I know we’re all absolutely SICK of everyone saying this but WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE? IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER. Time really does fly when you’re stuck in your house doing nothing for 5 months of the year, doesn’t it? Although we’ve all had to adjust to this new normal, things definitely feel a bit more settled right now. And I’m sure most people will agree that we’re well on our way into the best part of the year. AUTUMN. So today I wanted to share 60 Halloween blog post ideas for you to use to help you capture the best season of the year!

Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Photo by Andrei Ianovskii on Unsplash

Although Halloween will probably look very different this year, with a lack of house parties and probably a lot of people opting out of trick or treating for safety reasons, there’s still plenty of ways we can celebrate Halloween in 2020. In fact, I think it’s important that we DO still try and celebrate these occasions this year and remind ourselves that there are fun things to look forward to and that the world won’t be like this forever!

And as for blogging, I love it when the holidays roll around because bloggers really do go ALL OUT with their content. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter and Halloween are the best times of the year for bloggers to get creative and share holiday themed content. Halloween blog posts are some of my favourite too because in case you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE horror fan!

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So if you want to try and embrace Halloween this year on your blog, this post is for you! Here are 60 Halloween blog post ideas, split into 6 different niches, so you can pick and choose which ones are the most appropriate for you!

Here are 60 Halloween blog post ideas for every niche!

Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Books, films, entertainment:

  1. Top 10 Horror Reads Perfect For October
  2. 10 Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween
  3. 5 Favourite True Crime Podcasts
  4. 4 Crime Documentaries To Watch This Halloween
  5. Top 5 Disney Villains
  6. My Favourite Book / Film Antagonists
  7. Scary TV Shows To Add To Your Watch List
  8. 5 Spooky YouTube Channels To Binge Watch This Halloween
  9. 5 Best Horror Video Games To Add To Your Buy List TODAY
  10. 5 Characters I’d Love With Me In a Zombie Apocalypse

Beauty & fashion:

  1. Halloween Make Up Look Using *insert make up brand here*
  2. Costume Make Up Tutorial: *insert character here*
  3. How To Style A Black *insert clothing item here* In 5 Ways
  4. Top Spooky Picks From *insert clothing brand here*
  5. How To Create *insert character here* Hairstyle
  6. Fashion and Beauty Halloween Haul
  7. How To Create a Spooky Make Up Look
  8. How To Create a Costume From Your Wardrobe
  9. Villain Inspired Outfit Ideas
  10. 4 Best Palettes For Halloween Inspired Make Up

Parenting & family:

  1. How To Celebrate Halloween At Home With the Kids
  2. Kid Friendly Snacks To Make This Halloween
  3. Fun Halloween Games To Play
  4. Top 10 Cute Halloween Costumes For Kids
  5. 5 Family Costume Ideas
  6. Easy Halloween Crafts To Make This Year
  7. Low COVID Risk Ways To Celebrate Halloween With the Family
  8. 10 Kid Friendly Halloween Movies To Watch
  9. 7 Things To Include In Halloween Goodie Bags
  10. 5 Healthy Halloween Treats Perfect For Kids


  1. X Things I’ll Miss About Halloween This Year Due To COVID
  2. Halloween Gift Guide For Bloggers
  3. X Perfect Places To Take Halloween Themed Insta Shots
  4. How To Have a Cozy Halloween Night In
  5. How To Have a Zero-Waste Halloween This Year
  6. X Things I Love About Halloween
  7. Halloween Home Decor Haul
  8. 20+ Halloween Props To Use In Your Photos
  9. How I’ve Decorated My Bedroom / Office / Garden For Halloween
  10. 10 Famous People I’d Invite To My Halloween Party

Food & cooking:

  1. 5 Pumpkin Recipes To Try This Halloween
  2. Healthy Alternatives To Halloween Candy
  3. The Perfect 3 Course Halloween Meal
  4. Halloween Themed Cocktail Recipes to Try At Home
  5. How To Turn Every Day Meals Halloween Inspired
  6. Halloween Themed Table Set Up Ideas
  7. Halloween Cupcake / Cookie / Ice Cream / Dessert Recipe
  8. Halloween Finger Food Ideas
  9. The Best Restaurants in *insert place here& To Visit This Halloween
  10. How To Make Your Own Halloween Candy


  1. 5 Spooky Places Around the World I’d Love To Visit
  2. Ghost Hunting Bucket List Destinations
  3. 3 Spooky Ghost Stories From Around the World
  4. How Different Countries Celebrate Halloween
  5. Top Tips For Visiting Disney At Halloween
  6. How To Celebrate Halloween If You’re Travelling
  7. Halloween Events + Celebrations Around the World
  8. 5 Haunted Hotels You’d Love To Stay In
  9. How To Make the Most of Halloween If You’re On A Plane
  10. 10 Halloween Inspired Travel Shots For Instagram

Halloween Blog Post Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween blog post ideas for every niche! Please tag me in any you use – I’d love to read them!


  1. Ohh I love this post! I wanted to do a couple more Halloween posts! I’ve got a haunted house post up already but I feel like I need a couple more to really get into the season.


  2. Hey Jenny, thanks for these suggestions! Wherever I’m from, we do not celebrate Halloween, but I might just adapt some of these ideas here and spin it in my context. Thanks for giving me some content ideas to think about. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read some of your Halloween-themed content too. Also, I love how you changed your Twitter profile to match the season. I hadn’t thought of that!

  3. Hallowe’en is my favourite day of the year so how lovely to read such ideas! I’m thrilled that October is here yet also all too aware that the time will race away and that Hallowe’en will be over too quickly!

