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Over the last year, I’ve grown such a passion for skincare. I’m loved trying new products and discovering new brands. I was even sent to the opening of a flagship store for a beauty brand back in October. From budget to luxury and everything in between, it’s been an exciting time, finding out more and more about skincare and skincare brands in the industry.

winter skincare tips

And now that Winter has rolled around, it’s time to step up the skincare even more. Winter, harsh cold and wind and central heating can play havoc on your skin so it’s important to give it the right care and treatments to maintain a healthy glow throughout the Winter months, before Spring rolls back around!

Winter self care is so important because this time of year can be a LOT. It can mess with our moods, cause a lot of stress and with our social calendars ramping up, it can also prevent us getting adequate sleep. And I really think a good skincare routine is one of the most wonderful acts of self care we can provide for ourselves!

So here are 7 quite simple Winter skincare tips for healthy skin!

Keep applying the sunscreen!

Sunscreen is definitely not just for Summer! You still need to be applying your sunscreen throughout the Winter. When it’s cold, when it’s snowing or when it’s raining. You still need to shield your skin from the harmful UVs from the sun – whether it’s hot enough to give you sun burn or not. You can apply a light-weight sunscreen right before you put your make up on for the day!

Use lukewarm water

Although it might be tempting to wash your face with hot water and crank the heat up in the shower all the way to the top on a freezing cold day, it’s doing more damage to your skin that you think. Not only does it dehydrate your skin but also strips your body of it’s necessary oils. Try toning the heat down a little!

Invest in your skincare products wisely 

Even though it’s Winter and most people are telling you to slather yourself in moisturizer to stop getting dry skin, it’s still very important to actually use products that work for YOUR skin type. It can be a fine balance to hit, especially when you’re battling the elements at the same time but invest in your skincare wisely.

But don’t be afraid to add a little luxury

And in the Winter, we all need a little luxury and pampering, don’t we? If it’s in your budget, why not invest in something a little on the high end scale for a Winter or Christmas treat for yourself? A product like the Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream from Pure Obagi is a great option for this time of year, as it’s known for being one of the best formulas for dry skin!

winter skincare tips

Priced at £96.42 (including VAT) this is definitely on the higher end of skincare but the results speak for themselves. This is an intensely hydrating eye cream which is an all round solution to tackle the common aging eye concerns and dry skin around the eye area. This cream also contains Malonic Acid, which is a gentle exfoliator that will help to remove the dead skin cells from around the eye area.

A product like this is PERFECT for Winter because what else do we get in Winter apart from dry skin? Stress and no sleep! Our eyes are doing the WORK this time of year, so it’s nice to give them a little extra TLC with a product that they’ll thank us for afterwards. I’ve been using this cream for around a week so far and the skin around my eyes definitely feel firmer!

I absolutely love the packaging of this too – I think it screams high end and quality. The cream itself smells nice – it’s not too fragranced which I like but it does have a slight scent. It feels so silky smooth, both on your finger and when applying it to your eye area. It’s a real treat to use and can be purchased from Skin Station.

Be consistent 

Like everything in life, consistency is key. The same goes for your skincare regime. When every day is as cold as the one before, it’s no use giving your whole body a once over once a week because within 12 hours, that moisture you’ve built up will be gone. So get into the habit of having a daily skincare routine over the Winter both for face and body!

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated in Winter is particularly important – for our health and for our skin! As the air is drier in the Winter – both in our homes and outside – water evaporates from your body much more easily. So we have to keep on top of our hydration even more. As well as water, you might want to drink warming herbal teas.

Apply moisturizer straight after washing

Although we said earlier than hot water and showers is probably not the right thing to do for your skin in the Winter, sometimes it can’t be helped. We get that. If you exit the shower red with irritated skin, you’ll want to apply your moisturizer straight away to lock in as much moisture as possible! Don’t forget your hands and feet too!

What would you add to these Winter Skincare tips?


  1. I have really dry skin, especially in these colder months so I’ll for sure be taking some of these tips and applying them to my everyday skincare routine. I totally agree that being consistent is key with skincare, I’ve really tried to be consistent this last year and I’ve defiantly noticed a difference! Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us lovely Xo

    Elle –

  2. Ohh, this looks so pretty! Those pictures are so good!! I admit, I barely do anything for my skin besides washing it. And I shower with almost boiling hot water 😀 Thank you for reminding me to turn down the heat a little bit!

    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  3. I do like all of these tips except for the skin care part. It turned out that when I used moisturizers and other skin care products, it damaged my skin and made moisturizer made my skin dry. I can wear sunscreen and make sure to use a good cleanser that works for oily skin and never use hot water

  4. These are great tips Jenny! My skin tends to get dry in the colder months and I’m always conscious of having a good skincare routine. I love that you mentioned wearing sunscreen, even in the winter. I think it’s so important to keep our skin healthy.

  5. Love these tips! In the winter my skin gets so dry or I’ve been getting these breakouts on my jaw. I’m all about skin care lately and I’ll have to try out this brand you’ve mentioned.

  6. Turning the water temperature down a little during the summer was a breeze, but I have to say I have been tempted during the chilly days to crank it up to hot! Love your tip for still using the sunscreen and not being afraid to spend a little more on products that work.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I definitely agree that skincare is so important in the winter. I have eczema so I need to be extra careful as well. I’ve never used sunscreen except for a vacation this month, and I didn’t know that it’s for the winter as well. You bring up great points.

  8. I love these tips! My skin is really suffering at the moment and I’m so embarrased by it that I’m just covering it in make up, which isn’t doing it any favours. I’m vowing today to make some changes – drinking enough water is definitely something I could be better at. x

  9. This weather and temperature does NOTHING for my skin, it’s super dry and breakouts are an everyday occurance. I’ve not heard of this brand but they sound great for all of my winter skincare problems!

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