Next Monday (20th March) marks the Spring Equinox of 2023 and I absolutely love Spring. Apart from the hay fever, I think it’s a beautiful time of year. We have a week to go so I wanted to get this post up a little earlier, to give you time to consider how to celebrate the start of Spring throughout this next week, leading up to the Spring Equinox.

How To Celebrate the Start of Spring

I’m very much into using the seasons for self care and I think leaning on the seasons to guide you throughout the year is a beautiful thing to do. Nature is, after all, one of our best and most humble teachers. 

Spring is all about newness. Spring is a wonderful time of year, bright and hopeful with light, colour and freshness teaming wherever you look. And even if you don’t celebrate the start of Spring in a cultural sense of the phrase, you can absolutely still celebrate the change of the seasons in your own way.

And I think it’s important that we do. 

Because each season – both literal seasons and metaphorical seasons of life – bring with it different challenges and experiences. Both good and bad. And I think it’s cool to recognize and acknowledge all of them – even the bad ones. 

You only get one Spring in each year. And once Winter hits, sometimes it feels like it’s never going to come around again. But it does. It always does. And it’s beautiful. And I think we should make the most of that.

So, that being said, in this post on how to celebrate the start of Spring, I’ve shared 50 super small ways you can do that.

You could add some of these together and make a day of it or just dip in and out of these suggestions throughout Spring. Nothing here draws from the religious or cultural aspects of the start of Spring because I wanted them to be accessible for everyone.

You’ll just find super sweet and wholesome ways for how to celebrate the start of Spring – this year and every year.

How To Celebrate the Start of Spring

How to celebrate the start of Spring in 50 small ways:

1. Plant some seasonal-appropriate flowers
2. Research a new project
3. Visit a farm and see the animals
4. Book an afternoon tea
5. Go for a walk somewhere in nature
6. Go for a picnic
7. Kick off your Spring-cleaning
8. Buy Easter eggs for your loved ones
9. Buy a new indoor plant
10. Borrow some new books from the library

How To Celebrate the Start of Spring

11. Get up early to watch a sunrise
12. Donate unwanted items to a charity shop
13. Research some Spring-appropriate meals
14. Visit a farmers market for seasonal produce
15. Do some Spring crafting activities
16. Make or buy a bird feeder
17. Take a day trip – somewhere outside
18. Donate money to a chairty
19. Do something creative to display in your home
20. Thrift old furniture and turn it into something new

21. Set some goals for the rest of the year
22. Clean out your wardrobe to make room for Spring clothing
23. Change your bedding (or buy some new ones!)
24. Treat yourself to a Spring-scented candle
25. Go to the park and feed the ducks
26. Make a gratitude list
27. Plan an outdoor get-together
28. Try that thing you’ve been putting off
29. Bake a sweet treat for Spring
30. Start scrap-booking
31. Make a new upbeat playlist
32. Treat yourself to a beauty appointment
33. Paint your nails in pastels
34. Practice Yoga for new beginnings
35. Participate in a beach clean-up (or similar)
36. Be honest in your journal about what you want from this Spring
37. Write a Spring to-do / bucket list
38. Buy or make a Spring wreath
39. Create a beautiful Spring tablescape
40. Try pressing flowers

41. Make a fruity cocktail
42. Buy bird feed and other food for the animals in your garden
43. Create an indoor herb garden
44. Have your first iced coffee of the year
45. Do exercise outside
46. De-clutter your old make-up and skincare
47. Make a seasonal care package for a friend or loved one
48. Do a meditation practice
49. Set your alarm a little earlier
50. Visit a garden centre

There are 50 small but Spring appropriate ways to celebrate the start of this beautiful new season. The Spring equinox is one of two only times in the year when both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres experience roughly equal amounts of daytime and night-time.

And it also means longer days are on their way. So is more sunshine, new life, flowers and more. And that seems like a good thing to celebrate to me!

How will you be celebrating the start of Spring?

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  1. I do enjoy the start of spring, but here it has been raining and even snowing, so I am looking forward to when it gets warmer. These are great ways to celebrate the start of sprin, and I would love to go on a day trip to these cliffs that are about an hour away. It would also be good to do some spring cleaning!

  2. These are all beautiful ideas. I really want to get to a local garden center to get some pre-grown plants for our raised beds in the back yard. And I just can’t wait for better weather so I can finally clear out the shed and get the seat cushions out of my living room.

  3. I cannot wait for some sunshine in Spring. I am over all the rain and cold wind. These are some great suggestions. Thank you for sharing.


  4. These are fantastic suggestions Jenny! I love the start of spring, always feels so fresh and renewing much like a new year start. I’m in the process of creating a spring bucket list atm of places to take my son, I’m determined to travel most of Scotland this year and give him new experience and we’re starting in spring.

  5. Amazing list of things to do for the start of spring. I need to do a spring clean and donate something to charity. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Fun list of simple ways to welcome Spring… I especially love the outdoorsy things like going for a picnic, seems appropriate to kiss Winter goodbye!xa

      Miriam | A Hygge Escape

  6. Jenny, these are some really lovely ideas to celebrate Spring – and thank you so much for linking to my posts too, that’s so kind of you! Actually, the one thing I want to do most now is your no. 50 – not that I need any kind of seasonal excuse for this, haha! xxx

  7. I’m right there with you. I love Spring! We always go to a local farm park to see the lambs and piglets and there’s definitely going to have to be some gardening done soon too!
    Thanks for sharing!

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