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Remember back in April when we were all in the first stages of the stricter lockdown and anyone who had a birthday mentioned that they had a “lockdown birthday”? Well little did we know then that actually, unless your birthday was in January, February or the beginning of March, we were ALL going to have a lockdown birthday. As I’m sure most of us didn’t expect COVID and the craziness of this year so far to go on for as long as it has.

Moonpig Birthday

But alas, we’re here, at the end of September and I doubt any of us have had a “normal” birthday this year. Whether you were stuck in complete lockdown for yours, couldn’t see your loved ones or your birthday venue was shut, this situation really has impacted all of us.

But whether we like it or not, birthdays will always come around, whatever is going on in the world and we might as well make the most of it regardless. I think that’s the motto I’m going to take from this year, “might as well make the most of it” because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that absolutely none of us know what’s around the corner.

So today I want to share a few tips on how to make a 2020 birthday special. Whether that’s your birthday that’s still to come or a loved ones birthday. And Moonpig are here to help me do that! It was my Mum’s birthday on 22nd September and Moonpig kindly sent me some goodies to help celebrate. I’ve used Moonpig MANY times in the past and I’d always recommend their birthday gifts and personalized birthday cards.

Let’s take a look at what we received in the Moonpig hamper:

The White Wine Hamper

Moonpig White Wine Hamper

I’ve actually ordered this hamper for my Mum myself in the past, so I already know she’ll love this. A cute little hamper of wine (you can choose from a red wine or Proscco hamper too), roses and Thorntons chocolates in a sweet little basket. These are ideal for birthdays, Mother’s Day or perhaps a little pick-me-up.

Happy Birthday Balloon

Moonpig Birthday Balloon

Can’t have a birthday without balloons so this will be a nice addition to the decorations I’ll do for her on her actual birthday. I’m pretty impressed with how this got delivered so safely too! I can’t imagine delivering a delicate balloon is the easiest thing in the world.

Sea Salt and Lavendar Two-Wick Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle

Both of us are huge candle lovers, ESPECIALLY Yankee Candle. So I know she’s going to be absolutely thrilled with this. I’ve never smelt this scent before but it’s absolutely beautiful and the square jars from Yankee look so lovely on the mantelpiece.

Lavender Garden Sleep Mask

Lavender Sleep Mask

Keeping with the lavender theme (which I absolutely loved!) is this gorgeous sleep mask. This mask is super high quality and it’s filled with dried lavender so you know the scent is going to be absolutely amazing before you even open it.

Lavender Garden Pillow Mist

Lavender Pillow Mist

And finally, we got the lavender pillow mist which I’ve sprayed generously myself already and I can confirm it’s absolutely beautiful. I love pillow mists and I find them incredibly relaxing to go to sleep to, so me and Mum will definitely be sharing this!

Birthday cards

Moonpig Cards

I was also kindly given some Moonpig credit to order some birthday cards for her so I got one from me, one from Dad and one from the dog (of course). I don’t think I’ve gone to a shop and bought a card for around 5 years as I always use Moonpig because I love their huge range of cards and the personalization options for them!

Doing birthday shopping on the go? Download the Moonpig app and use coede APP20CA for 20% off birthday cards! Download the app here!*

* Promotion ends end of October

How to make a 2020 birthday special:

Let go of all and any expectations

Even if establishments are open again, I would still suggest letting go of all expectations for your / your loved ones birthday. This year is unpredictable. It’s going to continue being unpredictable. So if you’ve made plans for your birthday, accept that some people might not be able to go last minute, accept that there might be changes within the Government guidelines or that an establishment might have to shut.

Appreciate the little things in life

This year, chances are you’re not going to be going all out with your birthday. No massive party or fancy holiday to celebrate. But accept that that’s OKAY. It sucks for sure but it’s okay. Instead, try and embrace and appreciate the little things in life EVEN MORE this year. Because I feel like 2020 has tried to teach us that too.

Do something you love at home

I know, we’ve spent the majority of our lives at home this year already. But your home has kept you safe this year, when COVID was raging outside. So instead of going out for whatever reason, plan to do something you love at home instead. Whether that’s a game night, your favourite takeaway with your family or spending your entire birthday, curled up in your duvet, watching Desperate Housewives. Do you.

Just eat the cake

This year has been rough, man. So I beg of you, just forget calories and diets and fitness for one day and eat the damn cake. You deserve it. I had the most delicious Galaxy Ripple cake for my birthday at the beginning of December and I promise you, it lasted about 45 minutes.

Make plans for next year instead

Of course be wary because I don’t think any of us know how long this COVID situation is truly going to last and how much of a lasting impact it’s going to have on all our lives. But a great way to celebrate your birthday is to make some extra special, kick-ass plans for your birthday next year instead. Heck, book yourself a holiday. Why not?

How are you making your birthday or a loved ones birthday special this year?


