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I’ve always been a fan of personalized gifts and I think personalized jewellery is a really lovely and sentimental idea for a gift for a loved one. Or a gift for yourself, the next time you want to treat yourself!

I’ve worked with JoyAmo a couple of times on my blog before, you can find these posts here:

And I still stand by what I said in these posts. JoyAmo have one of the biggest ranges of personalized jewellery products I’ve seen. They’re affordable, good quality and will absolutely make someone’s day.

Joyamo Jewellery is made up of two words ‘Joya’ which is Spanish for Jewel and ‘Amor’ which is Spanish for love. You can’t get cuter than that.

JoyAmo’s latest collection is a range of sterling silver, gold or white gold personalized name necklaces but they’ve introduced a new program onto their site for this collection, which allows you to see virtually how your necklace will look on an animated model.

I love this idea for the program as it can help you choose your perfect necklace, right down to the length. And even better if it’s a gift for someone, as it allows you to get even more personal than before.

What can you change within the personalization program?

The name

You can see what different names will look like on your necklace, which is particularly handy if the name your choosing can be shortened – or the person goes by different names.

For example, my full name is Jennifer but people tend to call me Jenny or Jen. However I really wanted my full name on the necklace because the older I get the more I like it.

You might find that one name looks slightly better than another and works better on the necklace.

The length

You can alter the length of the necklace and the options range from a 14″ chain (child’s size) up to 22″ with various options in-between. You can see how the different lengths look on the model to give you an idea of what length you might like.

This is useful especially if you love your jewellery and layer necklaces – like I do! I wanted my name necklace to be shorter than the necklaces I currently wear, so they don’t intercept each other.

Skin tone

You can change the skin tone of the model and it gives you 8 skin tones from very pale to very dark to choose from. On the scale, I’m probably a 2. I’m pretty pale.

Different metals look different on various skin tones, so this is a great tool to help see what your chosen metal is going to look like. Of course anyone can choose ANY metal they like, regardless of skin tone. But it’s a good reference point.


The necklaces come in sterling silver, 18k gold plating or 18k rose gold plating as options.

I’m usually a rose gold kinda gal but I went for sterling silver this time and think it was a great choice. The necklaces I always wear are gold and I’m a big fan of mixing metals!

How much do the necklaces cost?

For sterling silver, you’re currently looking at $69.95 and for gold or rose gold, $79.95. For reference, that’s £56.30 for sterling silver and £64.35 for gold or rose gold (these are the current conversion rates at the time of writing).

I think these prices are very reasonable and certainly competitive for similar products on the market.

I can only speak for the necklace I received but it looks and feels very good quality. The name itself feels sturdy and I know this will last me a fairly long time, even with daily wear!

I really love my personalized name necklace and think it’s quite a special piece to have on. I like my name and I think a name represents a lot about a person, too.

Check out the huge range of personalized jewellery from JoyAmo for a ton of gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones!

Do you like personalized jewellery?


  1. That’s a beautiful necklace! I love that it is personalized. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. This necklace is beautiful! I have one with a letter R pendant, but not my full first name. I might get one this year.

  3. I love personalized jewelry, and I love the necklace you got with your name! It’s also great that they’ve made a personalization program so you can get an idea of what the necklace would look like.

  4. This is beautiful! I’d never really wear anything like this (mostly because when I go to work, I’d forget to take it off and I hate customers knowing my name) but this would be a lovely gift for my sister.

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