Delevingne was announced as the company co-owner in November. Already, I am LOVING this female led empowerment brand, here to encourage you to embrace your sexual nature.

The BACI is a robotical clitoral massager, designed to imitate the feeling of a mouth whilst using microrobotics to create the sensation of lips and tongue stroking and sucking, while a unique full-coverage design and smooth ridges provide rhythmic thrumming everywhere you need it. Sex (either with a partner or masturbation) is NOT just for Valentine’s Day, of course. But let this day be a reminder of the love and attention you deserve to give to YOURSELF.

And let’s get a little personal for a minute because you kinda have to with these sorts of products but OH MY GOD. This has been a GAME-CHANGER. I’ve never been particularly satisfied with orgasms I’ve had with vibrators. But the sensation the BACI gives off is incredible. I was able to use this 6 times in the space of an hour – yes, 6! – and they were all incredible. I would like to kiss the woman who designed this, please.

For the bee lover: Foldsi Bee Loved Gift Box – £26.95

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This sweet little gift box from Foldsi is a lovely idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for someone to show them you care about them! The thing I love about this is that it’s not “romantic”, so it really could be gifted to a special friend this Valentine’s Day as well! It contains this beautiful bee print scarf and handmade origami heart in a box frame, which will look lovely on a bookcase or in an office!

For the Prosecco drinker: Say It With Champers Mini Personalised Prosecco£9.49

Say It With Champers Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Having a fancy night in for Valentine’s Day with your boo? It’s not complete without some sort of bubbly! You both deserve a celebration so these cute little personalised Prosecco’s will be a great addition to the dinner table this Valentine’s Day! They can be completely personalised which is a great idea and they can say whatever you want. So a great chance to get your cheese on.

For the spirit lover: Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack£19.99

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I like to make sure all my peeps are cared for in these gift guides and not everyone is a fan of Prosecco, so if gin is more your thing (or your partners thing) then this one is for you! This amazing gin experience pack contains 5 mini gins of different flavours, from Cherry Bakewell to Turkish Delight and more! These could certainly lend themselves to a fun Valentine’s night in for you and your partner!

For the person who likes something unique: Name A Star Gift Package – from £19.99

Looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift that will put a twinkle in your loved one’s eye? Then these ‘Name a Star’ gift sets from Star Name Registry could be the answer. The ‘Standard Star Package’ (£19.99) – includes the star name, date and a personal message are entered onto the Star Name Registry and a Star Name Deed certificate is included in the package.  Sky Atlas star maps, a confirmation later and access to an App to locate the star are included in the Standard Star package.

However there are two other options available:

Duo Binary Star’ (£59.99) – What could be more romantic? Pick two names for your name a star gift set and personalise with a message. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries. Celebrate your love with a tribute in the sky.

Extra Bright Star Gift Set’ (£49.99) offers the chance to name the brightest stars in the sky and comes with additional luxury features making this a lovely gift set, including a Wooden Certificate Frame and stylish gift box options.

All stars are visible from the UK and stars will never be named twice in the star register, making every star unique. Delivery is first class, free of charge and gifts arrive within 1-3 days of all orders made before 3.50pm. The full range can be viewed at!

For the health conscious: Naked Nutrition Collagen Peptides Protien Power – $41.99

Couples come in all shapes and sizes with various different interests and things they like to do together. I am NOT one to judge. Just because my boyfriend and I aren’t a “health” couple (and by that, I mean we don’t go to the gym together or workout together!) doesn’t mean others aren’t. I think it’s amazing when a couple have an aligned lifestyle they can live together!

So for that reason, my next product is for all those people who are in a couple who live a healthy lifestyle together. So to boost your protein, the Naked Nutrition collagen protein power could be the perfect option for something a bit different this Valentine’s Day! GMO free, soy free, one ingredient and NO nasties!

For the romantic: Prezzybox 24 Carat Gold Rose £59.95

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Okay if someone bought me this for Valentine’s Day, I’d be very impressed. I’m a huge fan of Prezzybox and think they’re a great source for amazing gifts. This 24 carat gold rose would make even the least romantic of us swoon. A real rose, hand picked and dipped in gold, immortalized forever exactly as it is. Gosh, imagine the symbolism of showing your love for someone with that!

They also arrive is this beautiful luxurious box, which will keep your rose safe during transit and a gorgeous place to display it. I think these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and would make a perfect gift for your true love this Valentine’s Day (although they’d be great for birthday’s and anniversaries too!)

