ad collaborative post // When it comes to hiring someone to clean your house, it can be hard to picture exactly what you should and shouldn’t expect from them. Domestic cleaning services are straightforward, but it’s worth taking some time to think about what’s important to you, and what will make your life easier and home feel more put together.

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You can investigate house cleaning services – or scene cleaning services such as Scene Clean – to see what they offer, how comprehensive they are, and how much they cost. Having a good idea of the overall picture will help you to make the best decision for your household. Remember, you are in complete control when it comes to employing a professional in your home. Whether you require daily or more infrequent visits, professional cleaners can work around your schedule to fulfill the service you require.

Standard services

Some of the standard things offered by domestic house cleaning service include things like dusting, vacuuming, or sweeping and mopping floors.

A house cleaner’s time is best used to do all the cleaning in your house that you simply don’t have the time or energy to carry out. They are skilled at getting the best results in the shortest amount of time, and you may be surprised at just how much better your home looks once the tasks have been carried out.

Whilst some cleaners will offer additional services such as doing the laundry, these straightforward tasks could be carried out to the same standard by household members. You may decide that there is little value for money in asking a cleaner to complete such jobs. It all comes down to thinking about what would make your experience more joyful and more efficient, so talk to your candidates ahead of time to see what they offer.

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Above and beyond

There are a few things that you may want your house cleaner to carry out that aren’t within their standard remit. It is a good idea to decide ahead of hiring a cleaner what these additional infrequent tasks may be, so you have an idea of whether they will be happy to carry them out or whether you are better off hiring another house cleaner.

Other tasks may include polishing silver and brass, cleaning interior windows, and scrubbing the oven. These are all time-consuming and potentially very dirty tasks to carry out, so it will come as little surprise that these will most likely be billed at a surcharge. However, if you are happy to pay a little extra from time to time to have your house cleaning service take care of these issues, you can be sure they’ll be done to a high standard.

There are also instances when your usual cleaner may not want to do these extra jobs, but may be able to recommend a colleague who can. A cleaning service is perfect for this kind of negotiation, as they will have a number of cleaners available who may or may not be keen to perform these extra tasks.

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Off limits

Of course, there are a few tasks that are definitely off limits. A house cleaner is there to perform a very specific set of jobs, not to do anything you ask. Domestic cleaners should always be treated with respect, and with thought towards their overall safety. This means no lifting heavy objects, such as furniture, or climbing objects to clean hard-to-reach spots.

Before your cleaner arrives, there are some simple steps you can take to help make their life easier, and allow them to carry out a more thorough and efficient clean. By spending some time decluttering your home, you will be saving time for the professional to focus on the more arduous tasks. Furthermore, by organising your belongings, you will reduce the risk of things being misplaced by the cleaner.

Having another person in your house may feel strange at first and this may mean boundaries become blurred. If in doubt, ask yourself: is there a word for a person who usually carries out these tasks? If the answer is yes, it’s best not to broach the subject with your house cleaner. If there’s a word for the person who carries out a particular task, it is not work your cleaner should do. Examples could include a window cleaner, seamstress, or plumber.


A house cleaning service can make your house shine. Regularly scheduled cleaning can help your house to feel visitor-ready at all times. Additional infrequent jobs like silver polishing may also free up time that you can spend on other tasks. Remember to ensure you have good communication with your cleaner from the beginning to allow both parties to establish clear boundaries.


  1. Very good post! I think you pretty well covered everything! I have never hired anyone to clean the house, but you make some very good points. The decluttering aspect is something we all have to do on our own…and so worth it!

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