AD: This Skincare Christmas Gift Guide contains PR products 

Holy moly, it’s this time of year already. I’m honestly staggered at how quickly Christmas has come around again because last Christmas felt like… 2 weeks ago? Incredible. Although gift guides are a lot of hard work, I always enjoy creating them, discovering new brands through them and promoting amazing products. This year, I’ve decided on a specific Skincare Christmas gift guide.

skincare christmas gift guide

I love skincare. Skincare is something I’ve grown more and more passionate about as the years have gone on and it’s likely down to blogging and reading skincare blogs and discovering new brands and products in that way.

And I think skincare makes such an amazing gift. Not just for Christmas – for any occasion. But there is so much choice in terms of products, ingredients, price-point and more that when it comes down to skincare, there really is something for everyone.

I also feel like skincare can be a really nice self-care-based gift that can provide people with a bit of comfort and self-love. It’s that gentle reminder to look after yourself because you deserve it!

skincare christmas gift guide

So, I’m really excited to get stuck in to my 2022 skincare Christmas gift guide. 

I started prepping for this post in August (YES, AUGUST) because I wanted enough time to collate a selection of products and give myself enough time to try them all out myself. So, you can rest assured that I’m promoting things that I’ve already been using.

There’s a nice range of products in this skincare Christmas gift guide, from haircare, skincare, nail polish, a little bit of beauty and some men’s products too. I feel like you could probably cover your whole family from this guide alone!

I’m going to stop rabbiting, let’s jump in to my 2022 skincare Christmas gift guide:

Hayaty Pharaonic Duo Skincare Set 

Buy here: Hayaty Pharaonic Duo (£119.99)
Perfect for: The luxury skincare lover

Kicking off my skincare Christmas gift guide this year are two products I’ve been absolutely loving and whilst I know they’re a higher price point, they would be a real treat for someone you care about this Christmas. The Pharaonic Duo from Hayaty are inspired by ancient Egyptian knowledge of wellness and their holistic approach to the skin’s natural circadian rhythm and regeneration process while you sleep.

This brand’s ethos is incredible as they’re whole range of products and ingredients are inspired by Ancient Egypt and the lifestyle they led. Their products are sourced from Egypt, made in Italy and go back to basics – as that’s all you really need when it comes to quality skincare.

Nutree Professional Amazonliss Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Buy here: Amazonliss Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Set (£30.53)
Perfect for: Essentials and stocking fillers

I’ve enjoyed using these two products recently; they smell really good! And I think they would make great stocking fillers or ideal to pop in a box of essentials, if that’s the sort of things you’re making for someone this Christmas! I’m using the anti-frizz set as my hair can go a bit haywire but they have Keratin products and hair masks for specific coloured hair, too!

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant and Hand Wash

Buy here: Ocean and Coconut Deodorant Spray (£6.99) // Melon and Cucumber Foaming Hand Wash (£5.99) // Amber and Sandalwood Natural Deodorant Stick (£9.99)
Perfect for: The eco-conscious

The ocean and coconut deodorant spray is a stand-out in particular for me from this collection. I’ve always been skeptical with natural deodorant, but this is ALL I’ve used for weeks now, and I absolutely love it. It smells BEAUTIFUL. Really clean and fresh but it’s also been twice as effective as any “normal” deodorant I’ve used lately as well.

The hand-wash would be a nice extra, again, perhaps a stocking filler and they also do deodorant sticks as well as sprays, depending on what sort of deodorant you prefer to wear. The amber and sandalwood stick would be great for men and their products are Vegan and cruelty-free. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing from these in the future!

Vesta London Beauty Lip Gloss and Lip Liner

Buy here: Match Lip Liner (£6.00) // Date Night Lip Gloss (£11)
Perfect for: The make-up lover

If you’re looking for a lip liner which will shape, sharpen and carve out your lips then this highly pigmented lip liner’s is what you need. Along with their beautiful nude lip glosses, these are super affordable products to pop into any of your make-up obsessed friend’s stocking or gift basket! I love the colour of the pairing I received – they are PERFECT nudes for my pale skin.

Earths Secret Thrive, Calm and Sleep Supplements

Buy here: Calm Supplements (£35 One Time Purchase) // Thrive Supplements (£35 One Time Purchase) // Sleep Supplements (£35 One Time Purchase)
Perfect for: The wellness lover

Obviously, wellness is more than just what you put on your skin – it’s what you put in your body, too. Earths Secret are an incredible brand that want to help people become more aware of the magic this Earth has to offer and show how we can take advantage of amazing plants, herbs and fruits to unlock our truest potential and live a more fulfilling life.