  1. This hamper looks lovely!! I totally agree that this year has been more about the little things, but that makes it nicer in a way. I love the card from Rory, great pose, 10/10 model. Clever boy for making his own card x

  2. Oh, Jenny, this is just BEAUTIFUL. I had no idea Moonpig were able to do all of this, I thought they were just about cards and flowers. We’ve all had our birthdays for this year but as mine’s at the beginning of February, I think I’m going to have to treat myself to a Moonpig hamper now. I’m so pleased your mum had a lovely birthday and she’s very lucky you are only sharing some of her treats, personally I’d have pinched the candle for myself entirely! xxx

  3. We have been working hard to make our birthdays special…even though it may be different this year. Next up, the task of taking on the holidays and how to do things safely but still make them special. Thanks for the insight on birthdays.

  4. These are all lovely gifts! I tend to get birthday cards from Moonpig throughout the year but have recently started looking at getting presents from there too. Luckily my birthday was in January so didn’t miss out on anything this year but so far I’m not too hopeful about how I’ll celebrate it in 2021 if things stay as they are xx

    Tiffany x

  5. I never realised Moonpig did so many great gifts. I had my birthday at the start of lockdown and certainly didn’t think we would be celebrating my dads birthday in September with so many restrictions. You’ve mentioned some great tips. I agree, we just need to make the most of what we have and can do.

  6. My birthday was during quarantine this year so it wasn’t very fun lol but these are such great ideas to celebrate and make it special. Thanks for sharing!

  7. That looks like such a great gift basket! I want all of those things haha. I got a pillow mist for the first time recently and it smells sooo good on my pillow when I go to bed!

  8. Aw this is great Jenny! I have a birthday coming up next week and can say it’s not going to be the big 3-0 I really expected. But, I definitely will be making future plans to celebrate it. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  9. Mine and my partners birthday went by with little fuss, which is how I like it to be honest. But not how she likes it 🤣

    Next up is my daughters in December, and I’m not quite sure what we are going to do yet.

  10. Well, this year I was lucky enough to have a nice afternoon tea with my husband, so I feel completely happy about my lockdown bday. There was no big party, as you said, but I truly apprectiated every little moment and I think that’s the important part.

    The bday gift box is such a useful and cute idea! Totally adding it to my radar for friends and family! Many thanks!

  11. This hamper looks amazing! Moonpig really know how to make a birthday special, that lavender mask and pillow spray will ensure the best night sleep! They’ve really got the relaxation down with that hamper, very luxurious x
    I had an end of lockdown birthday and my housemates made it really special with personalised cards and fun games. I turned 22 but there’s nothing wrong with a treasure hunt when you can’t go out to do anything else!xx

  12. My birthday was in February so I just missed the lockdown birthdays! My sister’s 21st is coming up next month though so I’ll definitely be borrowing some of these tips for that!

  13. Lucky Mumma Neverland! Hope she had a lovely day!

    Such lovely gifts. I used to run my own card making business and my delightful son was 3 at the time and used to sing at me ALL the time! 🤬

    Now though I use them for everything! I love the personalised cards and the fact that you can send directly to people, so much easier!

    Great tips on how to celebrate, luckily I was July so was able to go out for lunch at least! It’s rob and the kids basically within a month in jan/feb so I think we will be at home for those so I will be checking out Moonpig to make theirs special x

  14. Lovely post with some thoughtful gift ideas and ways to celebrate a birthday, even with so many uncertainties at the moment! I definitely appreciated getting cards and gifts in the post for mine. And actually, I really loved finding quirky cards online and posting them to friends when we were in full lockdown mode. It’s been nice to appreciate the small things and quality time with loved ones again 🙂 x

  15. Those Moonpig gifts look so lovely, I didn’t know that they did gifts as well as cards. My birthday is in January so I thought I was lucky to be able to celebrate it before lockdown happened, but now it’s looking like I might have a ‘lockdown birthday’ after all. I agree with you that we might as well make the most of it, and try to appreciate the little things in life! Making bigger plans for the next birthday after lockdown is a great idea! xx

  16. I love Moonpig! Lovely post and that hamper is so cute, certainly a great pick-me-up present on a birthday. Lockdown birthdays have been a weird one but I think it’s all given us the time to appreciate you don’t need an extravagant outing to have a good time, it’s about who is around you that will make it special xx

  17. I love that card – made me laugh out loud! This is brilliant and I think we could use this service for my sister in law’s birthday as we definitely won’t see her. Both my husband & I had lockdown birthdays and we enjoyed them – the weather was really beautiful, we had lazy days, and Indian and cake! No champers for me as I’m on meds but he had my share! lol! x


  18. I’ve always thought I’m so lucky having bee born in January: I was among the first ones at school getting a drivers license, being allowed into clubs, becoming the official adult and all that ;D And also this year I was able to celebrate my birthday with the traditional Birthday Bash with all of my friends and family just like always. I assume this will not be the case next January, though, so this post will be of use. No birthday balloons for me, though, too much environmental damage in such a small item, haha. x

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  19. My birthday was during lockdown and it was right on top of when my original wedding date was supposed to be. I received loads of personalised stuff through the post (obviously, social distancing etc) and honestly, it made my day! I always go personalised because it really gives all the feels! I loooove this post girl!

  20. Me and my housemate’s birthdays were all during full lockdown – and final year exams – so we made sure to get each other personalised cards (moonpig ofc) and decorate with balloons and flowers✨ made it feel a lot more special given we couldn’t celebrate properly x

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