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I swear special occasions come around quicker and quicker every year! Christmas is over for like 10 minutes then suddenly it’s Valentine’s Day. No sooner is that over, then it’s Mother’s Day. We’re approaching our next occasion soon – Father’s Day – and for those that do celebrate the day, let’s chat about how to make it extra special this year.

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Find Me A Gift are helping me make Father’s Day extra special this year with some Father’s Day gifts from their huge range. I was able to choose my own – which took absolutely ages as there’s so much choice! – but here’s what I chose for my own Dad for Father’s Day this year! I’m really happy with my choices!

Steam Train & Afternoon Tea Experience£59.99

My Dad and I have visited the Severn Valley Railway before and also been for a number of afternoon teas. I know this is something he’d really like and it’s also a bonus that it’s a gift we can experience together! There are a huge number of locations to pick from all over the country for this experience so wherever you are, you’re bound to find somewhere suitable!

Personalised Retro Sweets Taster Jar£11.99

This was just a little something extra to include in my Dad’s gifts but I love the personalisation options on these sweet jars. There’s a ton of different sweets in here which will last a good while and a perfect filler gift for the sweet tooth!

Personalised Front Page Newspaper Print – from £9.99

I’m a huge fan of personalised gifts and I’ve bought newspaper gifts on various occasions in the past. I think anything personal like this makes a really lovely keepsake and I love how you can get this personalised on whichever date you like! I chose my Dad’s birthday and it’s interesting to see what was on the front page on that day!

Here are some extra suggestions on how to make Father’s Day extra special this year:

Buy them an experience gift for the two of you

I’ve bought my Dad experiences for the last couple of occasions. I’ve arranged for us to go to various places in which I’ll pay for his ticket / lunch / dinner, as the gift for the occasion. I love doing this because it gives us both something to look forward to.

If you’re looking to make Father’s Day extra special this year, especially if they’ve had a rough year due to the pandemic or you’ve not been able to see them as much, booking an experience for the two of you is a great idea!

If you can’t see them, create them a special hamper

If you’re still not able to see them for Father’s Day but still want to make it special, creating a hamper of all their favourite things might be a good idea! If you’re not fussed about postage money, this could really make their day!

You could fill it with their favourite food and drink, their favourite aftershave, some funny gifts or even some practical items they might need as well. Receiving a big hamper on Father’s Day would be super special!

Personalized gifts are always a win!

As I said earlier, I love personalised gifts and for every occasion, my loved ones will get at least one personalised gift. If you’re looking to make Father’s Day extra special this year, try something personalised! Perhaps the newspaper front page or the sweet jar would be a great option.

Home-made gifts

Home-made gifts are always a great idea for Father’s Day gifts (or any occasion really) because not only are they personal, they’re also sentimental and one of a kind. I’m not very crafty, so I will admit that I don’t often hand-make gifts. But I like using various tools on the internet to create photo books or things like that which I know my loved ones will love!

How are you planning to make Father’s Day special this year? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I always struggle with Father’s Day gifts – last year I got my dad a jar of pick ‘n’ mix so probably can’t do that again this year ahaha x

  2. Great ideas! I think the hamper gift is fantastic…It can be tailor made for anyone. It could be for a fisherman, a sailor, a golfer, whatever. Very good! 🙂 It is such a nice idea to get a collection of all your favorite items.

  3. I can’t believe we’re nearing Father’s Day already, this year is going so quickly! Wonderful ideas on here, my dad also enjoys steam trains and afternoon teas so that’s the perfect gift. Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are wonderful ideas – thanks for sharing Jenny. I really love the personalized newspaper, that’s so unique and personal! I always don’t know what to get my dad for father’s day so this definitely helped with a couple ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. There are some great ideas here! I always prefer a personal gift too so I shall head over the website to find out more!

  6. I always struggle with getting my dad a gift, so this read was extra helpful for me – love the retro jars especially. Beside Father’s day, his birthday is soon too, so the trouble is double haha. Thanks Jenny xx

  7. I love the idea behind a personalised gift and homemade gifts, there’s just something so lovely about giving and receiving them. Find Me a Gift sounds like a really handy site too, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Ah, these are just lovely gift ideas for Father’s Day, Jenny. The experience day sounds amazing, and I love the idea of a hamper. These are all things Flora and I can look into, and the retro sweets are pocket money friendly too, so perfect, thank you! xxx

  9. I don’t have the chance to see my dad yet, but truly hope to do it soon! I love the idea of a personalised present, but mostly the experience for two! My dad would love going around and do something together, even better if it involves some DIY x

  10. Urgh I have NO idea what to get my Dad this year but I love the idea of going personalised, that always brings a really nice touch to it. The retro sweets is a cool idea.

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