ad // As soon as one occasion ends, another one is right around the corner and 2022 has definitely been full of reasons to celebrate lately, having not long come off the back of the Platinum Jubilee. But now we’re heading towards Father’s Day and whether you celebrate these sort of days or not, it’s always nice to do something special for the father figure in your life.

Like with Mother’s Day, I always find intentional gifts or personalized gifts the way to go for Father’s Day as well. With birthdays and Christmas in the mix as well, no human being needs THAT many gifts, on 3 separate occasions throughout the year. All that does is add more clutter to their lives and is hugely unsustainable for the planet as well.

Gifts don’t have to cost a bomb, nor do you need to be gifting people 10 or so items to show them that you care. It’s always the thought and the intention that counts, so if that’s just ONE special gift bought, an experience or an outing, that’s always better than a mountain of mindless gifts that’s going to cause more waste than needed.

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Today I’m going to share some special gift ideas for Father’s Day in 2022. There are some physical items here, so it’s important to note that I’m not a minimalist and I’m still learning but physical gifts are still okay in moderation. Especially if they’re super special items that the recipient will cherish forever.

JoyAmo Personalized Jewellery 

I previously worked with JoyAmo on a collaboration around why personalized gift ideas are the best and was sent a beautiful personalized necklace. For this occasion, I’d like to highlight the Men’s Leather Bracelet, which is a perfect option for Father’s Day. Personalized gifts never go amiss and this bracelet can be personalized with up to 10 different named beads!

My own Dad doesn’t wear bracelets, so there wouldn’t have been much point me personalizing it for him but my boyfriend is a big fan of these sort of bracelets so although he’s not a Dad (yet) I did gift this to him and he really loves it. It comes in black, blue or brown, all of which are lovely but we chose the blue for something a little different.

JoyAmo are a wonderful option for personalized jewellery as they really do have everything under the sun and so many personalization options for men or women, in whatever sort of jewellery you prefer to wear, whether that’s bracelets, necklaces or rings. I’d definitely recommend checking them out, the next time you’re in the market for a personalized jewellery gift.

A track day or supercar experience

I don’t mean to stereotype but most men love cars so a track day or a supercar experience would be a great gift idea for Father’s Day. It’s an experience they’ll remember forever and also allow them a moment to ponder what it’d be like to own a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for the day!

A themed afternoon tea

After tea is always considered such a feminine thing and I really don’t know why because dads eat too, right? A small tearoom near us were considering doing an Only Fools and Horses themed afternoon tea and I’m sure there are plenty of places around the UK that do themed afternoon teas that your father figure would love!

Tickets to an event 

Tickets to an event or a show are always wonderful gift ideas because it’s also a time that you can spend together. My Dad and I have been to see the Only Fools and Horses musical (FREAKING AMAZING by the way) and a Beatles tribute act is it’s always been money well spent.

Vouchers for a massage

This is actually what I’m getting my own Dad for Father’s Day because we go to the same massage therapist and it’s always a wonderful treat. He absolutely loves massages and everyone deserves a little pamper every now and again!

A meal at his favourite restaurant

All celebrations should involve food, in my opinion, so a meal out is never a bad idea when it comes to Father’s Day (or any occasion). Take him to his favourite restaurant, treat him to his favourite meal and spend some quality time together whilst celebrating your bond.

Whatever you chose to gift him for Father’s Day, I hope it’s a special one where you can spend some quality time together. These days are never about the gifts anyway but a nice experience or a sentimental item never hurts to show your Dad or father figure in your life how much you care.

What will you be gifting your Dad or father figure for Father’s Day this year?


  1. There are some great choices! I’m just going to get my husband some chocolate from Leo. I have to get him and my own Dad a gift these days, it gets hard work haha.

    Corinne x

  2. Those bracelets look pretty cool actually.

    I think I’d definitely go for the meal though.

    Or perhaps the massage. Now I’ve hit 30 my body certainly protests a lot more whenever I put it through its paces.

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