ad | As someone who was absolutely besotted by their dog, I can totally understand how people can be obsessed with their pets. I feel like we’re more obsessed with our furry, four-legged friends now more than ever.

I sadly lost my dog Rory last July and I miss him so much, every day. He’s still a part of my life, which I think is an important part of dealing with losing a pet. We still talk about it, we still have photos of him everywhere, we still keep his ashes where his beloved bed used to be.

Although things like that certainly aren’t for everyone – each to their own when it comes to pet grief and loss – when your pet is very much alive, you’re much more likely to want to embrace the “pet-obsessed” persona.

Pets are such an important part of our lives and they definitely are members of the family. If you’re not a pet person, then you won’t understand that and that’s okay. But it’s not cool to put someone down who is a huge pet lover and spends a lot of time, effort and money on their pet.

In this post, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the pet-obsessed person in your life. In my experience, when it comes to birthdays, Christmas, Fathers or Mothers day and you know a pet lover, you can’t go wrong with a pet-themed gift!

7 Gift Ideas for the Pet-Obsessed Person in Your Life:

Customized pet portrait

I actually have a few pet portraits of Rory, some that I was lucky enough to win online, one I bought my Mum and also one that one of my friends got made for me, the Christmas after he died, which was a really sweet gesture.

There are SO MANY incredibly talented artists out there who do pet portraits in various different artistic mediums, from digital prints, pencil drawings, watercolour and more.

Photo cushion

Photo cushions are so cute and whilst you might not want your dogs face on a cushion in your posh living room, they can be great for use on your bed, in your office or even in the car! A photo cushion is also a really affordable gift idea and one that everyone will love.

Personalized photo blanket

I have one of these with a photo of me and Rory on and I absolutely love it. Now that he’s gone, it’s such a lovely keepsake. So getting a personalised blanket for a friend or family member who’s obsessed with their pet will do the same for them.

You can buy an array of personalized items from MYPICTURE, including a personalised blanket and photo cushion, as mentioned above. And if you use code NEVERLAND15, you can get 15% off your purchase until 31st December – which allows you to get your orders in before Christmas!

Keychain with a photo of your pet on

A really simple and really affordable gift idea for someone who loves their pet and that’s a keychain with their image on. Most people drive, so you know this will get used.

Pet and owner photo-shoot

If you want to be super extra and have a photo shoot with your dog, I’m NOT one to judge. I personally did loads of photo shoots with Rory and they were so cute and wholesome.

But as a gift idea goes, this could be a really special one, if you have a larger budget and really want to treat your loved one (and their pet!)

A calendar

Every single year for around 6 years, I would make my Mum a digital calendar with our dog on every single month. It was a tradition for sure and I used to absolutely love making them as Winter rolled around every year.

Again, something else that’s practical – we all use calendars – but with that lovely personal touch for the person who loves their pet.

Paw print kit

Get them a gift that they can then make themselves. These super cute pet paw print kits talk you through how to get the perfect paw print of your dog (I don’t think cats would agree to this!) for you to then frame or do as you wish with!

There are so many cute and fun gifts you can get for pet lovers. I find pet lovers actually super easy to buy for because having a pet you’re obsessed with isn’t a hobby that you’re going to grow out of.

A pet is for life and most of us are absolutely obsessed with our pets (and rightly so), so gift ideas of this nature will always go down well.

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet-obsessed person in your life?


  1. These are some lovely gift ideas for people with pets. I am always looking at the pet isle to see if there is anything my pets would like. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

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