  4. Excellent ideas here Jenny! I think I’ll be setting aside next October for a full month of themed posts and guest posts. This year crept up on me with everything going on. Not to be un-creative but I’ll certainly be borrowing some of these next year!

  5. thank you so much for these suggestions! I love halloween so much and I was wondering how I was going to incorporate that into my blog

  6. What an excellent list Jenny! I love it! So many great ideas and I definitely am in need of some inspiration for this month. I appreciate this great list topics. Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG girl, you are a life-saver! I did not know what to post and have been thinking for about a week or 2 on what I should post lol This post came to me at the perfect time! I might post something on Halloween props and foods for like a little DIY halloween party for my sisters, a coze night in sleepover style, or local “haunted” halloween spots to visit.

    Grislean | gemlesschosen.com

  8. I was so busy with early Christmas gifts last year that I didn’t have time for halloween content but I want to try this year x

  9. I am SO excited for Halloween and all of the spooky season content coming out!!! This is my favourite time of year, hands down. I celebrate year-round, but this is the time when everyone else gets to celebrate with me lol

  10. Blogtober is practically writing itself. You’re the second blog that has listed out great posts for October. Im also participating this year, but I plan to bombard the internet with information on Dyslexia. It’s Dyslexia Awareness Month, a subject near and dear to my heart.

    Congrats on a good start to the month. I’ll be back soon to read more for sure!

  11. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and when I was thinking to make a roundup of all my Halloween posts, I realized in my 3 1/2 years of blogging, I’ve only made 1 Halloween post!? All I could think of was “how could this be!?”. I’m definitely thinking of making some Halloween content this year, so thanks for helping me with some brainstorming xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

  12. I’ve started making my Christmas recipes but it hit me earlier this week I hadn’t planned anything at all for Halloween so far this year. I do have a couple of pumpkin recipes planed though, just because they’re in season so I think I read this at the right time. Don’t be surprised if you see an x amount of pumpkin recipes post coming soon 😂 x


  13. I know what you mean this year really has just flown by its pretty crazy!! Even though its been pretty chaotic, I also feel like its been quite a chill year for me. I am so excited for halloween, its definitely my favourite holiday! These are all fab ideas, thank you for sharing them! xx

  14. Thank you so so much for all of these wonderful Halloween blog ideas! I’ve been feeling really low lately – Halloween is my favourite season but for some reason I’m just… not… feeling it? But reading these really inspires me to do at least one Halloween blog post! Fingers crossed that’ll get me in the spooky mood!

  15. Jenny, you have inspired me! I did have a post idea for around Halloween, but all the current restrictions have basically rendered it useless. So I’ve been trying to think of an alternative. After reading this I now have a couple of ideas ‘brewing’ 🤣 Thank you for this post!

  16. I really have no idea how we are nearly in October, September really just lasted 4 days, no idea how we came to the end of it so quickly! Autumn is literally hands down the best time of year, perfect weather, best seasonal drinks – a whole package deal!

    Halloween definitely will be different this year – especially with trick or treating, don’t think that’s happening this year at all for safety reasons. I feel like the best way to celebrate halloween is putting on films! The classic ones! Like Twitches, Halloween Town, or Hocus Pocus!

    I love the variety of topics/niche you’ve included! I feel like I haven’t written seasonal content per se in my blogging life but it is always so much fun to read, perhaps I may just start this year, it definitely seems like a lot of fun!


  17. I love to start reading seasonal content from writers as we head toward Halloween and the holidays! There are always those people who share new and creative ideas; there is nothing more inspiring then doing something old with a new spin or trying something different.

  18. This was a really helpful list, love some of these ideas! It’s going to be so weird not going out for Halloween this year but hopefully I will do something at home instead because I really enjoy it x


  19. Ooh I LOVE this! I honestly wasn’t sure I’d find anything because I’m awful with anything spooky/scary and tend to avoid it like crazy. But then you went and slipped in top Disney villains and now you’ve got the ideas churning… Love it, thank you!

  20. While I love the fun costumes and cute, cheesy movies that come with Halloween, I’m soooo not into the spooky element. So it’s tough for me to be creative with my blog posts around this time of year. I got some good ideas from this post! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I hadn’t thought about doing anything blog-related for Hallowe’en but you’ve collated a brilliant selection of ideas. I love the cosy night in for Hallowe’en suggestion – I might have to give that one a go – and Flora can get creative in the kitchen as well! xx

  22. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Though this year it’s definitely different, I love how you’ve listed out Halloween blog post ideas relevant to the lockdown. I’ve gotten inspiration from your blog post ideas list and am thinking about writing a post about my fave Halloween films that are not scary. 🙂

  23. I am so beyond excited for all the spooky content. I wavered on doing Blogtober for quite a while but recently committed to putting the work into it… Why not celebrate the BEST time of year online? Right?

  24. Some great ideas here. I’ve always loved Halloween, I’m hoping it’s something my toddler will enjoy more as he gets older. I also love the idea of doing Halloween themed cocktails!

  25. These are some incredible ideas! I really love the food section alot and will definitely be using some of these ideas x

  26. Thanks for this. I was interested to see your suggestions for travel blogs. I don’t have any of these ideas on my list of works in progress, but that’s mainly down to the fact that I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. 🙂
    Good general inspiration, however.

  27. You’re so right tho, this year has been both the longest and the quickest in my mind! I love Halloween, I don’t know if kids will be able to trick or treat this year but I’m already planning my own mini halloween party! I’ve already started watching scary films and Ratched!


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