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Although it’s not quite as glamorous as getting your hair or your nails done, looking after your teeth, mouth and oral hygiene is a super important part of our self care regime and general everyday wellness. Yes, we’re all taught to brush our teeth twice a day as a child – which is great – but as we get older, we may need some additional help and care to keep our mouths clean and healthy.

Smile Brilliant

But as we get older we ALSO realize that things like teeth whitening can be mega expensive (something they don’t teach you in school). Some people simple can’t afford the extortionate prices that dentists charge for teeth whitening and dental treatment, so it’s no surprise so many people suffer with problems in their mouth as they get older. Which is where Smile Brilliant come in perfectly!

Introducing Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant are made up of dental professionals with over 30 years of experience and provide high quality mouth and oral hygiene products for a fraction of the price. They understand that no-one is immune to yellowing teeth, with our teeth absorbing the colors of our food through microscopic pores every day – it simply can’t be avoided!

Their lab-direct process makes achieving professional results at an affordable price easy. They started in 2013 with a revolutionary at-home whitening system:

  • This system allows customers to create custom-fitted, professional teeth whitening trays by simply taking an impression of their teeth at home and dropping it in the mail to Smile Brilliant’s dental lab. The exact system that dentist provides for at-home whitening treatment but at a fraction of the price (which are typically $500+)!
  • Smile Brilliant allow the highest at-home strength of whitening gel and a unique solution to combat tooth sensitivity & block re-staining while whitening

But they also know that yellowing teeth can sometimes cause confidence issues and having a whiter smile is a simple way to improve that confidence in their customers. So without splashing out hundreds (if not thousands) on dentist treatments or over the counter gimmicks which don’t work – they took matters into their own hands.

From whitening trays to water flossers to toothbrush heads and more, Smile Brilliant have everything you could need for that wonderful healthy, white smile, but at 70% LESS than the dentists costs and 3-5x faster. Wowzers! Before we get into their fantastic dental probiotics, a few of their stand out products include:

  • Water Flosser: flosses teeth more effectively and comfortably using targeted water pressure
  • Custom Night Guard System: custom guards that protects teeth at night from grinding & clenching
  • Plaque Highlighters: for kids and adults – use temporary oral dye to show areas plaque is gathering so it can be removed by good brushing

Consider using dental probiotics 

So what exactly do oral probiotics do?

Dental probiotics allow healthy bacteria in the mouth and sinuses to crowd out bad bacteria and improve your body’s ability to fight decay, disease, and infection. An effective cold immune support supplement as well as probiotics for bad breath and a healthier mouth!

Most of us have heard of probiotics for maintaining intestinal (gut) health, but probiotics have actually been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body, for skincare and dental care in particular.

Like other types, dental probiotics shift the balance of the existing bacterial composition (microbiome) toward an increased population of “good bacteria”, improving the overall health & fortitude of the area. What that means for us, is that our mouths are healthier with:

  • Reduced plaque and tartar
  • Less cavities
  • Less gum inflammation
  • Reducing the likeliness of bad breath

But this amazing protection also extends into our ear, nose and throats, therefore providing us with extra flu immune suppose and protection against viruses and infections, like those that start in the sinuses or ears.

The Smile Brilliant probiotics are an extension of your daily teeth cleaning. They’re small, chewable tablets in a pleasant pomegranate flavour, which are to be chewed slowly after brushing. By taking these dental probiotics, you are actively building and replenishing your microbiome which has been clinically studied to be vital in maintaining a healthy mouth and immunity.

Fancy a discount?

If you want to purchase some for yourself now, then head over to the wonderful Smile Brilliant site and use code jennyinneverland20 for 20% off your order! You’re able to purchase 30, 60 or 90 day supplies to get started on improving your oral health and your overall immune support as soon as possible!

Do you use dental probiotics in your daily mouth care or oral hygiene routine?


  1. This sounds like a great product and I’ve never heard of dental probiotics before. I think I’ll have a discussion with my dentist at my next visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn’t even know they existed but I love the idea. Anything that can prevent cavities sounds like an absolute win for me. Thanks for sharing!

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