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Christmas Gift Guide: Subscription Box Edition!

AD – this post contains gifted items 

I’ve been very fortunate this year to have received a few incredible subscription boxes to feature on my blog and within gift guides during the Christmas season. Blogging has introduced me to SO MANY amazing subscription boxes I probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise so as I had a fair few, I decided to create a separate, subscription box specific guide this year to keep them all together. Let’s rip the wrapping open and enjoy…

The Vegan Larder Deluxe Christmas Box – £29 as a one off gift / £24.99 if subscribed

I’ve seen these boxes floating around for some time now and although I’m not Vegan, thought they looked and sounded incredible. And my instinct was right. These boxes are PERFECT for Vegans (obviously) but also for people looking to try new things and perhaps introduce more Vegan food into their diet and lifestyle. The Vegan Larder create beautifully curated boxes which help make Vegan cooking and eating easy and enjoyable.

This box contains an array of different products including: olive branch tapenade, spiced plum chutney, tofu paté, chocolate orange Christmas treats, gravy mix, crackers, fudge and more. Everything in it is Vegan, plant-based, palm oil free and sourced from small businesses. I’ll definitely be repurchasing some items from this box myself!

Shorebox The “Gotta Start Somewhere” Gift Box – £35 as a one off gift / £14.99 monthly

I love, love, LOVED this box and couldn’t wait to share it. Shorebox are a new subscription box brand who focus on providing boxes full with eco-friendly products. They have a handy shop on their website where you can purchase individual products they feature within their boxes or of course, subscribe monthly for just £14.99 and receive different, surprise products each month.

This particular box is one of their “Christmas Specials” so to speak and it’s called the “Gotta Start Somewhere” box because it#s ideal for someone, like me, who quite honestly, doesn’t know where to start with eco-friendly living. It provides all the basic starter items you might need including: a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, natural deodorant, soap nuts, a cotton produce bag and more!

Heady Mix Book Box – starting at £12 per box

I had to include books in here somewhere, didn’t I? Heady Mix is a book subscription service with a difference. Within each collection, the books that are picked out are about and by people from underrepresented groups – which can sometimes be hard to find in the book stores. So the folk at Heady Mix find them for you – with the aim of normalizing diversity in literature. Three cheers!

Their next collection is called “Feminist Fairytales”, stories that redefine happily ever after from women around the world. The collection I received was their Afrofuturism collection – a term made popular since Black Panther which contains a collection of books and stories from African writers. I can’t wait to get stuck into these books – they sound engaging and have incredible covers.

Hounds & Hers Subscription Box – £27.99 as a one off gift / £22.99 per month

Earlier this year, I worked with Hounds & Hers on a review of their September box (you can find that review here) and I absolutely loved the products, the packaging and the idea behind this very unique subscription box service. For anyone who’s a dog owner or has a loved one who’s dog is their best friend, this would be a great gift!

Their December box contained a bunch of cool products for both dog and owner. Dog toys and treats for them and drinks, chocolate and beauty products for you – what’s not to love! I love the idea of treating both of you and Christmas is the perfect time to do that!

The Personal Barber Shaving Kit – Gift boxes starting at £30

I don’t know about anyone else but I find men in my life the hardest to buy for every single year. So I always try and find at least one practical gift for them that I know they’ll use or that will come in useful. And I think personal care and grooming is a great place to start. Most men shave – so why not treat them to a luxury shave?

And that’s exactly what you’re getting with The Personal Barber. Their individual shaving kits start at just £30 but I think their Premium Kit (pictured above) would make a great gift for the man in your life. It comes in a super sleek box and just oozes high quality. They also have a subscription box available if you just want to keep the grooming products coming!

Are you a fan of subscription boxes? Have you tried any of the above or would you like to receive any of the above as a gift this Christmas? Let me know!

* This post contains gifted items however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I’ve not actually heard of any of these. I love the eco friendly box, my mum would too.

    1. It’s a great box x

  2. I love a subscription box and they make such lovely gifts! I especially love the sound of the Hers and Hounds one! Xx

    1. That one is brilliant 😌

  3. Interesting! I never heard of these subscription boxes but they look well worth it. I think a subscription box would be a great gift!

    Des |

    1. It sure would! X

  4. I love subscription boxes; these look great! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

    1. Thank you! X

  5. Sammy | What The Book says:

    So many amazing ideas!

  6. I was so excited to read this, and then I get super behind with blog reading as Thanksgiving rolled around :’) I’d love to receive a subscription box as a gift! Honds and Hers looks real nice 🙂

    1. Oh no! I bet it’s super busy over there during Thanksgiving! x

      1. You definitely don’t want to have left any of the food shopping for that week, that’s for sure :’) And Black Friday??? It’s the end of the world!!

  7. Nice ideas! I am not a fan of the subscription box concept because I have too much already but that vegan box looks simply amazing!

    1. They’re definitely either a love them or hate them kinda thing! You definitely need to get one you’re super passionate about anyway too x

  8. these are all so lovely! I love the book one

    1. Thank you x

  9. Those look lovely. I tried my first subscription box this November and while I loved the content so much the company just didn’t live up to the promises given. I’ve been looking at other boxes but the ones I can find here just doesn’t seem worth the money paid. I wish there were more choices

    1. Oh no that’s a shame – I’d love to know which one it was.

  10. Omg I’m not a vegan but I love the look of the vegan food box! Tapenaude and chutney are so up my street, and a box of them sounds so me. Great post!

    Jas xx

    1. It was so full of yummy treats! xx

  11. I’ve never had a subscription box before. Hmm, sounds interesting!

    1. They sure are x

  12. I love the look at that book box! A great way to find and read new books! x

    Lucy |

    1. Absolutely 🙂 x

  13. I think the idea of gifting someone a subscription box for Christmas is such a good idea! The shorebox is one of my favourites, I love that it gives you sustainable and eco friendly options for things like cotton buds! I also love the idea of the shaving box that would be a perfect gift! X

    1. I’m gifting my Dad the shaving box, I know he’ll love it! Shorebox are such a great brand! x

  14. I’m obviously more inclined towards the Heady Mix Book Box but I just love the idea of subscription boxes! I used to love getting Glossybox a couple of years ago!

    1. Of course haha! But it’s a great choice! x

  15. My fiancée would love that Barber box! Great guide x

    1. It’s such a high quality box! x

  16. Those books look lovely! Sucg beautiful covers too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thank you x

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