I don’t know about anyone else but this last Winter seems to have lasted forever. I’m not one to wish time away. Heck, I usually really enjoy Winter and at the tail end of 2021, I did. But January and February of this year have been two of the most miserable months I can remember experiencing. And the weather definitely played it’s part in that. That’s why I want to talk about Spring activities for mental health in this post.

spring activities for mental health

Of course I’m not blaming my depression entirely on the weather but on the very few and far between days of sun and double digit temperatures we experienced throughout February, I felt my mood lift. Even just a little bit. And anyone with depression, low mood, Seasonal Affective Disorder, anxiety or most mental illness will tell you, that 2% lift of your mood can mean everything some days.

So I’ve been excited to March to roll around. March always feels like a more positive and bright month. The first of the whole year, really. And a small part of me feels a little less hopeless about everything when I turn that calendar over on March 1st.

March is *sort of* the start of Spring. Perhaps not legitimately but I think in most of our minds, March is when we start to think about flowers blossoming, the start of brighter weather, Spring cleaning, new life and just, well, hope. At least that’s what I think anyway.

spring activities for mental health

So given my mood and mental health has been down the freaking toilet these last few months, I really want to try and prioritize some wholesome and meaningful activities into my weekly agenda this Spring. I want to start incorporating things to make me more present, more mindful and hopefully feel a bit calmer and more at ease with myself.

So for the purpose of that goal, I’ve collated a little list here of Spring activities for mental health. Of course these can be done any time of year, I’m not daft but I think they will be particularly beneficial around this time of year – especially after the last couple of years we’ve all had.

Here are 7 Spring activities for mental health:

spring activities for mental health

Going for regular walks 

I do this anyway but I definitely find when my mood is low, I can sometimes slack on the walks. But I love walking and since I’ve been working with my fitness coach online, I’ve prioritized getting more steps in each day. Nicer weather ALWAYS makes me want to go out for walks, so this is one of the nice easy Spring activities for mental health.

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Take up gardening (even just a little bit)

Look, I’m no gardener. But I think most people, given the right tools can at least do a BIT of gardening. Even if that’s just planting some bulbs or taking up some weeds. I love flowers and I live 5 minutes from a B&Q, so gardening is definitely something I want to try and do more of this Spring. Read Lisa’s Notebook for loads of incredible informative gardening content.

Baking sweet treats

I think baking is a wonderful activity for Spring because there are so many flavours to experiment with – not to mention Easter. And there are LOTS of fun things you can bake and do with Easter Eggs. Baking can be great for mental health too, as it allows you to focus on one task, be present and also produce something wonderful.

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Yoga (outside if possible)

I don’t need to tell you that I love Yoga. But I love it the absolute most when I can practice it in my garden, in the sunshine, with a gentle breeze and the birds chirping around me. Yoga is a fantastic way to boost your mental health at any time of year but if you get a chance to do it outside, I’d highly recommend it.

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Cooking with fresh and seasonal produce

I love cooking and I want to do more of it. But I’d also like to expand my skills and knowledge and start cooking more seasonal recipes, with seasonal produce and perhaps attending farmers markets for that reason. I can imagine that being one of the lovely Spring activities for mental health, which would help you slow down.

Going for an afternoon tea

Nothing screams Spring and Mother’s Day in particular like an afternoon tea, does it? I feel like we don’t really think about afternoon tea throughout Winter – it’s definitely more of a Spring and Summer activity. But I think it can aid our mental health by allowing us to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

Creativity and writing

I want to take this new season and let it help me become more creative. I think when it’s Winter, when it’s dull, when it’s cold and you’re stuck inside, it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing. So this new season of 2022 (and of life) I’m hoping will allow me to come out of the creatively blocked shell.

If you struggle with your mental health in the Winter, it’s so important to remember that this season won’t last forever. Like literally, that’s how seasons work. So do what you gotta do to get through it and remember that there ARE brighter days coming. And when those brighter days arrive, consider some Spring activities for mental health to elevate your mood.

Which of these are you going to be trying this Spring? Is there anything you like to do in Spring to boost your mood after a long and miserable Winter? Let me know!