For the sentimental kind: Prezzybox Personalised ’10 Things I Love’ Scratch Card Set£21.99

This is such a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one and I think I’d probably have a little cry if someone got this for me! This sweet little set allows you to create your own scratch cards and write your own personalised things on each of them, telling your partner what you loveeeee about them!

This gift idea is a great way to really get personal with your relationship and express who you are as a couple. You might want to write sweet things on these cards or if you’re both a bit of a joker, perhaps something funny would be more your sort of thing!

For the Vegan chocolate lover: Ombar Vegan Chocolate Barsfrom £1.99

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I like to cater for all my peeps and let’s be honest, Vegans want chocolate too! Ombar Organic Raw Chocolate is a great Vegan alternative so you can treat your Vegan loved one with something sweet this Valentine’s Day. From hazelnut truffle, raspberry and coconut, coconut and vanilla and more, there’s a flavour for everyone. You can purchase these in 70g, a mini bar of 35g or a case of 10 – because you can never have enough chocolate! I absolutely devoured one of these bars with a cup of tea!

So here we have it! My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for 2021. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the day, I hope you have a good one and I hope this post helps any of you stuck for gift ideas!


  1. Such a lovely gift guide Jenny! I have to admit me and my boyfriend don’t usually give any gifts for valentines day, but we do like to surprise each other every so often anyways so it’s always handy to see these gift guides. I also kinda forgot how close it is to valentine’s day as well! xx

  2. Really love all these gift ideas. the candle kit is adorable and definitely something I would want. But if I’m being honest, the only think I hope for this year is a bag of white chocolate squares filled with caramel. XD

  3. What a wonderful selection of gifts that you can treat a family member, your significant other, a friend or even yourself. I like the look of the aromatherapy set. I also love the idea of the personalised scratch cards, that is so sweet. I have brought my valentines gift already, but thank you for sharing this guide Jenny, I am sure it will be some inspiration for others looking to buy gifts.


  4. My husband and I agreed not to get each other valentines cards this year. I’m thinking about getting him chocolate since it’s something he doesn’t normally buy for himself. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate.

  5. I have to save these ideas for now and in the future! So many of the ideas you share are classy, unique, and mind-blowing. I love the body cream and bee box, but the gold rose is so lovely! I would love them as a pair of earrings. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lots of great gift ideas here. I feel like there is something for everyone and every taste out there. That gold rose is pretty dang neat and I’m not much of a fan of flowers, but I love the idea of a real rose being preserved in gold.

  7. What a fantastic mix of gift ideas here! I love the sound of the scents and candles in the first one, that would definitely be the one I buy for myself! Thanks for sharing!

  8. All of these gifts look great! I definitely think I’m going to treat myself to one or two of these this Valentine’s Day, especially the upcycle product that looks great x

  9. Love your Valentine gift ideas! The bee scarf is beautiful! Such a lovely thing! The notes that express the ‘things I love about you’ is also great…very personal. Thank you for a great list of ideas and the photographs are beautiful!!! (You make everything look good!)

  10. Thank you for sharing this little gift guide – your list was so inclusive and this is by far one of the best gift guides for valentines day that I’ve seen! It deffinitly … ticks all the boxes 😉 Thank you for these ideas, I think the rose is gorgeous and something I’m hinting at this year

    Em x

  11. This is a great guide Jenny! I loved that there were plenty of different things for different taste! I loved the idea of the body cream, I hear about the brand but never checked them out! Baci seems to have done the work and need to be checked out! Also the dipped rose looked amazing, I am not much of a romantic person but i would appreciate that! Thanks for sharing x

  12. I love this – this is giving me ideas to create a cute V Day box for my sisters and mum! I love anything personalised and of course, all the chocolates!


  13. I agree Valentine’s Day is a great way to treat someone you love or yourself!
    These are great gift suggestions & I want to try the UpCircle body cream. I also gave my friend a bar of Ombar chocolate as part of her Christmas gift so I should ask her if she liked it & maybe get one for myself haha

  14. I don’t quite know where to start….

    6 times?!? I think I need to check this out a little closer! Although I’m pretty lucky in that department if I’m honest.

    These are some beautiful gift ideas, the scratch card ones in particular are right up my sentimental street.

    I’m treating myself this year, think rob thinks he has got away with NOT having to order flowers because it’s a Sunday…. moron!

    Great guide Jenny, some lovely suggestions x

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