I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty well-versed in the work from home culture by now, with many people having had to make the switch during the pandemic. I’ve worked from home long before the pandemic started, so have a lot of experience in the good, the bad and the ugly of it. In this post, I’m going to share my personal 14 positives and negatives of working from home.

Positives and Negatives of Working From Home

I’ve been working from home for over 6 years now. I started my blog, then started my book touring business, then my blog turned into my full-time career and that’s where we are today.

I have a lot of experience of working from home and have accumulated MANY pros and cons of it from my own personal perspective.

I understand that to some, it might seem like the absolute dream. But, like with most things in life, there are good and bad points and it certainly don’t work for everyone. 

If working from home is something you want to do, good for you! In this post, I’m sharing my own positives and negatives of working from home so you can get a broader insight into the good and the bad!

Here are my own personal positives and negatives of working from home:

Positives and Negatives of Working From Home

Positives of working from home:

Ability to work however you feel physically comfortable

Whether that’s your home office, working from your bed or working from a coffee shop, remote working gives you the freedom to work in a way in which you deem more comfortable. This is likely going to increase productivity and time management.

You can also include working in your pyjamas in this. I don’t personally work in my pjs but I do tend to stick to comfy clothes because I find jeans and tight fitting garments quite uncomfortable, which I’d likely have to wear if I went into an office.

More control over your daily work life choices

Following on from the above, working from home gives you more control over your daily work life choices. Choosing to work in your pyjamas because you find that more comfortable is one thing.

But you can also have more choice on when you eat, what you eat, when you have a break and what you can do on that break. It’s easier to do a quick office break Yoga practice when you’re actually working from home.

No toxic workplace environments

Obviously not all workplace environments are toxic, so I don’t mean to tarnish them all with the same brush but chances are, most people you know who work in an environment with a lot of other people will have some sort of drama to tell.

If you’re not someone who likes confrontation or drama as a whole, then working from home is a great option for this. You may still have colleagues but not seeing them in person every single day and limit the amount of drama that’s available to unfold!

A more positive work life balance

A study from The Scottish Government showed that a better work life balance was the main benefit people reported from working from home during the pandemic. Less commuting, less work drinks, less over-time, all lent itself to people being happier and more fulfilled with their work life balance.

Work life balance is really important in today’s society, when so many of us are being pushed to succeed more and more every day.

Saving money

Working from home is definitely beneficial if you want to save money. No commuting for one can save you a hell of a lot of money per month. When it comes to food as well, it’s helpful to work from home because you’re not always buying you lunch out.

A customizable office

Having your own office is great but being able to customize it to enhance your OWN work form home organization and productivity is great. This is something I benefitted from massively, having my own office.

I was able to use paint colours that I liked and found relaxing, choose my own decor and decorate it exactly how I wanted it, which made it a place I wanted to be, rather than somewhere I associate with hustle and bustle of work culture.

Positives and Negatives of Working From Home

Negatives of working from home:

It’s too easy to nap during the day

My absolute BIGGEST downfall. Although I’m never one to deprive myself of anything and if I really need a nap, I will have one but this can absolutely get out of hand for me.

Having my bed / a sofa there at my disposal it too tempting for me. I love sleep. I love a nap. If I have the chance to take one, I will. Sometimes, it’s to the detriment of my work. There are days where I could have got a LOT more done, had I not napped.

Lack of movement can have a detrimental effect

I’ve put on a fair bit of weight over the last years and working from home likely has had an impact on that, in terms of lack of movement and not eating the right things.

With any office job, you have to be wary of your movement on a daily basis and ensure you’re moving your body and getting your blood flowing but I feel like at home, it’s SO easy to get comfy and stay there all day.

Loss of socialization

As someone with not many friends anyway, this is one of the pointers that affects me personally the most in regards to working from home. Tweeting someone isn’t quite the same as real human connection.

Obviously not everyone’s place of work lends itself to friendships but a lot do. And working from home is just another way that I’m not able to make more friends and connections (but that’s not to say I haven’t made some great online friends!)

