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What makes me comment on a blog post? 

Blog comments are like, a huge thing if you’re a blogger. Some bloggers feel like a failure if they don’t receive comments on their posts (you’re not), some rely on the comments in order to feel like a success, some literally don’t care at all and there’s a whole multitude of attitudes towards the old blog comment. I also always see people wonder why they’re not getting comments and contemplating what they’re doing wrong. Since I started my blog, I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve always received comments. That’s not me being big headed, it’s a fact. But I don’t wanna do a typical “how to get more comments” type post because it’s probably been done to death. I wanted to talk about what makes me comment on a blog post and similarly, what makes me not. What I look for in a post which makes me comment. Which hopefully, you can apply to your own posts! 

1. A question at the end of the post: I’ve always done this and I find if the blogger is asking a direct question and wants to know what their readers think, I’m more likely to leave a comment.

2. A personable style of writing: If I’m reading a post which is very fact based and sounds like a school text-book, I probably won’t comment. But if the writing style is fun and quirky and reflects the blogger, I’m much more likely to want to speak to them!

3. Photos: This is just one thing that makes me wanna comment on a post; especially if it’s say a trace style post where photos are vital. If a blogger has amazing photos, I’m again more likely to comment on them! But photos aren’t everything!

4. Not begging for comments: If a blogger is begging for comments, I won’t comment. I take part in comment threads regularly and this has helped me find so many amazing blogs I wouldn’t have found before but I’ve never seen anyone beg for comments during these threads.

5. Incoherent posts: I think this is pretty obvious but if I can’t understand a post; if the format is so bad I can’t read it combined with awful spelling and grammar which is all over the show, I probably won’t comment. I’m not a grammar wizard myself – far from it. But I like to think my posts are easy to read!

6. Really long posts: There is always an exception to this one but 9 times out of 10, if a blog post is too long I’ll probably give up before the end, therefore won’t comment.

7. Personal topics: I love personal posts where a blogger lays everything bare and talks about a really important subject. This is always more likely to get a comment from me as I think it’s important people share their opinions on personal and difficult topics – to make it less taboo and more normalised.

Do you have any of your own to add to this list? What makes you comment on a post? What puts you off commenting on a post? 

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  1. […] to thank those who are taking their own time to comment on your work. Replies to comments may also encourage new comments, if readers know their comments isn’t just going to fizzle out into the abyss and never get […]

  2. I’m definitely one to click off if the post is too long or unreadable for whatever reason. I like headings and bullet points to showcase pieces of information. If I’ve found a post useful or it’s touched me in some way I’ll comment and will usually comment back – maybe not on the bloggers most recent post if it doesn’t interest me personally but I can always find one that does.

  3. I just started a blog today, my first time since high school. I’ve always loved writing and interacting with people through written word. I do tend to feel like a failure if I’m just not getting responses like I hope… speaking of FB mostly. It’s not necessarily that I want to feel validated just because someone commented, I want to strike up conversation. Get thoughts flowing. Create new ideas for my art and my projects. With social media being such a huge popularity contest these days, us little guys don’t get heard. It’s just nice to know someone is listening to you AND really thinking about what you’ve said… or posted. 🙂

    1. For sure – it can be so hard to get noticed but everyone starts somewhere and perseverance and hard work will pay off!

  4. I’m actually less likely to comment on personal posts, because I always feel a little uncomfortable leaving a comment on something so personal. I overthink it, and worry that I’ll say the wrong thing and put my foot in my mouth!

    1. I get that. It’s difficult when it’s a personal post about something you have no experience in too!

  5. This is very helpful! I just started my blog so ill definitely keep these tips in mind!

    1. Glad you found them helpful (:

  6. I comment when I can relate to a post or have something to add. Most of what you wrote in this post describe me as well when it comes to leaving a comment.

    1. I like it when a reader has something productive to add to a post (:

  7. I’ve recently started a new blog and finding my way around how I want my blog to look & be! This is really interesting to read, I was amazed when I got my first comment and to be honest its not something I worry about just nice to receive. thanks for this, I’m going to give some of them a go

    1. Good luck on your blogging venture! Any advice you need you can always drop me an email (: xx

  8. happyroxanne says:

    Good post! Really liked it and it’s really helpful 🙂 I am doing most things on the list so I am hoping to get a few comments😊👍🏻

    1. That’s great! (:

  9. Well said. If the post is well written or touches me, then I want the writer to know.

    1. Absolutely! We should all make more time to tell creatives if they work means something to us!

      1. Yes!

  10. I comment when I feel like there’s something I can add to the conversation, so I’m more likely to comment on discussion style blog posts. And yeah all of the above too 😛

    1. I agree – that’s what I like writing discussion posts, often the comments are better than the post!

  11. This is such a neat idea for a post!! It was cool to read what makes you take the time to comment! Good pictures are definitely a winner for me. If it’s a topic I’m specifically interested in or, just the opposite, if it’s something I have no idea about, but catches my interest. Honest and open posts where people lay things out are good too

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said (:

  12. I love commenting on artists blogs.

  13. Great article. I try to add questions at the end of my blogs.

  14. ericarobyn says:

    Wonderful post!! I am also a big fan of when people add questions to the end of their posts 🙂

    -Erica of Erica Robyn Reads

    1. I think I’ve done that in 98% of my posts for years; I just don’t like ending a post abruptly!

  15. This is such a good list! I like getting comments because I love talking to people, but one thing that really makes me want to comment is the topic. If it’s a thought piece, chances are I’m going to comment because I love those! Additionally, I love advice posts like these! Just reading a different perspective and thoughts really encourages me to comment!


    1. Thought pieces and advice are always a good commenter!

  16. I get what you mean with this post. If the post is too long however and i click with the post, i often comment

    1. Some posts can be far too long, I’ll find myself clicking off it halfway through unless I’m 100% invested

      1. I get you

  17. Really interesting post! I often have to remember the difference between views and comments when I looking at my blogging stats and to know that just because someone hasn’t commented doesn’t mean that they did not enjoy reading the post or that the post was rubbish!

    1. Yes absolutely! Such an important thing to remember. Some people just don’t have time to comment on every post they read, unfortunately!

  18. Covet Luxe says:

    Thanks for this post, I really need to start adding questions to the end of my posts as I like it when others do. I like commenting when the post has been informative to me and I’ve gained something from it x

    1. Yes me too, definitely. I like the blogger to know they’ve reached someone with what they’re saying.

  19. fayejessica says:

    Totally agree with all of these. What an interesting post. It’s good to know how others feel about commenting.

    1. I find it interesting too!

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