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I’ve been self employed and working from home for around 3 years now (well longer but that was because I was too anxious to leave the house) as a full-time blogger and it was in 2020 when my blog and business started to pick up and I found myself working longer hours, that I realised my current set up was just not working.

I was working from my bed, most of the time. When COVID wasn’t a thing, my boyfriend would be at work so at least I was in my room on my own but the actual physical effects of working from a bed for such a long period of time have had a lasting impact. In fact, I now suffer from chronic back pain because of it.

I could work from the living room or kitchen table, yes. But I also live with my parents. So there was always distractions. Always noise. And people constantly talking to me and asking me questions.

Then COVID happened. And things got 10x worse. There were 4 of us in the house, at all times. And I was the only one still working. I had absolutely NOWHERE to go that was void of distractions, excess noise and people interrupting me.

Honestly, there were times I got so agitated by it (I’m also an introvert, so I struggled spending that much time constantly with other people anyway) I would disassociate. Sometimes I’d have to jump in the car and take myself to a park for a walk.

Which is far from ideal in the middle of your working day.

But here we are, March 2021 and I finally have my garden office built. We’ve had some ups and downs with the Wi-Fi and the general building process. It’s been a long slog with having to have part of the garden uprooted, invest in a skip hire and covid making everything run slower than usual. Luckily we only needed small skips as well so that wasn’t too much trouble.

If you can afford it, a garden room in today’s climate will honestly have the biggest impact on you, your working life, your relationships and more.

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And it’s not only my work that this office has had such a positive impact on. So today I’m sharing some ways that my new garden office has changed or is changing my life for the better.

It’s given me my own dedicated space again

Since my boyfriend started living with us (which was like 4/5 years ago now!) I’ve not had my OWN space. Of course I love him being here and I wouldn’t change it for the world but having my own space that isn’t influenced by anyone else is really important to me.

For example, my boyfriend likes “stuff”. Which is fair enough, like I don’t begrudge him for what he likes. But me on the other hand, like a more minimal approach. So being in a room all day with lots of “stuff” in it, was starting to get to me. My office has the perfect amount of “stuff” for me!

The quiet helps me relax

Like I said, I’m an introvert. I’m also quite sensitive to noise. Too much noise bothers me. And don’t get me started when you’ve got like 4 different loud noises coming from different rooms of the house that you can’t get away from. My office is in the garden – not attached to the actual house. So it’s quiet.

It’s allowing me to spend more time outside

I’m a pretty “outside” kind of person. Being outside makes me happy. I hate being stuck indoors ALL DAY. I love the fresh air, the wind on my face, even the bitterly cold days I enjoy. Being cooped up isn’t my cup of tea. With my office being a free-standing building, with big windows and doors, overlooking the garden and surrounded by green, I get to fulfill that need for being outside much more!

Of course I know I AM inside. But it feels different that being cooped up in the house, not able to see into the garden or see any greenery around me. I’m literally 1 step away from being outside when I sit in my office. When I have my doors and windows open, I DO FEEL like I’m outside. Which is amazing.

Oh and the best part?

My road is on a hill and I can see the sunset from my office doors every single evening.

It’s made me more productive in my work

Of course one of the main things this office has done is allow me to be much more productive. With less distractions and noise, I can really hone in on my work and get things done. Which is amazing! I’m not surrounded by clutter, I know where everything is and my organization is also helping my productivity too.

It’s allowing me to have a better balance

Working from your bedroom is rubbish because your work life starts to merge with your personal life. I was doing everything in my bedroom; working, sleeping, spending time with my boyfriend, chilling. The lines started to blur and eventually I ended up with a hugely unhealthy work/life balance.

One of the things I’m loving most about this office is that when I’m finished for the day, I can lock up, go back into the house and I KNOW that I’m done for the day. My distinction between house and office is getting stronger and stronger and it’s helping me relax and find a much healthier balance.

It doubles up as a Yoga studio

Yoga is a big part of my life which if you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you’ll know. Up until now I was doing Yoga anywhere I could. The living room, my parents bedroom, even the kitchen. And it was distractions galore! Which is NEVER good when you’re trying to meditate or get grounded.

So my office doubles up as a place I can do Yoga. Usually in the morning before I actually start working. The peace and quiet and noises of the garden (like wind, squirrels and birds) have been incredible for my practices.

If you work from home and you’re considering your own office space, I would highly recommend it. It has so many wonderful benefits. If you have your own office tell me how it’s changed your life!

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  1. Oh Jenny, that sounds incredible!! Especially the sunset, what a wonderful way to work! I would love an office garden but my garden is teeny tiny 🤣

  2. I’ve been loving seeing your home office photos on Instagram. Since moving into my new home I’ve been setting up my new home office and ice taken a little inspiration from yours (the pink chair) and I just love seeing yours on my feed!

