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When I was in the process of getting my garden office built, heating and cooling wasn’t something I thought about TOO much. I thought that whatever option I chose would just work and it’d be fine. In the Summer, I’d be cool and in the Winter I’d be toasty (but not too warm). Sadly, it wasn’t as easy as that.

My office was ready in around February, so I started using it when it was still Winter. Which was a problem because at the time, my heating solution was an oil filled radiator. Which didn’t work.

Well, it did.

But as my garden office is a free-standing building in the garden, it can get exceptionally cold inside as it doesn’t have heat from the rest of the house to help it along. For that reason, this little oil filled wasn’t touching the sides and it was freezing. Far too cold for me to work in there.

We even tried two of the things but it was nowhere near enough.

So after that, I turned to a basic plug-in electric heater with a cooling setting and that’s suited me just fine for the time being. During Spring, the heater did need to be on in the morning to blast the chill away but from about midday onwards, it could stay off.

And in the Summer, I’m fairly comfortable in the office with just the windows and door open most days. Unless we have a freak 30+ degree day then I definitely need the fan on as well.

I really didn’t anticipate how much of a hassle heating and cooling would be in my office. Which is ridiculous because I thought of everything else to the nth degree!

If you’re thinking about getting a garden office for yourself, heating and cooling should definitely be on your mind. So below are a list of a few different options that you have!

Large windows

From the get-go I was adamant that I wanted big windows. My desk is right in front of my windows which face out to the back of the garden which is full of trees, bushes and greenery. So it’s absolutely perfect. And these windows both open outwards, so I can get a lovely breeze through from them. Larger windows are a great option because they’re a more natural source of ventilation.

Open-outward French doors

Another great option for a natural source of ventilation and extra light too are French doors. I have similar French doors to what you’d get at the end of your living room leading out into the garden, only a little smaller. Both of mine open outwards, so again, if we have a freakishly warm day then I can throw those open for a lovely cross-breeze.


Radiators are obviously one for the most common and popular choices for heating. If you’re going to have heating built in to the office, then a radiator is definitely the thing to go for. My beauty therapist recently got a studio built in her garden, similar to my office and she has a small radiator which works a treat. There’s so many different styles and options of radiators too, so it’s great to find one that will fit in with the theme and decor of your office. Vertical radiators are a stylish option and you can click here to find out more!

Desk fan

There are many variety of desk fans to choose from and they’re always handy to have in case it gets particularly warm in your office. You could either grab a plug in fan if you have a spare socket or even a mini battery operated fan that clips onto your desk or one with a lead into your laptop’s USB port!

Portable heater

And finally, you could just opt for a small portable heater and cooler like I have. It obviously very much depends on the size of your office, where it is in your house, if it’s free-standing, if it’s insulated and a ton of other things. But for a cheap quick fix, this would do the trick.

Do you have a home office or garden office? What heating and cooling systems do you use in the Winter and Summer? Let me know!

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  1. Ah it’s so hard when it’s cold! I have a gym in my garage and it’s awful when it’s cold! I wish we insulated it properly but it’s so expensive to do that!

    Corinne x

  2. Desk fans are literally key! I don’t have a desk one but I do have a large one right next to my desk! Thanks for these great options Jenny!

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