ad // When you work from home, anything and everything can distract you. It takes a lot of will power to work from home; sometimes I have a TON of it and are super productive. Other times, my will power goes down the drain and I take a nap at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon instead of doing work. It can certainly swing both ways.

But obviously we don’t (and can’t) get into the habit of letting things distract us ALL the time, otherwise our productivity will plummet and we won’t get our work done. Depending on what you do for a living, this might mean you lose money and sales as well. Which nobody wants.

This is why regular maintenance of your home office, whether that’s a garden office like mine or a room in your house is so important for your productivity. Just as you would keep on top of the maintenance for other areas of your house, like your boiler or kitchen extraction cleaning.

By keeping on top of office maintenance, this can definitely boost our productivity on a daily basis. It stops us getting distracted by thing maintenance tasks we need to do or even worse, something breaking or going wrong in the middle of our work, putting a stop to our work.

The best way to manage your maintenance of your home office is to keep on top of it regularly. Set a say aside every month to make sure all the big things are in order and every week for the smaller tasks.

Here are 5 things to keep on top of in regards to maintenance of your home or garden office:


Obviously one of the most basic things you can do is ensure that your office is clean. I try and tidy mine every morning before I go in it and again before I leave, so I don’t have mess to come back into the next morning. A good polish and vacuum is a good idea at least once a week as well.

Heating and cooling devices

There are plenty of heating and cooling options for your office but it’s important to choose one right for your needs and also one that you can keep on top of. The last thing you want is for your fan to break in the middle of Summer or your heater to break in the depths of Winter!

Your electronics

Most of us can’t work without our phones, laptops or cameras, so although this isn’t a house maintenance point, it’s still a VERY important one! Make sure your store your devices in your office properly so they don’t get damaged whilst you’re not in there and keep them in check regularly.


As well as washing your windows regularly, it’s also worth checking the structural integrity of them regularly as well so they’re always in decent condition. Windows aren’t too cheap to replace!


And finally the paint and wallpaper on your walls could definitely use some regular maintenance work. I’m always finding chips in my office wall paint and luckily I still have a bit leftover which is well enough to just fill in the gaps every now and again so my office always look presentable.

Over to you! How do you maintain your office?


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