ad collaborative post // Photography is a great hobby to take up and start incorporating into your daily life, and it’s something that is super accessible and easy to get into. When starting out, you could just get a cheap second-hand camera to ease yourself into it, then when you get more experienced you could splash out on a more expensive model.

Photo by Leonardo Miranda on Unsplash

Photography can be a great escape and there is no pressure to be ‘good’ at it – photography is completely subjective, so do whatever you feel is best.

You Could Explore Different Areas of the World

One great reason to take up photography is because it will motivate you to go to different areas of the world to get some amazing shots. Nothing does the amazing landscapes justice like your own eyes, but if you are talented with a camera, you can capture the beauty in a photograph. If you go on a photography trip, this may mean your holiday is more worthwhile – as well as simply enjoying different cultures and physical locations, you’ll get something else out of it too.

Here are a few tips for getting started if you don’t quite know where to begin. Remember, you can take countless photos and delete the ones you don’t like if you are using a digital camera, so there isn’t any pressure to get it exactly right each time. Professional photographers often take thousands of images to get the best shot – and these are people who do it as a full-time profession.

See the World Around You in a Different Way

Photography often helps you to view the world around you in a different way – photographers have a unique eye for detail and can focus on things like angles, lighting and composition. For those who like nature photography, this can help you appreciate how beautiful and unique nature is and how complex it is too. Sometimes, we don’t take enough time to simply watch animals and plants and see how they function and survive.

Likewise, if you are a people photographer, you can have much more of an insight into people’s lives. Behind every picture is a story, so being the person behind the camera is a valuable and important skill. All of us like having memories of different aspects of our lives and what better way to do this than through high quality pictures?

Embrace Your Creativity

Photography is all about embracing your creative side and expressing what you are seeing from behind the camera. Using specific angles and focusing the camera in specific ways can give you a completely different shot of a landscape or person that may have been photographed many times before.

Your creativity could also be used to benefit other people – if you have a friend who is having a special event, such as a party or even a wedding, you could volunteer to take photographs for them for a cheaper rate as opposed to them hiring an expensive professional. Another way you could turn your photography into favors for a friend is through printing out one of your best photographs and framing it for their birthday.


  1. Wow! This was such a great post with wonderful ideas on getting started in Photography as a hobby. I love the way you pulled this together…great way to learn a new skill and nurture your creativity at the same time.

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