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It’s that time of year again! Who’s excited? I bloody am. I love gift guide season and I’ve read SO MANY incredible gift guides already this year so far. It seems like the standard of them is constantly rising. I honestly wasn’t too sure whether I was going to do a gift guide this year but I knew I’d miss it too much if I didn’t! In my opinion, it’s all part of getting into that festive spirit when you’re a blogger!

I only have two gift guides going live this Christmas, one specifically for subscription boxes, which is live in a couple of days. But firstly, let’s take a look at this selection of gifts, for all budgets and tastes!

For the book lovers: Trigger Pocket Books£5.99 each

These sweet little books would make PERFECT stocking fillers for both book lovers and those into positivity and well-being. So basically, they’re ideal for me! Oh and the best part? Proceeds from every book go towards The Shaw Mind Foundation, a charity that helps prevent suicide in the UK and US. Trigger are a company that believe in the power of reading and having a positive impact on people’s mental health.

Apart from the amazing work that this brand does, I absolutely love these little books. My boyfriend’s Mum has similar books in their hallway and I always find myself picking them up and reading something uplifting when I’m standing around waiting. Each book has a different focus; balance, resilience, wisdom and compassion. So you can take exactly what you need every day.

For the Hygge lovers: Onaie Sheepskin Slippers£35

Is it just my family that buy each other slippers for like, every occasion? We seem to get through a LOT of slippers in my house (especially with a dog who’s known for chewing them!) so if that sounds like you and you or a loved one needs a pair of SUPER HIGH QUALITY slippers which will last you until next Christmas, Onaie are a great shout.

Each pair of slippers is unique and handmade in the Polish Highlands by a team of highly skilled craftspeople. Not only are they robust and will last all year round, they also contain unique hand-embroided patterns and artisan exposed stitching. A one of a kind gift for someone that loves their home comforts!

For the adventurous: Tinggly Bucketlist Experience Gifts£189

Tinggly Bucket List Experience Gifts

I’m a huge lover of giving and receiving experience style gifts, rather than a physical item. If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you’ll know that I HATE clutter and sometimes would much rather make the memories instead. If you or someone you love is like that, the Tinggly Bucketlist Experience Gifts would be absolutely perfect!

The difference with Tinggly, is they only sell gift collections. Which gives the recipient the luxury of choosing the experience they want themselves – with absolutely no chance of disappointment. Every collection holds hundreds of experiences, from island hopping is Thailand, whale watching in Iceland, a Game of Thrones tour in Croatia and much more.

You can order a physical box which can be shipping anywhere in the world, so the recipient has something physical to open. Or send them an e-voucher, if you’re more environmentally conscious. There are over six hundred experiences in their Bucket List Collection. If it was up to me, I’d probably choose the private gondola ride in Venice!

For the sentimental Christmas lover: Funky Pigeon Photo Upload Snow Globe£9.99

It isn’t Christmas without a gift from the pet is it? And I don’t think my gift guides would be complete without my dog’s face featured on something. I’ve used Funky Pigeon countless times over the years – for my own personal use and on my blog so I’m always delighted to feature them in my gift guides. They have a wider range of gifts than ever for 2019!

These cute snow globes would make excellent stocking fillers and they have a ton of photo options, including dog, cat, memorial, 1st Christmas, personalised named globes and more. Obviously I had to go with the dog one which I’ll be giving to my Mum and I know she’ll love it.

For the kid or kid at heart at Christmas: Funky Pigeon Personalised Sack£14.99

Another gift from Funky Pigeon and it’s perfect for Christmas Eve for the kids in your family – OR for the kid at heart at Christmas! That’s their gorgeous high quality personalized cotton sacks. Again, they have few different design options but my favorite was this simple but effective initial sack.

For the crafty ones: Love Crafts Cross Stitch Kit £4.50

I think Christmas and Winter is a great time to do crafts, make things and get creative. I used to do a lot of cross stitching and I really enjoyed it so these cute little cross stitch kits from Love Crafts would make excellent stocking fillers for the craft lover in your life! They’re so affordable and have a huge range of super cute, Christmassy patterns!

For the beauty lovers: Sosu by SJ Lashes£5.95 each

Another perfect stocking filler option but this time for the beauty lovers in your life. Sosu by SJ Lashes are high-quality, handmade lashes that come in a variety of styles. The perfect finish to all your Christmas parties, gatherings and days out! You can also grab an applicator tool and eyelash glue for a full eyelash care kit for that special someone.

For the grateful: The Book of Good by Melanie Hooyenga – $9.99

This is the exact kind of gift I’d buy myself or someone else because I’m a huge believer in gratitude and how expressing gratitude daily can impact our lives and mental health. The Book of Good by Melanie Hooyenga (also available in a lovely nature cover too) is a perfect stocking filler idea!

Each book has a simple goal: to encourage you to find the good in every day, despite how difficult it might feel on those days where you feel like everything in going wrong. I can’t wait to start writing in my book and dedicating even more time to gratitude!

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration this Christmas! Would you purchase any of these gifts for people in your life?

* This post contains gifted products and sponsored features. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I’m loving the sound of the photo snow globe and the bucket list experience gifts! Great gift guide, Jenny!

  2. Beautiful suggestions here. Love the pocket books – never heard of them if I’m honest so I’ll certainly have to look into them for gift boxes. The sentimental gifts are beautiful. I would love to get something like that in remembrance of my grandparents!