All ingredients that are used in the making of Earths Secret supplements are created with the utmost respect and love of each of these specially chosen ingredients. They pride themselves on being an authentic supplement brand that represents quality over profit. Their supplements, Calm, Thrive and Sleep are all beneficial to our everyday modern lives!

Tellé Moi Nail Polish Set

Buy here: Tellé Moi Nail Polish 7 Piece Luxury Gift Set (£39.99)
Perfect for: The colourful creative

Tellé Moi are a fantastic brand for all your nail polish needs. From powders to paints to liners for nail art, they have a selection of everything. But this set in particular I think makes a great gift idea for beauty lovers. The packaging is beautiful and would be a really lovely treat to open.

But the thing I love the most about this set is that you can choose the colours yourself! So if you have a friend who loves their nude colours, the above selection would be perfect. Or you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum and choose bright and vibrant colours for anyone who loves that pop of colour. You can really customize these colours based on what your person loves the most.

Proverb Men’s Natural Deodorant and Hydrating Pro Moisturizer

Buy here: Hydration Pro Moisturizer + Free Deodorant (£31.20)
Perfect for: The active fella in your life

We can’t forget the fellas, can we? And I think with everyone being a bit more eco-conscious at the moment, it’s important to include some products for men, so that can reduce their plastic and take steps to be more environmentally friendly as well. And I think Proverb is the perfect brand for them to do that and a great brand to introduce them to this Christmas!

These products are not only good for the planet, but they’re backed by science and experience and are perfect for those who are more active, gym-goers, runners or anyone who’s always on the go. 28 high-performance natural ingredients are in their moisturizer and natural refillable deodorant, with 95% of customers saying it worked all day long – amazing!

Healthy Hair, Happy Body by Simone Thomas

Buy here: Healthy Hair, Happy Body (£15)
Perfect for: The readers and those interested in delving deeper into health and well-being

When it comes to health and well-being, it’s not just the products that are important. It’s not just the outside that counts. Knowledge and experience is vital too, so that’s why I wanted to include this book in this gift guide too, to show that skincare, beauty and wellness goes much further than what you’re putting on your face.

Authored by one of the UK’s leading hair and nutrition specialists, Healthy Hair, Happy Body is the ultimate resource to help you rediscover your body, hair, and skin health. Simone Thomas has created a guide which gets to the heart of why your body is behaving in the way it does and shares just how easy it is to start developing positive, self-nurturing health cycles to transform overall wellbeing.

skincare christmas gift guide

Blanka Bath and Beauty Products

Buy here: Daydreaming Hand and Body Wash (£11.99) // Walking On Sunshine Magic Hand Balm (£16.99) // Artisan Soap (£7.99)
Perfect for: The self-care fanatic

I really love this brand and I absolutely love the packaging on these Blanka products. For anyone who’s into their self-care, this is the one to go for! Perfect products to add into a self-care box or as stocking fillers for the self-care fanatic in your life. Everything is Vegan and cruelty-free, as well as plastic free and ethically made.

I’m really enjoying using the body wash at the moment; it smells very spa-like and is a real treat to use. The solid format of the hand cream is excellent for those who want to go plastic-free and the range of beautiful soaps they have on offer is amazing, all with gorgeous, natural scents and cute names to go with them!

skincare christmas gift guide

KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Buy here: Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Discovery Bundle (£15.00)
Perfect for: The sustainable beauty lover

Shampoo and conditioner bars have become all the rage over the last few years and with the decrease in waste that they produce, it’s easy to see why. So I’m thrilled to feature KIND2 in this gift guide because beauty and wellness and helping the planet can certainly go hand-in-hand!

KIND2 have a range of different bars for different types, and they also offer a discovery bundle, which allows you to try those different types of shampoo and conditioner bars to find which one works best for you. They are a step towards tackling environmental challenges in one haircare innovation, giving you a more conscious choice, without compromise.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and are keen to check out some of the amazing brands featured here. Let me know in the comments which products caught your eye!


  1. Wow! What an extensive list of some gorgeous skincare products. Some of them have got me interested with their packaging alone!
    The salt of the earth natural deodorant sounds interesting. I currently use WILD for my deodorant. The supplements sound great. The nail varnish set is so pretty! Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

  2. I was drawn to the Salt of the Earth brand too! I just ordered a new brand of moisturizer too…Purity Woods, Age-Defying Dream Cream. I had not ordered any new skincare in over a year and their advertising funnel worked! Ha!
    I typically only use Illuminent’s anti-aging cream with CBD and Primal Life Organics products, but I am branching out! Haha

  3. This is a really useful post. A huge range of interesting products, that really helps me with presents for my wife and daughter. The Salt of the Earth stuff looks great.
    Thanks for sharing!

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