ad | I’m moving to the country. So naturally, I want my interior to look… like it belongs in the country. My partner and I bought our first home in February and are currently in the process of decorating. There seems to be a lot more decorating than we anticipated but we’re thoroughly enjoying getting stuck into the interior design process.

We are, more or less, re-designing most rooms with the exception of the kitchen (for now). Although we fell in love with the house straight away and knew it was the one we wanted, once we got the keys and spent some time there ourselves, we realised just how… wrong the interior was.

I mean, each to their own, of course. But it wasn’t our style at ALL and we realised then and there that this house needs a LOT of work. Luckily nothing too expensive or extreme – it’s not falling down – just some interior touches to really make the place feel like our own.

And of course, we had to consider what sort of decor style we would want in our own home. I’ve always loved country and cozy vibes and being as we’re moving to the country, what better place to adopt that sort of home interior?

To me, country vibes mean earthly, cozy and comfortable. I’m far from an interior designer, so I’m probably wrong but can you really be wrong when it comes to your own style?

For our living room and dining room particularly, we’re going for cozy country vibes. It’s one big room, which contains both the dining area and the living room, so we’re keeping a theme throughout.

We’ve gone for a lovely apple white on the wall and our beautiful sofa arrived THIS WEEK. It’s big, chunky and cozy with gorgeous fabric, adorned with scatter cushions and throw blankets galore.

So, what if you’re decorating and fancy adopting a more country style vibe to your home? From my (not so professional) opinion, here are some of the key things you should consider if you want this type of style in your home.

5 Ways To Create a Country Home Vibe:

Stay with a neutral colour scheme

You’re going to want to adopt a lot of beautiful, soft and neutral tones for your country-vibe home decor. Think cream, beige and brown. If you do want to go with some colour, then softer pastels will work with this.

Perhaps as a feature wall or incorporated into your furnishings, such as your cushions, a rug or blankets. A solid wood floor is a great asset to have in a country inspired home, as you can get creative with the type of style, colour and finish of the wood as well.

Lots of natural light

For a natural-inspired design, you’re not going to want to fill it with artificial light (however pretty it might look), so try and choose a room with a lot of natural light and big windows, that you can also cover with wooden shutters, to add another depth to your country vibe.

Opt for wood when buying your furniture

Although it might be a little more expensive, to get that full country feel of your room, wooden furniture is the way to go. Nothing screams “welcome to the country!” less than a nice big industrial style dining table.

And don’t be afraid of worn and weathered looking furniture. A country style decor often adheres to rustic style furniture, which can give such a beautiful touch to any space. Throw the word perfect out of the window.

Don’t be afraid of texture

Of course when it comes to texture, we more often think of things like soft furnishings. Your sofa, throw pillows, blankets etc. These are a GREAT addition for your country vibe and like I said, an excellent place to incorporate some of your more brighter colours.

But when we’re talking about texture, we also mean scratches, scrapes and imperfections which might be present in wooden furniture, countertops or ceiling beams. These are all features of a country-inspired home.

Bring the outdoors in

And finally, a great tip and a super easy way to bring a more country-esque vibe to your home and that’s to bring the outside, in. And there are a range of ways in which you can do this!

Of course, the most obvious is the use of plants. Pops of vibrant green in the form of plants is a great way to not only add colour and dimension but also give the house a calmer feel.

However, it doesn’t just stop there!

You can also bring the outside in in more subtle ways. For instance, artwork or kitchen wear (bread bins etc) that contain country style art work or drawing. Personally, I love Wrendale Design for all things cute and country-looking!

There are so many wonderful interior design options out there but if country home is for you, then these pointers are a good place to start.

You can also find that many of these are easy to incorporate if you’re on a budget and perhaps don’t have the money for a full renovation but would like to add a few touches to your home and give it a bit of a re-vamp.

I personally can’t wait to finish decorating our living and dining area and embrace and cozy, country vibes! Want to follow my home journey? Follow my Instagram for more!

Do you like a country home decor? What other tips would you add to this post?


  1. Some great tips here. I love the sound of apple white. I need to do a lot of interior decorating, we did it over 12 years ago and it needs a refresh. But we keep putting it off…the hassle of all the decorators and so on!

  2. Loving the country vibe you’re going for in your new home! The tips you’ve shared are spot-on, and I’m sure your living and dining areas will turn out cozy and inviting. Happy decorating!

  3. Country chic is very much me when it comes to interiors (and general life let’s say). We’re in the same boat as you guys, we’ve been in our house a year mind, and there’s still quite a bit to do to it to make it feel like our own. We’ll be using these tips though to make it countryfied! The dream is to have a Belfast sink and beautiful roll top bath! X

  4. Congratulations on your new home! Enjoy putting your own mark on it, we did exactly the same. Lovely ideas here for giving a house a homely feel

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