  3. The dog snow globe!! I love that you always get slippers, we always get pyjamas. Although they’re normally allowed to be worn as soon as they’ve been purchased as like a winter gift? That’s definitely not a thing but you know what I mean BUT mine are mysteriously in a bag upstairs that I definitely have not already seen/ found/ secretly tried on this year. I really like the personalised sacks too! x


  4. The fact that your family always have to buy each other slippers is too funny and reminds me of my mom’s side–it’s a running joke that whoever gets my uncle in the name-drawing, gets him pajamas. The amount of pj’s he’s gotten over the years is too much :’) I’m excited for your sub-box gift guide!!

  5. Oooh! I love these gift ideas! They’re definitely something different than the ones I’ve seen. I like that there is an experience gift. I asked for that recently. You can’t go wrong with a customized snowglobe and gifts either. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!

    Nancy ♥

  6. And invaluable guide; I love the mix of items and prices. The slippers I love; my feet are always cold when I slip out of bed.

    One could do funky things with the snow globe to create a laugh come Christmas morning, and the cross-stitch is simply too cute.

  7. Ooh I love this! Those pocket books are so cute and I love that they are about such uplifting themes as well. I’ve randomly been thinking about cross-stitch quite a lot recently as well, despite having a bad track record with them! Maybe time to give it another try. This wasn’t supposed to be a guide to buy other people, was it? Because I might just buy it all for myself, aha!

  8. I love reading through gift guides, especially during the Christmas times as there’s always the best deals around!

    I haven’t heard of the Trigger Pocket Books before but I love that there are specific books on different topics – even better is to hear that the proceeds for to the Shaw Mind Foundation. They seem like the perfect pick me up to read at the start of the day!

    SLIPPERS! YES! YES! YES! They look so so cozy and warm, perfect for when roasting marshmallows at the fire place or when reading a book on the sofa to just slip them on when having to get up for a tea etc. They’re handmade as well!! That’s absolutely amazing, each one is definitely a one of a kind!

    The Tinggly bucketlist sounds so interesting! So they get gifted an ‘experience’ and they get to choose which one! Definitely going to be saving this to gift to friends in the near future!

    OOOOO the globe!!! I have on similar with a photo in a snow globe (got one for Mother’s Day a few years back!) They’re the best to have around, love how cure yours is!

    I love love love the sack, perfect for putting all presents! I love the one you chose, it’s more of a classic one!
Cross Stitching sounds like so much fun to take up – is it difficult to learn? I’m more into crochet so fingers crossed if I do take cross stitching up it isn’t too hard!

    Good lashes are hard to come by! I personally haven’t used lashes before, to be fair I don’t think I’d even know how to put them on haha, but I love the way these ones look!

    1. Yes, so you buy an experience package which contains a ton of experiences but the recipient gets to choose which one they do. Which is perfect cos you know they’ll get something they love! Cross stitching isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it! x

  9. I am tempted by the snow globe as it’s Niece 2 first christmas this year and I like to gift a decoration that can last a lifetime for the first christmas.
    I don’t have any photos of her yet though – maybe I can get one next week when I first meet her.

    I find my family so difficult to buy for.

  10. These are some wonderful ideas – the one that won me over is the Bucketlist experience gift. This is the kind of gift I would love to give and receive, as it allows you to make memories that will last a lifetime! And I just wanted to add that your photos are absolutely stunning xx

  11. These are some great ideas! I especially like the slippers and the book of good! I’ve recently developed a great love of slippers with the cold weather we have at the moment! I’m also a big fan of encouraging gratitude so the book of good would be perfect! Love this post!

  12. These are some great ideas! I particularly like the slippers and the book of good! I’ve recently developed a good love of slippers (especially with the cold weather at the moment) and I’m a big believer in expressing gratitude! Love this post! xx

  13. I love this post so much! Such great recommendations here and I like how there truly is something for everyone – knowing me I would gravitate towards the books! I love the idea of the Bucketlist experience gifts and how the recipient can choose whatever they want – that’s such a great idea and a guaranteed success. I’d love to gift that to someone or even receive it myself! haha xx

  14. This post came at the best time! I’m just about to properly start my Christmas shopping. I love the look of those lashes! I’ll definitely have to get them, might have to get myself a gift too! X

  15. These are great gift ideas, Jenny! I also don’t like clutter and repeatedly ask family not to buy us stuff. That being said, I think the snow globe is my favorite one in this list! I love personalized things and if someone gave me a snow globe with a photo of my cat in it, I would be ecstatic! ♥️🐈

    The gratitude journal is another item I would personally use because I started getting into journaling recently. However, whether my relationship with journaling is a committed one….is questionable. 😂🤗

  16. Ooh this gift guide is one of the best I’ve seen, and has definitely given me some inspiration! I love the pocket books and the gratitude book… which I may just have to get for myself, it sounds perfect and I love gratitude so much!! Thanks so much for sharing beauty, this is perfect!

  17. Your photos! Jenny the quality of your blog just consistently blows me away.
    I think I’d loveee the Pocket Books and the gratitude journal personally! I’m really trying to be a bit kinder to myself and these sound like the perfect way to incorporate that into the everyday. I love the idea of the cross-stitch kit too, I know a few people who’d love that!
    Beautiful and hugely helpful gift guide, thanks!

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