  3. Your garden office sounds wonderful! I feel like I would love a lil garden office. I’ve been working from home for a whole year now which is very different for me, but I have my own desk space downstairs and then my boyfriend has an office room upstairs! Definitely helps having our own space, I know how annoying it can be to have loads of noise everywhere xx

  4. I’m definitely an outside person, even if for some reason I’m poorly or have an injury, I can’t not at least go stand or sit outside for a spell–staying inside all day is not for me. I love this concept, and now I really want to bring some plants into my room, which doubles as my workspace. I don’t know how much can really come into my carpeted room, but I totally want to look into it properly now :’) You’ve convinced me! x

  5. I’m so glad you’re loving having your garden office! I remember when you first mentioned you were getting it built so it’s amazing you’re able to work in there now. I’d love my own dedicated space like that one day, I work so much better when it’s just me and I’m not surrounded by people or clutter! xx

    Tiffany x

  6. This sounds like an amazing set up, Jenny! I think lockdown was a massive adjustment period for everyone (cannot imagine suddenly having 4 people around me constantly though…as a fellow introvert, that sounds really draining) Glad you’ve found a solution that works for you! xx

  7. I think it’s been so hard for people working/learning from home at the moment- and I can’t imagine how you got any work done living with three people who weren’t currently working! I’m so glad you got a bit of space to yourself, and I find seeing nature in one way or another really helps my mentality and keep me calm. Thank you for sharing Jenny, lovely post x

  8. Now I reallyyyy want an office in my garden. This sounds lovely!! I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can make a pop-up office outside, by pop-up I mean.. a blanket and my laptop LOL. xx

  9. I need an office of some kind! I’m a distance learning student and currently working from home and have been working from bed so I know what you mean about the back pain! Your new space sounds lovely

  10. I love that you created an office in your garden! That sounds beautiful! I’m thankul to have a place ourselves between my husband and I so I pretty much work wherever in the house when hes at work! I don’t know what it would be like to have so many distractions! Thank you for sharing xx

  11. I feel like I was reading about myself! I’m not sure I would have coped through lockdown in a house with others. I’m so lucky to have my own place and space. I love that you now have your own garden office, and even better that you can use it for yoga and other things too. Even when not working, it will be good to take some time out there!

  12. I would seriously love to have a garden office or just a room set quietly aside just for ME. I feel you on ‘stuff’ and laughed at how perfectly you described it. I like ‘stuff’ but my stuff does not crowd me as much as another person’s stuff.

    Thanks so much for sharing the ways having your own work space is helping you find balance. It is so important to find that balance in every way you can. <3

  13. I think this is just a sign of how amazing the last year has been for you!

    Your office sounds like the most perfect thing in the world! I hope you continue to enjoy every moment and bit of joy and success your new space will bring you x

  14. It’s something that would be so beneficial for us – it would be good to have that separates working same esp as we both work from home now xx

  15. This is such a creative idea for those who need a separate space for their work. I’m grateful to live in a townhome with three bedrooms – so my husband has one for his office, we have our master bedroom, and I have a room for my office/library! It’s been glorious to have my own space that I can decorate how I’d like. If only I COULD detach it from our townhome to avoid the noises of my neighbors all dang day hahaha!

  16. I’m so thrilled for you that you have the space, and so jealous, aha! It’s fantastic what a difference it is making, especially being able to distinguish between the work/home life balance more and just being able to have your own space that is how you need it. I hope you continue to love it!

  17. It sounds lovely. I’d love a garden room, which would be an extension of creative & rest space. Would you be able to give an idea of the budget you set aside for your garden office? I hope you don’t mind me asking.🌸 Penny

  18. My husband and I currently share an office space, which has been working out fine. Sometimes one of us might distract the other, but we are both getting what we need done. However, once my baby is born the office will be the nursery and my husband will take the little sun room as his office leaving me….I don’t know where. And I totally agree having your own space for work is a must. So I am a little concerned where I will end up, especially since working from home is my ultimate goal.

  19. I was so happy to read this post this morning! I can picture you perfectly in your garden office. Surrounded by greenery and seeing the sun set in the evening is wonderful for a creative person like yourself. 🙂 Congrats on your brand-new awesome space!!!

  20. I don’t have the space for a garden office but this sounds great. Nature is healing and great for a healthy mindset so this sounds like the perfect situation.

  21. It sounds like it was a true game changer and I am so happy for you Jenny! i don’t really work from home on a regular basis, except now with the blog, but would love to have a separate space.
    I pass all day in my room with the blog, reading and everything else because I am not a fan of noise either and love my time alone. but love the idea of having a garden office, the sunset everynight must be great to enjoy!

  22. I love the look of your garden office and would love a space like that! I pretty much always work from my bedroom (since wfh happened) and I love it but it’ll be nice to have a separate space x

  23. I’ve been working from home for a year now and I don’t really have a space to work other than the living room (when everyone is at work) or my bedroom, which isn’t ideal! Having an office in my garden would be incredible, I wish I had the space!

  24. This sounds so lovely! I unfortunately never work from home, but this is something I’d love to do if I did! Can’t wait for it to get to summer and warmer so I can enjoy being outside more.

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