Self care is a big part of my life and my daily routines. I’ve learned over the last few years of really delving into self care, the different types of self care and what self care means to me that it comes in all different shapes, sizes and forms. A lot of self care that we learn about online is usually very surface level.

There are a ton of different areas and aspect of self care to think about. From basic self care and spiritual self care, to delving deeper into self care practices with the help of things like life coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more. Self care is a concept that is constantly evolving within each of us, depending on where we are in life and what we need. 

I’ve written SO MUCH content about self care and it’s because we’re always changing that I’ve been able to do that. I sometimes look back on my posts about self care from 4/5 years ago and see that I don’t actually do some of the things I used to do anymore, simply because they just don’t align with my current 29 year-old self. 

Comfort is a key part of my self care routine in my day to day life. I’m an empath, I get affected quite easily by external things and other people’s emotions. I also have a history of anxiety and struggle calming my nerves at times. Which in turn can make me stressed quite quickly and easily. So I need comforting practices scattered throughout my day to keep me grounded and feeling safe.

The beautiful thing is, is that all these practices will look different for all of us. What I’m sharing here are my super simple things that I like to do daily to help me feel comforted, even when I’m facing a stressful situation or time in my life. They are very specific to me, so I’d love to hear what specific comfort practices you include in your daily routine, too!

Start my day with a cup of tea

This has to be a must for any British person but I always start my day with a cup of tea and it’s usually in one very specific mug as well. Tea tastes better in certain mugs – that is a hill I am willing to die on.

Watch my favoruite YouTuber’s whilst eating breakfast

Along with my tea, I’ll grab some breakfast. Usually scambled eggs or pancakes with yoghurt and fruit which is my favourite at the moment. Whilst I’m having breakfast alone in the morning, I pop on my favourite YouTuber’s latest videos and sit quietly and enjoy.

Practice Yoga

The (almost) daily part of the title applies to this point because I don’t practice Yoga every single day. But I try and get the mat out at least 5 times a week and it’s a hugely comforting part of my routine. My mat is one of the safest places I’ve ever established for myself.

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Write my gratitudes and monthly intentions

I have a big ass notebook planner thing where I write gratitude and intentions every single morning. I like to do an end of the month ritual where I set intentions for the month ahead, so I simply copy those out every day to remind myself of what I want to be focusing on this month.

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Lunch and boxset

This is a big one for me because I’ve done this more or less every day for years – even when I’m not at home I’ll still somehow find a way. I also work from home, so carving out that dedicated time to sit down for lunch and just chill with whatever series I’m currently watching is really important to me.


I feel off if I don’t have a book on the go or if I go through a long period of time without reading. If that happens, then I know my mental state is really not good. Reading has always been and always will be, one of my most comforting activities.

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Smooch my dog

This is an obvious one but most dog (or pet) owners will know how comforting your animal can be. Not a day goes by (unless I’m away) where I don’t give my pupper a smooch and a cuddle. He instantly makes me feel better, even on days where I feel like absolutely shite.

Spend time in my office

And finally, one that’s been a new addition into my routine from 2020 and that’s my home office. I love having the luxury to chose whether I want to work from my office or not (some days I simply just feel like I need to work from my bed and that’s absolutely okay) but regardless of whether I work in there or not, I always spend some time in there to exercise, practice Yoga, read or meditate because it’s such a beautiful space.

Share with me a few comforting practices that are in your daily schedule! They can be as simple or weird as you like – I’d love to hear them!


  1. I have a coffee every day and around 3pm every day, plus I go for lunch time walks pretty much every day I’m working to get out of the house and move.

  2. Having a cup of tea to set your day straight; number one on the list! We need to exercise more self care, being a fellow empath I am often swamped with feelings that leave me helpless. And when I get to that point I realise I need to step away, go for a walk, and take in my surroundings. But that is far too late, because I’m already swamped. So I need to recognise a little earlier. I also love the gratitude and intension journal. I think I need to bring that back. Love reading books and it always feels soulful entering into another world – uplifting.

    Thanks for the reminders and congratulations on your recent success. Well deserved xxx

  3. I love your self care routine! I do the boxset thing at lunch too – takes my mind off work for a proper break.
    One thing I try to do every day is pick up my guitar. Even if I don’t play a full song, just to play around on it for a few minutes helps me to relax 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes me too. It’s the only way I can properly switch off at lunch! Awh that’s a nice thing to do – my boyfriend plays guitar so I’m sure if he worked from home, he’d do the same thing on his break.

      1. So many! Lately though, it’s been chess channels like Hikaru’s or the chef that debunks all the TikTok cooking hacks (I forget her name right now, but it’s in my algorithm). Yours?

  4. I always watch YouTube before bed. It helps me relax and sleep. I also like the white noise of it. I don’t do yoga specifically but I do workout and started stretching a couple days a week. It is very relaxing. I do agree with you that my self care routine changes. Some things stay the same and somethings change. We are always changing.

  5. I absolutely love the sound of your routine! I really need to start planning my days a bit better like this. I tend to do things as and when I remember 🙈 which doesn’t really help. You’ve inspired me to get a loose routine in place! ❤️

  6. As an empath myself, I have to agree that self-care is the ONLY way I can get through the day. A wee cup of coffee in the morning is my MUST have, even if I’m off to work at 6am (not much time for self-care pre opening the deli, I’m afraid).

  7. These are really good – unfortunately with kids and a 9-5 I rarely get the chance to take my practices on board but I do have a couple of things.

    When I’m working from home and I’m on my own, I’ll always sit and have my lunch hour watching The Simpsons – it sounds sad but the show was such a massive part of my childhood and it’s a little nostalgia trip for me! I also have things I do in the evening and try to get out for a walk/run as much as I can. Simple things go a long way!

  8. I always watch some Youtube with my breakfast as I find it really sets me up for the day. I also love reading if I feel like relaxing.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  9. At the start of this year, I was ding lots of yoga and really reaping the benefits from it. For some reason, I’ve stopped and can’t seem to carve out 20 minutes to get back into it. but as of today, I’m starting again

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