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It’s CHRISTMASSSS! Honestly, I’m writing this way too early and I am SO READY for Christmas already after the absolute disaster we’ve had this year so far. From October onwards, I’ve been in a proper seasonal mood and really trying to embrace Autumn, Halloween and making a start on my Christmas shopping early to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s so important to hold on to those little joys – especially this year!

I’m not going to waffle too long in this intro because I have a mega gift guide for you today. In fact, I’ve had to split my Christmas gift guide into two parts this year because I have so many incredible brands and products to feature that it would have been FAR too long if I kept it at one! So without further ado, let’s get into part one of my gift guide!

For the book lover: One Family Christmas by Bella Osbourne £5.99

I can’t have a gift guide without books. Books of all types are always featured heavily in my Christmases. More often than not, I receive books. And I always gift them to other people too. One Family Christmas by Bella Osbourne is the perfect, heart-warming, stocking filler to gift the book lover in your life for them to curl up with on Christmas night!

For the tea fanatic: Christmas Time For Tea Gift Tin£24.95

And what goes well with a new book? A good cup of tea! The English Cream Tea Company are THE PLACE TO GO for any tea lovers. And the Christmas Time for Tea set is the epitome of Christmas scents and flavours from; Nutcracker Tea to Gingerbread Tea to Mulled Cider Tea. The perfect way to end Christmas day!

For the eco-warrior: Organic Cotton Produce Bag£4.95 // Bamboo Make Up Removal Rounds£7.99 // Eco Scrubber£6.20 // Organic Chamomile Eye and Face Cream£10.95

These next 4 things are all from the same brand so I grouped them together and I am in love with these products already. Earth Bits are a sustainable, plastic-free and eco-friendly brand that sell a range of products from produce bags to face creams, all being incredibly high-quality. The brand do their bit to reduce waste and source locally.

All these products would make amazing stocking fillers or perhaps additions to a hamper – if you wanted to make up a hamper yourself! The cotton produce bag and the eco scrubbers are both convenience products which you know the recipient can use again and again. And for a little self care treat, the face cream and make up remover rounds are great options for that!

For the crystal lover: Crystals for Confidence – £9.50

For the woo-heads among us (like me) this is the one for you! Manifest and Magic, run by the amazing Lauren, is the place to go for your crystal needs. She sells beautiful crystal sets for everything from confidence to positivity to creativity to a broken heart – the list is endless! Your crystals will arrive in a beautiful little bag and come with a little card to explain the properties of each one.

You can get 10% off your order from Manifest and Magic using code jenny10! (valid until 14th December)

For the watch lover: Luxury Apple Watch Strapsfrom £29.00

The Watch Strap sell luxury Apple Watch straps and for anyone in your life that owns an Apple Watch, who likes to mix up their look and experiment with different colours and fabrics, this is a really great option! Plus, they’re MEGA affordable for the luxury quality you’re getting.

In both men’s and women’s, from genuine leather, stainless steel, woven, nylon and silicone, there’s a design for everyone. They can allow you to change up your watch look for any occasion. My personal favourite is the light pink silicone sport band, which would be ideal for my workouts!

For the whole family: ASDA Photo Personalized Jigsaw from £10.00

So you’ve eaten your dinner, you’ve watched the Queens Christmas speech and you’re wondering how to fill the rest of the afternoon. The ASDA personalized photo jigsaw will come in very handy! I love personalized gifts, so of course I chose one with my dog on it for us to all enjoy on Christmas! The quality is great and you can also choose the amount of pieces you want too.

For the candle lover: Bakewell Tart Soy Wax Melts£8.00 // The Fairytale Soy Wax Candle £15

There’s a candle lover in every family. In ours, there’s two. My Mum and I absolutely love a candle. We can’t get enough of them. So I was incredibly excited to feature Sevine Candle Co in this gift guide. These products smell… out of this world. Like, if you didn’t know the Bakewell Tart melts weren’t edible, I guarantee you’d try eating them. They smell THAT good and that realistic.

I adore The Fairytale Candle jar too. I’m not even too sure what it smells like but I know it’d be the perfect scent to have burning in a lovely, relaxing bubble bath on Christmas evening! Sevine Candle Co say, “Fragrances have the power to transport your mind anywhere, especially to the past, and Sevine Candle Co. love to create candles with familiar scents, sparking stories of days gone by, knowing that you will love them as much as we do”, which just makes my heart fizz.

For the travel lover: German Cuckoo Clock£280

This is definitely something worth splashing out on, if you have a travel lover in your life. Particularly one who loves Germany! This beautiful  traditional 1 day cuckoo clock is handcrafted in the Black Forest of Germany. It’s in the traditional design of an A-frame chalet house that has a moving figurine chopping wood in addition to the cuckoo’s call.