It’s easier to aimlessly snack

I guess you can take snacks wherever you work but when you’ve got your fridge and kitchen cupboards at your disposal, it’s much easier to snack more than you need to or really want to!

Like I said above, I’ve put on a fair bit of weight over the years and I imagine working from home has had a fair role to play in this.

Difficulties splitting your work and life environments

Let’s just say it as it is, you’re shitting where you eat. And whilst I have mentioned the better work life balance in the positives section above, it can quite easily go the other way if you don’t manage it well.

I spent a lot of time working from my bedroom. Not only did this give me chronic back pain but also severely blurred the lines between well, everything and made it harder to switch off and relax when I’m not working.

Cabin fever

Of course you can always go outside and have a walk or go out in the garden for 10 minutes with a cup of tea but if you’re in work flow, that’s not always an option.

In which case, cabin fever can quite often build. Not so much over the course of a day but over a longer period of time, when you realise you’ve been at home, often in the same room, for quite a large period of time.

Potential distractions

This has been one of my biggest negatives over the years and something which in itself, lead me to have my garden office built. Pre-COVID, it was okay. Sort of. But when COVID hit and I had to continue working in a house with 3 other people who weren’t working, nightmare ensued.

There would be days during the Summer where I’d have to work in the garden in 30 degree heat because all other rooms in the house – bar the bathroom – were taken with distractions.

Home office maintenance

If you work from home and have your own office, then all maintenance tasks are down to you. If a lightbulb blows, you have to change it. If there’s cleaning to be done, you need to do it.

Whereas if you work from an office, those things aren’t your responsibility. So you have to keep on top of maintenance tasks for your home office if you work from home, which can be a bit of a pain.

As you can see, there’s a *sort of* even split between the positives and negatives of working from home but edging a bit more towards negative points about working from home, which I’m not surprised. Despite the fact I work from home myself.

Even as someone that’s worked from home and has been self employed for a number of years, I would still like to get myself out there and get a part-time job, something where I can meet people and be an active member of the community.

But each to their own of course, everyone has their preferences and as long as you’re happy, then whichever you decide to do is right for you.

But I hope these pointers gave you an insight into someone that works from home, especially if you’re thinking of making the switch.

Do you work from home? Do you like it? What are your main positives or negatives? Let me know!

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  1. I love working from home and would take it over the office any day. But agree with all your points especially cabin fever and lack of movement…so important to get out for a break or spend some time working in a cafe for a change. I definitely do not miss toxic workplaces…and it seems they are so common! Thanks for another great post

  2. I’m currently working from home, and it is nice being able to work where I want and also wear comfy clothes, but there are negatives like you addressed. Naps have been a big problem for me, but I’ve been getting better about not napping as often 😅

  3. I wished I had a career where I could work from home. But unfortunately I am a dental hygienist so I definitely have to be in the office!

  4. Everyone always wants to work from home because it’s “easier” and I love how you show that there can be negatives from working from home. Not everything is a dream when working from home.

  5. I think you are right that there is an even split between the positives and negatives. Napping is definitely one of the things I struggle with, especially when my grandson is here and I put him down for a nap! It has almost become a habit now 🤭

  6. I’ve been a homeworker for nearly 14 years and I can honestly say I would NEVER go back to an office. Yes, I’m a hermit and yes, I’ve put on weight, but the positives far outweigh the negatives for me. Although today my laptop speakers stopped working, so I had to spend 2 hours sorting it out myself as unfortunately I’m also my own IT department 🙂

  7. This is such a helpful, balanced view of working from home; I do feel sometimes that it can be romanticized a lot (especially on social media) and doesn’t really reflect what it’s actually like. I agree with everything you shared here!

  8. Definitely agree with all of these! I’ve been working from home for 4 years now, and sometimes I miss the socialization that I had when working in the office and the lack of movement as well. However, I love the freedom that I have, and I don’t want to change it anytime soon 😀

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