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  1. Sweet tips! I really need to get back to walking. The sooner the better, too. I am cooking and writing. And taking a college class. But need to push myself back outside for some walks. It’s just a little cold still – but it’s warm enough to walk. ✅

  2. See, I love the beginning stages of winter mainly because it is what leads us onto all the festivities of Christmas and New Years. But I do tend to get of the January-blues, as my Dad has often called it in the past. Even though I cannot relate to this, this year. I do get where you’re coming from with how January and February can make you feel, and how March seems like the month of brighter things. I truly hope things start to pick up for you as we continue through the season. I loved your ideas above in this post. I already do yoga, and I’ve loved it in the past. Definitely something to do outside when you can, you get all these positive vibes from the sunshine, the flowers blossoming, and more importantly the fresh air ^_^ Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Same! The beginning of winter is GREAT but as soon as Christmas is over I definitely start to get the winter blues and this winter feels like it’s gone on forever so I am seriously appreciating this warm weather this week!

      1. Oh I know, I am loving this warm weather we’ve been having recently. Going for walks in the parks or woods, and getting to see all the colours of the flowers blossoming. It’s just a lovely moment in the year to appreciate these things ^_^

  3. I have started walking on a daily basis for 2 weeks now and it has made such a difference! Also stretching, cooking healthy meals and writing keeps me at peace! Great post!

  4. Ah, winter. The season of blah. We’ve been having really grey, dark days here and even fog and yeah, it’s a downer for sure. I dive into my crochet when I’m feeling off to help me as it’s an exercise in mindfulness. Walks are really good too or any exercise really.

  5. I’m such a winter person that I’ve genuinely wondered whether I have the summer version of SAD because I get so down when the sun comes out. But the one thing I really enjoy about spring/ summer is the fact that it’s easier to go for walks. There are a lot of field/ overgrown path areas that aren’t necessarily the most sensible places to walk in the dark solo as a woman with only a 6.5kg dog as security (he takes the role very seriously) so it’s nice to give Hugo more walking options with the longer daylight, and getting to the stage of the year where I can make/ photograph a dinner recipe at dinnertime rather than 10am is nice 😂.

  6. Going for a walk in the spring and seeing all the new flowers really makes a huge difference. I recently got a couple of houseplants and even just having them has definitely lifted my mood. Thank you for sharing x

  7. You have shared so many good ideas here. As the days get warmer, the more time we spend outdoors the better. Also, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos…so inspiring!

  8. Ryan and I are hopefully getting the garden sorted this year so I can FINALLY have a space to call my own! I love the idea of gardening but I just don’t have the correct space atm.

    Also love a bit of spring cleaning but NEVER do it on the first day of spring – that’s seen as bad luck and like washing away the luck of the new spring year.

  9. Creativity and writing are two main activities I love to do to boost my mood. I live in Florida so for the most part, the weather is warm year round. However, it has not been warm enough for the beach. When the spring season comes around, temperatures rise significantly so I am looking forward to beach and pool days. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I’m glad that you emphasize being outside and being creative while staying inside. Too many mental health posts focus on activities that appeal to extroverts and most of these activities are right up my alley!

  11. Cooking and baking is my go-to when stressed, so that should be no surprise! I have also taken on walking as a regular thing and I must admit, it’s lifting my mood so much I want to keep on doing it even if tired or the weather it’s bad – which is surprising for me!

  12. Thank you for writing this post because I totally relate! I felt exactly the same at the start of the year. Sending hugs ❤️

  13. Great tips to get in the spring mood! I love going for walks and now that the sun is out it is more inviting.

      1. My in-laws live in Southampton and any little flurry they get excites them. We have winters here with snow up to our knees. It can be pretty, but also quite dangerous.

  14. You’ve shared some amazing suggestions here lovely! You know me, I love a good baking session, it’s almost like therapy for me. Baking just brings me happiness and it’s something I’d defiantly recommend taking up if your looking for a good helper with your mental health. It’s distracting, calming and you’ve got a yummy outcome! Loving the other suggestions tho, I’ll defiantly keep them in mind. Thank you so much for sharing Jenny Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  15. These are great suggestions. I love going for walks in the countryside. I started doing yoga outside last summer when the weather permits and its such a game changer.

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