A 1 day running time means that you must wind the clock once per day, but if you prefer more convenience you can also find 8 day running time that needs winding only once per week, or quartz clocks that are battery-operated. There’s such a wide range of cuckoo clocks to choose from at the Original Cuckoo Clock Shop that you’ll find the perfect gift for the German-lovers on your holiday list. 

You can grab a 10% discount on your Christmas purchase at Just enter the code “Christmas” in the Promotional code field in the shopping cart and you can also find Cuckoo Clocks over on Facebook.

Which gifts from this list stand out for you? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know!


  1. Nice list, Interesting that I have never thought of Christmas books before. I also love the idea of the teas,

  2. I love the look of that Christmas tea set! I am definitely a tea fanatic so this sounds like an amazing gift. My family also love tea so I’m definitely tempted to pick it up.
    Some great gifts here thanks for sharing x

  3. Love this gift guide Jenny, there’s some great ideas. especially the jigsaw puzzle. Also books are a great stocking filler. I’ve been reading much more this year, I already know what books I’m gifting which is exciting. Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to see part two.


  4. I love CHRISTMAS! And I’m so ready this year with all the gift guides! I love your photos, Jeny. So beautil and attractive. I like the candle and the book – they’re such an amazing ideas for Christmas x

  5. I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner 🙂 Your photos made me feel the festivities even closer.

  6. Books are an amazing stocking filler! They’re my favourite present to receive as it’s something to look forward to reading when you get into bed on Christmas night, almost like when you’re a child and you get excited to play with your toys on Christmas day haha x

      1. Hi Jenny, I loved this post and will be including it as a link in my Monday monthly wrap up post. Please let me know if you prefer it is removed. Thanks 😊

  7. I can’t believe that Christmas is coming around the corner. I love the idea of tea as a gift!! You can’t go wrong with this adulting gift hehe. Love the availability of the accessories for the Apple watch now! Also can’t go wrong with candles too. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    Nancy ✨

  8. You have some great options here. I am IN LOVE with the idea of the personalized jigsaw puzzle. Not only does it have a fun, personal touch (not just your run of the mill design that everyone else has), but it’s also an activity that we can enjoy at home at a time when many people are trying to avoid feeling bored. Win/win!

  9. Yaaas I love Christmas and all that comes with it! I especially love the eco friendly scrubbers, what cute patterns and I love that they’re compostable. I bet the Bakewell candle smells lovely too! Becca x

  10. The Soy candle is my hands down favourite of these! I’m it even close to having my Christmas guide up so you’ve given me some momentum!

  11. I am so ready for Christmas too, and I started my Christmas shopping months ago. 😂 Got to have something to look forward to. The Asda personalised jigsaw is such a good idea, and I’ve put it on my list for my mum – just have to find a decent photo first. Thank you for sharing, this is such a great gift guide to have on hand!

  12. So many great looking gift ideas here. You can never go wrong with the candles, love the sound of the eoc-scrubber too. Off to order a Hugo jigsaw…x


  13. This is a great post, and kind of kicked me up my bum that I need to start doing some Christmas shopping!! I am absolutely in love with the personalised puzzle. And from Asda?! Wow!!!

  14. You have included some amazing gifts here, I want absolutely everything haha! Those candles and wax melts sound incredible, especially the Bakewall Tart scent! How cute is that cookoo clock too!

  15. These are some great ideas! We have a German cuckoo clock ever since before I was born, it looks similar to that picture and it is beautiful! I do love some of the Eco range and that jigsaw. I have pretty much nearly got everyone’s Christmas presents, just a couple of bits left to get xx

  16. I think we’re all eager for Christmas to come this year! I love the look of these gifts, especially the Christmas tea set – think I’ll have to buy that one for myself… x

    Sophie |

  17. I wish I had a personalised jigsaw to do now we are back in lockdown! I think I might get right on that and get some for my brother’s puppy! This is a great first gift ideas post, definitely getting me in the mood for christmas!

  18. Lovely post Jenny, I have been looking for some eco-friendly/vegan friendly presents for my friend and couldn’t find anywhere but Amazon and really feel companies should be making the money not Amazon! So thank you, will be checking out your suggestions!

  19. I have so many Christmas gift guides in the making right now that I am ridiculously excited!

    I love these ideas. I’ve already added that book to my goodreads as it looks right up my street. Last year Rob and I went to York and saw the most amazing cuckoo clocks in a shop there, since then I have been lusting after one!

    Great Guide Jenny, I want it all x x

  20. I LOVE Christmas gift guide time of year! I am going to buy everything that makes me happy this year – so lets of candles and personalised bits. I know someone who would love that jigsaw!


  21. There’s some gorgeous ideas here. Fairytale candles sound amazing… I don’t have to actually buy them for other people, right? Just myself? I’ve been in denial that Christmas is now next month and I’m normally done on my Christmas shopping and haven’t even started, so thanks for the great suggestions!

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